Tongan Submitted Names

Tongan names are used on the island nation of Tonga.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Afitu m Tongan
Means "to scatter fire" in Tongan.
Ahio m Tongan
Means "whirlwind, waterspout" in Tongan.
Ailine f Tongan
Tongan form of Irene.
Aisi m Tongan, English (Australian)
Means "ice" in Tongan.
Akanesi f Tongan
Tongan form of Agnes.
Akau m Tongan
Means "tree, plant, timber" in Tongan.
Akosita m Tongan
Tongan form of August.
Alipate m Tongan
Tongan form of Albert.
Alisi f Tongan
Tongan form of Alice.
Amanaki m Tongan
Means "expectation" in Tongan.
Anaukihesina m & f Tongan
Means "to love the beautiful" in Tongan.
Angaaetau m Tongan
Means "the ways of war" in Tongan.
Angahiki m Tongan
Means "pride" in Tongan.
Ata m Tongan
Means "air" or "shadow" in Tongan.
Atalua m Tongan
Means "double shadow" in Tongan.
Atamahina m & f Tongan
Means "rising of the moon" in Tongan.
Atamokamea m Tongan
Means "good wind for sailing" in Tongan.
Efitahi m Tongan
Means "carry it to the sea" in Tongan.
Eloni m Tongan
Tongan form of Aaron.
Evaipomana m Tongan
Means "walk in thundering night" in Tongan.
Fahina m & f Tongan
Means "white hala fruit" or "white complexion" in Tongan.
Fai m Tongan
Means "perform" or "stingray" in Tongan.
Fainga m Tongan
Means "contend, wrestle" in Tongan.
Faitua m Tongan
Means "like a commander" in Tongan.
Fakahafua m Tongan
Means "to give everything, finish everything" in Tongan.
Fakalelei m Tongan
Means "make peace" in Tongan.
Fakamulilaki m Tongan
Means "give the best thing last" in Tongan.
Fakaolakifanga m Tongan
Means "light on the beach" in Tongan.
Fakaosifolau m Tongan
Means "to sail for the last time" or "person who continuously voyages" in Tongan.
Fakapulia m Tongan
Means "to conceal" in Tongan.
Fakatete m Tongan
Means "boat race" in Tongan.
Fakatoumafi m Tongan
Means "both brave men" in Tongan.
Fakatouola m Tongan
Means "both to live" in Tongan.
Falakika m Tongan
Means "my mat" in Tongan.
Faleafa m Tongan
Means "a strong house" in Tongan.
Faleola m Tongan
Means "a house of success" in Tongan.
Falisai m Tongan
Means "a handsome house" in Tongan.
Fangu m Tongan
Means "scented oil" in Tongan.
Fanguani m Tongan
Means "awaken" in Tongan.
Fangupu m Tongan
Means "always talking" in Tongan.
Fatafehifangaafa m Tongan
Means "landing platform in time of hurricane" in Tongan.
Fatai m Tongan
Means "creeping grass" in Tongan.
Fauhiva m Tongan
Means "compose songs" in Tongan.
Fauiki m Tongan
Means "small hau trees" in Tongan.
Fautave m Tongan
Means "tall hau tree" in Tongan.
Feaokihala m Tongan
Means "keeping company on the road" in Tongan.
Feaomoemanu m Tongan
Means "accompanied by birds" in Tongan.
Fehokomoelangi m Tongan
Means "wishing to be next to the sky" in Tongan.
Feiloakimua m Tongan
Means "to meet before" in Tongan.
Fekau m Tongan
Means "order, message" in Tongan.
Fekeila m Tongan
Means "spotted octopus" in Tongan.
Feoamoeata m Tongan
Means "to accompany the shadow" in Tongan.
Fetulikimoana m Tongan
Means "hurrying out to the ocean" in Tongan.
Fetulimoeata m Tongan
Means "chased by the dawn" in Tongan.
Fetuu m & f Tongan
Means "star" in Tongan.
Fevanga m Tongan
Means "to desire" in Tongan.
Fiefia m Tongan
Means "rejoice, gladness" in Tongan.
Fieiloeua m & f Tongan
Means "twilight light, dawn light" in Tongan.
Fielea m Tongan
Means "wish to speak" in Tongan.
Filiai m Tongan
Means "choose amongst many things" in Tongan.
Fililava m Tongan
Means "get his choice" in Tongan.
Kolinaisi m Tongan, Polynesian
Became more known in USA, from popular American show "The Biggest Loser" Season 9 (2010) contestant Kolinaisi "Koli" Palu.
Koloa m & f Tongan
Means "wealth" in Tongan.
Sakiusa m Tongan, Fijian
Tongan and Fijian form of Zacchaeus.
Sālote f Tongan
Tongan form of Charlotte. The most famous bearer of this name was Queen Sālote Tupou (1900-1965), the third monarch of the kingdom of Tonga and, so far, its only queen regnant.
Seini f Tongan
Tongan form of Jane.
Siaosi m Tongan, Samoan
Tongan and Samoan form of George.
Sifa m Tongan
Short form of Siosifa.
Siola'a f Tongan
Means "sunflower" in Tongan.
Sione m Tongan, Samoan
Tongan and Samoan form of John.
Siosefa m Tongan
Tongan form of Joseph.
Siosifa m Tongan
Tongan form of Joseph.
Siosiua m Tongan
Tongan form of Joshua.
Siua m Tongan
Short form of Siosiua.
Sosefina f Tongan, Chuukese
Tongan and Chuukese form of Josephine.
Taniela m Fijian, Tongan
Fijian and Tongan form of Daniel.
Tomasi m Tongan, Melanesian, Fijian
Tongan form of Thomas.
Vaea m & f Tongan, Samoan, Tahitian, Polynesian Mythology
Meaning unknown, though it likely means "king, prince, noble, chief" based on the fact that the meaning of Mapu 'a Vaea, natural blowholes in Houma on the island of Tongatapu in Tonga, is known to be 'Whistle of the Noble/Chief/King' in Tongan... [more]