Gender Feminine
Usage English
Pronounced Pron. /ti.ˈɑn.ə/, /ti.ˈæn.ə/  [key·simplify]

Meaning & History

Short form of Tatiana or Christiana. It was rare in the United States until it jumped in popularity in 1975, perhaps due to the Vietnamese-American actress Tiana Alexandra (1956-), who had some exposure at that time. It was used as the name of the princess in the Disney movie The Princess and the Frog (2009).

Related Names

Masculine FormChristian
Other Languages & CulturesKristina(Albanian) Tatiana(Ancient Roman) Kistiñe(Basque) Tatsiana(Belarusian) Hristina, Tatiana, Tatyana, Kristina, Tanya(Bulgarian) Cristina(Catalan) Kristina, Tatjana, Tanja, Tina(Croatian) Kristýna, Taťána, Kristina, Táňa(Czech) Christina, Christine, Kristina, Kristine, Tatiana, Christa, Christel, Ina, Kirsten, Kirstine, Stina, Stine, Tanja, Tina, Tine(Danish) Christina, Christine, Tatiana, Chris, Christel, Ina, Ine, Kristel, Stien, Tina, Tineke(Dutch) Kristiina, Kristina, Tatjana, Kersti, Krista, Kristel, Kristi, Kristin, Tiina(Estonian) Kristina(Faroese) Kristiina, Tatiana, Tatjana, Iina, Kiia, Kirsi, Kirsti, Krista, Stiina, Taina, Tanja, Tiina(Finnish) Christiane, Christine, Tatiana, Christel, Christèle, Christelle, Christianne, Chrystelle, Tatienne(French) Kristine, Tatiana(Georgian) Christiane, Christin, Christina, Christine, Kristiane, Kristina, Tatjana, Chris, Christa, Christel, Ina, Kerstin, Kiki, Krista, Kristin, Kristine, Tanja, Tatiana, Tina(German) Christina, Tatiana(Greek) Kilikina(Hawaiian) Krisztina(Hungarian) Kristín, Kristjana(Icelandic) Cristiana, Cristina, Tatiana, Tania, Tina(Italian) Christiana(Late Roman) Kristiāna, Kristīna, Kristīne, Tatjana, Ina, Krista(Latvian) Kristina, Tatjana(Lithuanian) Hristina, Tatjana, Tanja, Tina(Macedonian) Christina, Christine, Kristina, Kristine, Tatiana, Christel, Christin, Ina, Ine, Kine, Kirsten, Kjersti, Kjerstin, Kristin, Stina, Stine, Tanja, Tina, Tine(Norwegian) Krystyna, Tatiana, Krysia, Krystiana(Polish) Cristiana, Cristina, Tatiana, Tânia(Portuguese) Cristiana, Cristina, Tatiana(Romanian) Kristina, Tatiana, Tatyana, Tanya(Russian) Kirsteen, Kirstin, Kirstie, Kirsty(Scottish) Cairistìona, Ciorstaidh(Scottish Gaelic) Hristina, Kristina, Tatjana, Tanja(Serbian) Kristína, Tatiana(Slovak) Kristina, Tatjana, Ina, Inja, Tanja, Tina, Tinkara, Tjaša(Slovene) Cristina, Tatiana, Tania(Spanish) Christina, Christine, Kristina, Kristine, Tatiana, Christel, Christin, Ina, Kersti, Kerstin, Kia, Kjerstin, Kristin, Stina, Tanja, Tina(Swedish) Khrystyna, Tetiana, Tetyana(Ukrainian) Cristyn(Welsh)
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