English (Australian) Submitted Names

These names are a subset of English names used more often in Australia. See also about English names.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Ailie f Scots, English (Australian)
Of uncertain origin and meaning. This name is, however, considered both an Anglicization of Eilidh and a diminutive of Aileen.
Aisi m Tongan, English (Australian)
Means "ice" in Tongan.
Amynta f Literature, English (Australian, Rare)
Feminine form of Amyntas. It was used in 18th-century pastoral poetry.
Angourie f English (Australian)
Name of a location in New South Wales, Australia.... [more]
Anzac m & f English (Australian)
An acronym, given in honour of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps; originally those who served at Gallipoli during World War I, but now all who have served and died for Australia and New Zealand during military operations.
Araluen f English (Australian, Rare)
From the name of the Araluen Creek valley in southeastern Australia, which is said to mean "water lily" in a local Aboriginal language. It was borne by a short-lived daughter of the Australian poet Henry Kendall (1839-1882).
Arnya f English (Australian, Rare), English (New Zealand, Rare), Popular Culture
Variant of Anya. Arnya Duchevnic was a character on the Australian 2001 situation comedy 'Flat Chat'.
Banksia f English (Australian)
Banksia is an uncommon name deriving from the Native Australian plant that produces honeysuckle like flowers. The plant species were originally named after Sir Joseph Banks, who first collected its samples in 1770.
Barcroft m English (Australian, Rare)
Transferred use of the surname Barcroft. Barcroft Henry Thomas Boake (1866-1892) was an Australian poet.
Binky m English (Australian, Rare)
A nickname, possibly for Bill.
Biralee f Indigenous Australian, English (Australian)
Means "baby" in an Australian Aboriginal language. Using Aboriginal words as names was a popular trend in 1970s Australia.
Bon m English (Australian), Popular Culture
Given in honour of AC/DC rock star "Bon" Scott, who was born Ronald Scott. His nickname was given to him at school, to differentiate him from another Ronald in his class... [more]
Boronia f English (Australian, Rare)
An Australian shrub with pink or red flowers which are famed for their exquisite scent. The plant is named after Francesco Borone, a talented botanical field assistant who came to a tragic end.
Brax m English (Australian)
Short form of Braxton, popularized by the character Darryl 'Brax' Braxton of the soap opera Home and Away.
Brunton m Scottish (Rare), English (Australian)
Transferred use of the surname Brunton. James Brunton Stephens (1835-1902) was a Scottish-born Australian poet, and author of 'Convict Once'.
Cadel m English (Australian)
Variant of Cadell. A famous namesake is Australian champion cyclist Cadel Evans.
Caillan m English (Australian)
Meaning as of yet unknown. It might possibly be a variant of Caelan or Caillín.
Canberra f English (Australian, Modern, Rare), English (Modern, Rare)
A name given in reference to Australia's Capital City Canberra.
Cardinia f Indigenous Australian, English (Australian, Rare)
A place name from the outskirts of Melbourne, Victoria. Corruption of the Bunurong or Wadawurrung word Kar-din-yarr, meaning "look to the sunrise", because it was to the east of the Wadawurrung peoples' land.
Cayne m English (American), English (Australian)
Transfered use of the surname Cayne.
Celestielle f English (Australian, Modern, Rare)
Likely an elaboration of Celeste influenced by the word celestial.
Cerrus m English (Australian)
Probably from Proto-Indo-European *kar- ‎(“hard”‎). See also Latin carina and carpinus.
Chicka m English (Australian, Rare)
Variant of Chick or a nickname for Charles.
Chilli f English (Australian, Modern, Rare)
Named for the spicy fruit from Central and South America used in cooking. The word is from the Nahuatl language. Has gained some interest in Australia since restaurateur Pete Evans chose this name for his eldest daughter around 2005.
Clifette f English (Australian)
A Female Form of Cliford
Concord m English (Australian)
it refers to a certain bird called a concord a large wing bird which is now extincted
Correa f English (Australian)
A small Australian shrub whose leaves give off a fruity smell when crushed. Named in honour of the Portuguese botanist José Correia da Serra; Correia is a common Portuguese surname meaning “leather strap”, originally given to those who worked in the leather trade.
Cushla f English (Australian, Rare), English (New Zealand, Rare)
Derived form Irish Gaelic cuisle "pulse". This name was created in the early 1800s from the Irish term of endearment cuisle mo cridhe (usually anglicized as Cushla Macree, in former times also Cushlamachree) which translates to "pulse of my heart"; it is popularly interpreted to mean "beat of my heart".... [more]
Dannii f English (Australian)
Variant of Danni. A notable bearer is Australian singer Dannii Minogue (1971-).
Darnielle f English (Australian, Rare), English (New Zealand, Rare)
Likely an invented name. It might possibly be a variant of Danielle, possibly influenced by Darnell. Also may be transferred usage of the surname Darnielle.
Digger m English (Australian)
Slang term for an Australian soldier, with strong patriotic overtones, and links to the Anzac legend. Most often used as a nickname or a middle name.
Dimity f English (Australian, Rare)
The name given to a type of lightweight sheer cotton fabric used for bed upholstery and curtains, used as a female given name mainly in the United Kingdom and Australia.
Disco m English (Australian)
From the French word discothèque (French for "library of phonograph records", but it was subsequently used as a term for nightclubs in Paris), on the pattern of bibliothèque ‘library... [more]
Divan m English (Australian)
Possibly a variation of Devan or Devin. Alternatively it may have come from the word 'Divine' or the word 'Divan' referring to a historical legislative body/ council in the Middle East.
Elouera f English (Australian)
An Aboriginal name meaning "a pleasant place"
Eveleigh f English (Australian, Rare), English (British, Rare), English (American)
Australian locational name taken from the name of an English estate. Variant of Everley. In American English, it is also a variant of Evelie.
Furnley m English (Australian, Rare)
Transferred use of the surname Furnley. Frank Leslie Thomson Wilmot (1881-1942), who published his work under the pseudonym Furnley Maurice, was a noted Australian poet.
Gallipoli f & m English (Australian)
Named for the Gallipoli Peninsula in Turkey, whose name comes from the Greek meaning "beautiful city". The site of the infamous Gallipoli Campaign during World War I.
Imogyn f English (Australian, Modern, Rare)
Variant of Imogen. Between 1944 and 2018, 3 babies were named Imogyn in Australia.
Jenaya f English (Australian)
Variant of Janae, influenced by Jennifer.... [more]
Jesinta f English (Australian)
Possibly a variant of Jacinta. This name was borne by Jesinta Campbell, who was Miss Australia in 2010.
Jharal m English (Australian)
Name given in honour of Australian rugby league footballer, Jharal Yow Yeh. The name was invented by Yow Yeh's grandmother, who arranged the initials of family members James, Harold, Anthony, Reece, Arthur and Linc into a name.
Jobe m English (Australian), English (Puritan)
Transferred use of the surname Jobe. Famous namesakes includes Australian Rules football star Jobe Watson, and soccer player Jobe Wheelhouse.... [more]
Jodyann f English (Australian)
Combination of Jody and Ann.
Kaysi f English (Australian)
Variant spelling of Casey.
Kernes m English (Australian)
Transferred use of the surname Kernes.
Kerryn f English (Australian)
Variant of Karen perhaps influenced by Kerry.
Kiriana f English (American, Modern, Rare), English (Australian), English (New Zealand)
Elaboration of Kiria by way of adding the name suffix -ana.
Kirilee f English (Australian)
A combination of Kiri and Lee. In use in Australia since at least the 1970s.
Kirra f Indigenous Australian, English (Australian)
Kirra is a beach-side suburb on the Gold Coast in Queensland which has been popular with holidaymakers since the early 20th century. The name of the suburb is believed to be an Indigenous name, however the specific language and meaning are unknown... [more]
Kirrilie f English (Australian)
Used in Australia and New Zealand that can be an elaboration of the European name Kira and Keira through the addition of a lee sound... [more]
Kym m English (Australian)
Shortened form of the surname Reskymer, which is, most likely, of Cornish origin with the meaning, as of yet, unknown.... [more]
Lambis m English (Australian)
A hypochoristic form of Charalampos.
Leslyn f English (Australian)
A variant of Leslie/Lesley with the popular -lyn ending.
Lezah f English (American, Rare), English (Australian, Rare)
Lezah is "Hazel" spelled backwards. Only sixteen people in the U.S. are recorded to have it as their given name in the last hundred years according to SSA.
Lockyer m English (Australian)
Transferred use of the surname Lockyer. Can be given in honour of retired Australian rugby league star Darren Lockyer, or after the Lockyer Valley in Queensland, Australia named after the explorer Edmund Lockyer.
Lowanna f English (Australian), Indigenous Australian, Literature
Means "girl" in the Gumbaynggir language from mid-north New South Wales amd the name of a village near Coffs Harbour where the language originates. The word is also thought to mean ‘woman’ or refer to ‘women’s business’ in other Indigenous languages too... [more]
Luarna f English (Australian, Modern, Rare)
Variant of Luana reflecting the Australian pronunciation.
Maker m English (Australian)
Transferred use of the surname Maker.
Memoir f & m African American, African, Indonesian, English (Australian)
A memoir is a collection of memories that an individual writes about moments or events, both public or private, that took place in the subject's life.
Menzies m English (Australian)
Transferred use of the surname Menzies.
Mietta f English (Australian, Rare), Italian (Rare), Hungarian
Latinate form of Miette, or perhaps a Latinate diminutive of Mia.
Naretha f English (Australian, Rare), English (American, Rare)
An Australian aboriginal name meaning "saltbush."
Neroli f English (Australian)
From the name of an essential oil distilled from orange blossom, which was derived from the Italian place name Nerola, itself probably meaning "strong" or "brave" from Sabine nero. Neroli oil was named after the princess of Nerola, Anne Marie Orsini, who popularized the essence of bitter orange tree as a perfume, making it fashionable by the end of the 17th century.
Nolena f English (Australian)
Feminine form of Nolan.
Nudge m English (Australian)
The use of the name (particularly as a pet name) in Australia is likely due to the character of Gerald "Nudge" Noritis, a character from the Australian sitcom 'Hey Dad..!'.
Nyrie f English (Australian)
Possibly an Anglicized form of Ngaire.
Occy m English (Australian)
Given in honour of surfer Mark Occhilupo, whose nickname is "Occy", short for his Italian surname, which means "eyes of the wolf". At the same time it is a play on the word "occy straps", short for "octopus straps" - used by surfers to tie their surfboards to a car roof.
Pandorea f English (Australian)
A genus of climbing vines native to Australasia. Named after Pandora from Greek mythology, because the plant's tightly packed seed pod recalls the myth of "Pandora's box".
Prinnie f English (Australian)
Namesake by a Voice Kids judge.
Raewyn f English (New Zealand), English (Australian)
A combination of Rae and Wyn. Even though it's mostly used in both Australia and New Zealand, it's more often given to girls in the latter country.
Rarmian m English (Australian, Rare)
Meaning unknown. The best (and only) known bearer of this name is the Australian actor Rarmian Newton (b. 1993), who at the moment is best known for playing the young Danny Warren in the short-lived 2016 American drama series "The Family".
Rienna f English (Australian)
Possibly a modern Australian form of Adriana and short for Adrienna.
Sabre f English (Australian)
Borrowing from French sabre, where the sabre is an alteration of sable, which was in turn loaned from German Säbel, Sabel in the 1630s. The German word is on record from the 15th century, loaned from Polish szabla, which was itself adopted from Hungarian szabla (14th century, later szablya)... [more]
Saramona f English (Australian)
Meaning and origin unknown.... [more]
Schapelle f English (Australian, Modern, Rare)
A known bearer of this name is Schapelle Corby, an Australian woman convicted of drug smuggling in Indonesia in 2005. The 2014 TV movie Schapelle told her story.
Seaforth m English (Australian, Rare), English (New Zealand, Rare)
Transferred use of the surname Seaforth. Kenneth Ivo Brownley Langwell Mackenzie (1913-1955) was an Australian poet and novelist... [more]
Shaneah f English (Australian)
A feminised form of the name Shane.
Shantarna f English (Australian)
Not sure but my friend has the name.
Shazza f English (Australian)
Diminutive of Sharon. Famous bearers include Australian wrestler Shazza Mckenzie (whose real name is actually Chantelle), as well as a character from the video game series 'Ty the Tasmanian Tiger'.... [more]
Sherryn f English (Australian)
Variant of Sharon perhaps influenced by Sherry.
Shonee f English (Australian)
Famous bearer is Shonee Fairfax, competitor in season 3 and season 5 of Australian Survivor.
Siaan f & m English (Australian), Chinese (Anglicized)
Variant of Sian or anglicized variant of Xiang.
Suann f English (Australian)
Transferred use of the surname Suann.
Tabrett f English (Australian)
From Tabrett Bethell, an Australian actress and former model
Tahlah f English (Australian)
Origin uncertain; may be a variant of Tahlia.
Tanami f English (Australian, Modern, Rare)
After a desert in Australia.
Tanjil f & m English (Australian, Rare)
A clan name of the historic indigenous inhabitants of the area (Gippsland, Victoria, Australia), subsequently given to several natural features (rivers, mountains) and towns in the region.
Tarnie f English (Australian), English (New Zealand), English (British, Modern)
Derives from either a Maori or Australian Aboriginal name meaning "salty water". It could also be used as a diminuitive of the Tania or Tara, or possibly a variation of Marnie.
Tasma f English (Australian)
Originated as the pen name of distinguished Australian novelist, journalist and feminist Jessie Couvreur (1848-1897), who was raised and educated in Tasmania, and took her pen name from the name of the island state... [more]
Tasman m English (Australian)
Transferred use of the surname Tasman. Used in honour of the 17th century Dutch explorer Abel Tasman, who claimed the island now known as Tasmania in 1642... [more]
Tiarna f English (Australian)
Meaning unknown, possibly a variant of Tiana.
Tiarne f English (Australian)
Meaning uncertain. It may be a variant of Tiarna.
Tynan m English (Australian, Rare), Irish
Variation of the transferred use of the surname Tuíneán.
Valmai f English (Rare), English (Australian, Rare), Welsh (Rare)
From the Welsh 'fel Mai' = like May. It was invented by best-selling Welsh author Allen Raine for her popular romance novel 'By Berwen Banks', (1899) in which Valmai is a main character: the meaning of her name is footnoted at the end of Chapter One... [more]
Winsome f & m English, English (Australian)
From the English word meaning "charming, engaging", derived from the Old English roots wynn "joy" and sum.
Xandrie f English (Australian, Rare)
Xandrie is the name of a fiction character, played by Adelaide Clemens, in a 2010 Australian film called "Wasted on the Young."