English (African) Submitted Names

These names are a subset of English names used more often in Africa (in regions where English is spoken as a second language). See also about English names.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Abigael f & m English, English (African), Spanish (Latin American), Filipino
Variant of Abigail. Masculine usage is mostly restricted to Latin America and the Philippines (though it is still more often used as a feminine name in that part of the world).
Adorya f English (African)
Derived from the greek "doron", meaning "gift", so the meaning is "gifts giver".
Ajay m English (African, Modern)
Phonetic spelling of the initials A and J.... [more]
Allswell m & f Western African (Rare), English (African, Rare, ?)
Presumably from the English phrase all's well.
Angelista f English (African, Rare)
Possibly a short form of Evangelista. This is used mainly in Tanzania.
Anitah f English (African, Rare)
Variant of Anita 1 primarily used in Uganda.
Anjella f English (African, Rare)
Variant of Angela. This variant is most popular in Uganda and Malawi.
Armartie m English (African)
A famous bearer of this name is Wayne Armartie Laryea (1952-) a British-born musician and actor with Ghanian ancestry.
Artwell m Shona, English (African), Ndebele
Zimbabwe origin meaning 'Creative' or 'Excellent Creation'.
Benevolence f & m English (African)
From the English word, ultimately from Latin bene volent "well wishing".
Bismack m Central African, English (African)
Possibly a variant of Bismarck. This is borne by Congolese basketball player Bismack Biyombo (1992-).
Blessings m & f English (African)
Plural form of Blessing. It is most used in Malawi.
Brilliance f English (African, Rare)
Taken from the English word brilliance.
Brilliant m English (African, Rare), African American (Modern, Rare)
Possibly from the English word brilliant meaning "(of light or color) very bright and radiant".
Calvine f English (African)
Feminine form of Calvin.
Champion m English (African)
From the English word champion.
Clever m English (African), Spanish (Latin American)
From the English word clever.
Deeriq m African American, English (African), Western African
Elaboration of Eric using popular prefex De-.
Delawrence m English (African, Rare)
Combination of the popular name prefix de and Lawrence
Ellisha f & m English (Rare), English (African, Rare)
Variant of Alicia. In the case of the African English masculine name that's occasionally used in Nigeria and rarely Zimbabwe, it's a rare variant of Elisha.
Eluid m & f English (African, ?)
Of uncertain etymology.
Emiah f English (African, Rare)
The name Emiah originated in Hebrew. Emiah means "Gift of God."
Emmanuelina f English (African), Eastern African
Feminine form of Emmanuel, particularly used in Tanzania and Uganda.
Empress f English (Rare), English (African)
From the English word meaning "female ruler of an empire" or "consort of an emperor". Also compare the Spanish equivalent Emperatriz and the masculine equivalent Emperor... [more]
Endurance m & f English (African)
From the English word endurance, which is ultimately of Old French origin. Known bearers of this name include the Nigerian sprinter Endurance Abinuwa (b. 1987), the Nigerian soccer player Endurance Idahor (1984-2010) and the Nigerian cricketer Endurance Ofem (b... [more]
Everlyn f English (Rare), English (African), Filipino, Papuan
Probably an altered form of Evelyn, perhaps blending it with Everly, or a combination of Ever and the popular name suffix lyn.
Excellence m & f English (African, Rare)
From the English word excellence meaning "The quality of being excellent; brilliance" or "An excellent or valuable quality; something at which any someone excels; a virtue".... [more]
Fair f & m English (African, Rare), English (American, Rare, Archaic)
Taken from the English word fair meaning "beautiful". This can also be taken from the surname Fair, having the same meaning.
Famous m English (African), English (Archaic), English (Puritan)
Simply from the English word famous, meaning "well-known".
Fate m & f English, English (American), English (African)
Either a direct derivation of the English word fate or a diminutive of Lafayette. The latter is what led the name to being used as a majority masculine name in the 19th and 20th centuries in the United States.
Gelasius m Late Greek (Latinized), History (Ecclesiastical), Irish (Archaic), English (African, Rare, ?)
Latinized form of the Greek name Γελάσιος (Gelasios), which is derived from Greek γέλασις (gelasis) "laughing", from the verb γελασείω (gelaseiô) "to be ready to laugh"... [more]
Generous f English (African)
From the English word generous. It is most common in Uganda.
Godfred m English (African)
Variant of Godfrey. This is currently predominant in Ghana.... [more]
Gracious m & f English (Puritan), English (African), English
From the English word gracious, ultimately from Latin gratiosus, a derivative of gratia "esteem, favor". This was one of the virtue names coined by the Puritans in the 17th century, possibly inspired by Psalm 145:8: 'The LORD is gracious, and full of compassion; slow to anger, and of great mercy.'
Happiness f American (Modern, Rare), English (African)
From the English word happiness.
Happyness f English (African)
Derived from the English word happiness. It is most common in Tanzania.
Henrie m Dutch, English (African, Rare)
Dutch form of Henry and English variant of Henry.
Imagine f English (African, Rare)
Taken from the English word imagine. This can also be used as a variant of Imogene.
Immaculate f English, English (African), Filipino (Rare), Indian (Christian)
English form of Inmaculada. It is mainly used in African countries where English is one of the official languages.
Innocence f & m English (African, Rare)
From the English word innocence.
Isabellah f English (African)
Variant of Isabella, primarily used in Kenya.
Jalaysia f English (African, Modern)
Possibly a combination of Jayla and Alicia, Alice, Asia 1 or Malaysia
Jireh m & f Biblical, Filipino, English, English (African, Rare), French (African), Spanish (Latin American, Rare)
From the second part of the place name יְהוָה יִרְאֶה‎ (YHWH yir'e) in the land of Moriah, meaning either "the Lord sees" (also "will see" or "will see to it") or "the Lord will provide," so named by Abraham after God provided a ram to sacrifice in place of his son Isaac.
Jovia f English (African)
Likely a feminine form of Jove or a variation of Jovita
Juliena f English (African, Rare)
Variant of Juliana, possibly influenced by Julienne.
Justicia f English (African), Indonesian (Rare), Puerto Rican
An elaborated form of the English word justice. Justicia is also a genus of flowering plants in the bear's breeches family, Acanthaceae. The genus name honors the Scottish horticulturist James Justice.
Kaielle f English (African)
Combination of the names Kai 1 and Elle.
Kingdavid m English (American, Modern, Rare), English (African)
Combination of King and David, possibly used in reference to the Biblical character, King David of Israel.
Kingdom m English (American, Rare), English (African)
Either a transferred use of the surname Kingdom or else directly from the English word, perhaps taken from the biblical phrase kingdom of God... [more]
Knowledge f & m English (Puritan), Literature, English (African)
From Middle English (originally as a verb in the sense ‘acknowledge, recognize’, later as a noun) from an Old English compound based on cnāwan meaning "know."... [more]
Lendl m English (African, Rare), Caribbean
Transferred use of the surname Lendl.
Leviticus m English (American, Rare), English (African, Rare), African American
From the name of the book of the Old Testament, which means "of the Levites, of the tribe of Levi". Some parents in the United States view it as a full form or more formal version of the name Levi.
Liano m English (African)
Masculine Form Of Liana
Light m & f English (African)
From the English word light meaning "Electromagnetic radiation in the wavelength range visible to the human eye (about 400–750 nanometers); visible light".... [more]
Lightness f English (African)
From the English word lightness meaning "the amount of lights". This name is mainly found in Tanzania.
Living m English (African)
Either from the English word living or a short form of Livingstone.
Livingstone m English (African)
Transferred use of the surname Livingstone.
Lord m English (African), Filipino
From the English word, likely used as a reference to God or Jesus. A bearer of this name is Lord Allan Velasco, a Filipino politician.
Lordina f English (African)
Feminine form of Lord. This name is primarily used in Ghana.
Loveness f English (African)
From the rare English word loveness meaning "love".
Macmillan m English (African)
Transferred use of the surname MacMillan.
Mallen m English (African)
Transferred use of the surname Mallen.
Marvellous m & f English (African)
From Old French merveillos "marvelous, wonderful"
Marygold f English (African, Rare), Filipino (Rare)
Variant of Marigold, or perhaps a transferred use of the surname Marygold.
Mathews m English (African)
Transferred use of the surname Mathews.
Mediatrix f English (African), Filipino
From the title of the Virgin Mary, referring to her intercessory role as a mediator in the salvific redemption by her son Jesus Christ (compare Spanish/Portuguese and French equivalents Mediatriz and Médiatrice, Portuguese Medianeira and Spanish/Portuguese Mediadora).
Medius f & m English (African), Eastern African
Borrowed from Latin medius meaning "middle; half; moderate; indifferent." It is mostly used in Uganda where, compared to other surrounding countries, it is usually feminine in usage.
Memory f English (American, Rare), English (African), Southern African
From the English word memory, ultimately from the Latin memor "mindful, remembering".
Morrison m English (African, Rare)
Transferred use of the surname Morrison. A famous bearer of the surname was Jim Morrison (1943-1971), lead singer of American rock band The Doors.
Ncuti m Rwandan, English (African)
From the Kinyarwanda word incuti meaning "friend".
Neia f English (African)
Full of hope
Noryanne f English (African)
Combinations of the name Nory and Anne 1 or Anna.
Ntomakeh m English (African)
Ntomakeh is a palatial name in the Tikari villages of Bamunka-Ndop and Bamunkumbit in Ngoketunjia, Former British Southern Cameroons. It is a name for male title holders in the village signifying "nobility"... [more]
Pascalia f Greek (Germanized, Rare), English (African)
Germanized form of Paschalia as well as a Kenyan borrowing of this name.
Perfection m & f English (Rare), English (African, Rare), African American (Rare), Filipino (Rare)
From the word perfection, referring to the quality or state of being perfect or complete.
Phina f English (American, Rare), English (African, Rare)
Diminutive of names ending in -phina like Josephina or Seraphina.
Phiona f English, English (African), French (African)
Variant of Fiona. It is used mainly in Uganda (regarding (African) English usage) and Burundi (regarding African French usage).... [more]
Pilate m Biblical, English (Puritan), English (African, Rare)
English form of the Roman cognomen Pilatus, which meant "armed with a javelin" from Latin pila "javelin". This was most famously borne by Pontius Pilate, the prefect of the Roman province of Judaea ca... [more]
Placidia f Late Roman, English (African, Rare), English (Puritan)
Feminine form of Placidius, which was a derivative of the Latin cognomen Placidus.
Pleasure f & m English (African, Rare)
From the English word pleasrue meaning "A state of being pleased or contented; gratification." This name is most common in African countries like Nigeria, Zimbabwe and Uganda.
Potiphar m Biblical, English (African, Rare)
From Egyptian p-di-p-r' meaning "he whom Ra gave", composed of the definite article p- "the one" combined with di "whom he gave" and r', the name of the supreme god Ra... [more]
Priscah f English (African)
Variant spelling of Prisca.
Prophecy m & f English (American, Modern, Rare), English (African, Rare)
From the English word prophecy, meaning "A prediction, especially one made by a prophet or under divine inspiration."... [more]
Prophet m African American (Modern), English (African)
From the English word prophet, ultimately from Greek προφήτης (prophetes) meaning "one who speaks for a god" (itself from πρό (pro) "before" and φημί (phemi) "to speak, to declare").
Prose f English (African, Rare)
Transferred use of the surname Prose.
Providence f English (Puritan), English (African), Romani (Archaic)
Derived from the English word denoting "a manifestation of divine care or direction; an instance of divine intervention".
Psalm m & f Various, English (African), Filipino
From the English word psalm which refers to a sacred song or poem, especially one of the hymns by David and others which were collected into the Old Testament Book of Psalms... [more]
Psalms f & m English (Rare), English (African, Rare), Popular Culture
From the title of the Book of Psalms in the Old Testament, the plural of Psalm. This was used for a character, a male former slave named Psalms Jackson, in the American Western drama television series Hell on Wheels (2011-2016).
Queenesther f English (African), African American
Combination of the word queen and Esther, used to honor Queen Esther, the eponymous heroine of the Book of Esther in the Bible.
Queenstar f English (African)
Combination of the English words queen and star.... [more]
Recheal f English (African)
Likely a variant of Rachel or Richelle.
Rejoice f English (Puritan), English (African)
From the English word rejoice meaning "feel or show great joy or delight".
Robinah f English (African), Eastern African
Variant of Robina primarily used in Uganda. The current prime minister of Uganda (as of 2021) is named Robinah Nabbanja.
Roselin f English (African, Rare)
Variant of Rosaline/Rosalin and Rosalyn. According to the USA Social Security Administration, 73 baby girls were recorded with the name Roselin in 2004.... [more]
Sariaha f African, English (African)
Name introduced in the early 2010s.
Saturday m & f English (African, Rare), Afro-American (Slavery-era)
From the English word for the day of the week, ultimately deriving from Latin meaning "Saturn's day."... [more]
Shadreck m English (African), Southern African
Variant of Shadrach. It is particularly popular in Southern African countries.
Slumber m English (African)
From the vocabulary word "slumber".
Solace f & m English (American, Rare), English (African, Rare)
From the English word, solace.
Special f English (African)
Simply taken from the English word special.
Stellamaris f English (African)
From the Latin title of the Virgin Mary, Stella Maris, meaning "star of the sea".
Sublime f & m English (African, Rare)
Taken from the English word sublime.
Sufficient f & m English (African)
Name given in reference to 2 Corinthians 12:19, “ But he said to me, ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.’ Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ's power may rest on me.”... [more]
Taddei m English (African)
Tanzanian English variant of Thaddeus.
Tanyth f English (African)
The name Tanyth means the worker of god/word of god. With this name comes a pure heart and a desire to do good.
Teckla f English (African)
Possibly an English form of Thekla.
Teopista f English (African), Italian (Tuscan, Archaic), Spanish (Archaic), Portuguese (Archaic), History (Ecclesiastical)
Form of Theopista in several languages. Nowadays, this name is primarily used in Uganda and other English-speaking nations in Africa.
Utah m & f English (American, Rare), English (African, Rare), South African
Taken from the name of the US State of Utah. While a masculine name in the USA, in Nigeria and South Africa, it is sometimes used as a feminine name.
Varney m & f English (Rare), English (African), Western African
Transferred use of the surname Varney. It is mainly used in Liberia.
Wealth m & f English (Puritan), English (African, Rare)
From Middle English welth, welthe, weolthe (“happiness, prosperity”), from Old English *welþ, *weleþu, from Proto-Germanic *waliþō (“wealth”).... [more]
Wealthy m & f English (Puritan), American (Rare), English (Canadian, Rare), English (African, Rare)
Meaning, "having a great deal of money, resources, or assets; rich." In this case, spiritual blessings from God. From Middle English welthy, welþi, equivalent to wealth +‎ -y.
Witness m English (African), South African
From the English word, witness, "one who has personal knowledge of something".
Wonderful m & f English (African, Rare), English (American, Rare)
It's been used, rarely, in the United States dating back to the 18th century.
Zealous m English (African, Rare)
From the English word zealous meaning "full of zeal, ardent", perhaps intended to be an English form of Zelotes. This was the name of a Union general in the American Civil War: Zealous Bates Tower (1819-1900).
Zebediah m English, English (African)
Variant of Zebadiah, most often used in Zimbabwe.