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, HAR-əld

Meaning & History

From the Old English name Hereweald, derived from the elements here "army" and weald "power, leader, ruler". The Old Norse cognate Haraldr was also common among Scandinavian settlers in England. This was the name of five kings of Norway and three kings of Denmark. It was also borne by two kings of England, both of whom were from mixed Scandinavian and Anglo-Saxon backgrounds, including Harold II who lost the Battle of Hastings (and was killed in it), which led to the Norman conquest. After the conquest the name died out, but it was eventually revived in the 19th century.
DiminutivesHal, Harry
Other Languages & CulturesChariovalda, Hariwald Ancient Germanic Haraldr Ancient Scandinavian Hereweald Anglo-Saxon Harald Danish Harri Finnish Harald German Haraldur Icelandic Aroldo Italian Harald Norwegian Haroldo Portuguese Haroldo Spanish Harald Swedish Harri Welsh
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