Spanish (Mexican) Submitted Names

These names are a subset of Spanish names used more often in Mexico.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Acadia f American (Rare), Spanish (Mexican, Rare)
From the name of a colony in New France in North America, derived from Arcadia and coinciding with Mi'kmaq suffix -akadie, meaning "place of abundance"... [more]
Adalira f Spanish (Mexican, Rare)
Possibly a (rhotacized) variant of Adalida, a cognate of Adelaide.
Ahtziri f Spanish (Mexican)
Possibly a variant of the name Yatziri. May be of Mayan or Aztec origin, with some sources claiming it means "corn flower" or "corn goddess".
Alcántara f Spanish (Mexican, Rare)
Given in honour of Peter of Alcántara, a Spanish Franciscan friar canonized in 1669. The name of the place Alcántara is itself from the Arabic word al-Qanṭarah (القنطرة) meaning "the bridge".
Altaír f Spanish (Mexican)
Spanish form of Altair.
Alturo m Spanish (Mexican, Rare)
Possibly a corrupted form of Arturo.
Amilamia f Basque, Basque Mythology, Spanish (Mexican, Rare)
In Basque mythology, Amilamia is a benevolent being who helps those in need.... [more]
Ampara f Spanish (Mexican)
Variant form of Amparo.
Antelma f Spanish (Mexican)
Feminine form of Antelmo.
Aoh f Spanish (Mexican)
This name is averagly used to describe someone powerful and kind
Ariatna f Spanish (Mexican, Rare)
Most likely a variant of Ariadna.
Arnulfa f Spanish (Mexican)
Feminine form of Arnulfo.
Artemia f Spanish (Mexican), Italian (Tuscan, Rare), Sicilian, Polish
Italian and Spanish feminine form of Artemio, Sicilian feminine form of Artemiu and Polish feminine form of Artemiusz.
Auxilio f & m Spanish (Mexican), Spanish, Portuguese
Spanish form of Auxilius. Used as a predominately feminine name in Mexico, but is masculine in other Spanish speaking countries.
Bethzy f Spanish (Mexican), Spanish (Latin American), American (Hispanic)
Latin American variant of Betsy. This name was brought to public attention by Bethzy Zamorano, a contestant on the Mexican reality television series Bailando por un Sueño... [more]
Beyanca f Spanish (Mexican)
“White”, “pure”
Bricia f Spanish (Mexican)
Feminine form of Bricio (compare Brizia). This name coincides with the name of a town in Castile and León, Spain.
Brisenia f Spanish (Mexican)
This given name is probably a combination of Briseida or Brigida with any name ending in -enia or -senia (depends on which name is used for the first part of the name), such as Eugenia and Yesenia.
Caritina f Spanish, Spanish (Mexican), Filipino (Rare), Italian (Rare)
Spanish and Italian form of Charitine. This name is mostly used in Mexico.
Cliotide f French (Rare, Archaic), Spanish (Mexican, Rare, Archaic)
Local vernacular corruption of Clothilde found in the Poitou-Charentes region.
Crescenciana f Spanish (Mexican)
Spanish feminine form of Crescentianus (see Crescentian).
Crescenciano m Spanish (Mexican)
Spanish form of Crescentianus (see Crescentian).
Cristel f Spanish (Mexican)
Mexican Spanish variant of Crystal commonly used in the United States.
Cutberto m Spanish, Spanish (Mexican)
Spanish form of Cuthbert. This name is mostly used in Mexico.
Darcia f English (Rare), Dutch (Rare), Spanish (Mexican, Rare), Swiss (Rare)
In English-speaking countries, this name is probably a variant of Darcy, one that may have been inspired by the name Marcia.... [more]
Debanhi f Spanish (Mexican, Rare), American (Hispanic, Rare)
Possibly an Hispanic variant of Devany. This is chiefly used in Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico.
Dinorah f English, Spanish (Latin American), Spanish (Mexican), Portuguese (Brazilian, Rare), Theatre
Possibly derived from Aramaic dinur (also denur) meaning "of fire", derived from di "of" and nur "fire, light". Because of the similarity with the Hebrew word din "trial, judgement", this name is sometimes seen as a more elaborate form of the name Dinah... [more]
Eclicerio m Spanish (Mexican, Rare)
Of uncertain origin.
Elfego m Spanish (Latin American, Rare), Spanish (Mexican, Rare)
Spanish form of Alphege. A notable bearer was Mexican-American gunman and politician Elfego Baca (1865-1945).
Elizeth f Spanish (Mexican)
More often used in Mexico very rear here in California
Emoé f Spanish (Mexican, Rare)
Of uncertain origin. A known bearer is Mexican actress Emoé de la Parra (1953-).
Epigmenio m Italian (Archaic), Spanish (Mexican)
Italian and Spanish form of Epigmenius. Most known bearers of this name are Mexican, and they include the insurgent Epigmenio González Flores (1781-1858), the priest and politician Epigmenio de la Piedra (1792-1873), the judoka Epigmenio Exiga (b... [more]
Eréndira f P'urhépecha, Spanish (Mexican)
Derived from P'urhépecha iréndira meaning "the one who smiles" or "smiling, cheerful".... [more]
Eridani f & m Spanish (Mexican, Rare), American (Hispanic, Rare), Astronomy
Epsilon Eridani is the fifth-brightest star in Eridanus, a constellation in the southern sky.
Erubey m Spanish (Mexican), American
There was a boxer in the early 1970s in Mexico named Erubey Carmona, but he had changed his name from Eudibiel. Since all the people I can find with this name are young Mexican or Mexican-American men, I'm beginning to think the name originated with this boxer... [more]
Eustolia f Late Greek, Spanish (Mexican)
Feminine form of Eustolios. This name was borne by a saint from the 7th century AD.
Eutiquio m Galician (Rare), Spanish (Mexican)
Galician and Spanish form of Eutychius.
Filiberta f Spanish (Mexican), Italian (Rare), Sicilian, Polish (Archaic)
Italian and Spanish feminine form of Filiberto, Sicilian feminine form of Filibertu and Polish feminine form of Filibert.
Gelasia f Spanish (Mexican, Rare), Italian (Rare, Archaic, ?)
Spanish and Italian feminine form of Gelasius.
Giseley f Spanish (Mexican)
A funny nice person
Gladimar f & m Spanish (Caribbean), Spanish (Mexican, Rare), Portuguese (Brazilian, Rare)
Combination of Gladys or other names beginning with Glad- and -mar, from names beginning in that pattern, like María (Spanish)/Maria (Portuguese), Martín/Martim or Marcos... [more]
Gladiola f English (Rare), Albanian (Rare), Romanian (Rare), Spanish (Latin American, Rare), Spanish (Mexican, Rare), Filipino (Rare)
From the name of the flowering plant gladiolus, literally meaning "small sword" from Latin gladius "sword" (a reference to its sword-shaped leaves). Gladiola Josephine "Glady Joe" is a character in the novel 'How to Make an American Quilt' (1991) and subsequent film adaptation (1995).
Hesiquio m Spanish (Mexican)
Spanish form of Hesychios via its latinized form Hesychius.
Hirving m Spanish (Mexican)
Probably a variant of Irving.... [more]
Holda f German (Archaic), Dutch (Rare), Hungarian (Rare), Spanish (Mexican)
Dutch and Archaic German variant of Hulda, as well as a Hungarian borrowing of this name.
Horalia f Spanish (Mexican, Rare)
Possibly a variant of Oralia.
Irasema f Tupi, Portuguese (Brazilian), Spanish (Mexican)
Means "lips of honey" in Tupi, from the Tupi words ira, "honey" and sema, "lips, mouth".
Jerardo m Spanish (Mexican)
Common Mexican variant of Gerardo.
Jhonen m American, Spanish (Mexican)
The famous cartoonist "Jhonen Vasquez" bears this name. He is known best for his comic, "Johnny The Homicidal Maniac" and his children's cartoon, "Invader Zim".
Jhonfai m Spanish (Mexican)
This is the second name of Marco Fabián. He is a Mexican professional footballer who plays for German club Eintracht Frankfurt and the Mexican national team.
Leobardo m Spanish (Mexican)
Spanish form of Leobardus. The 6th-century saint Leobardus (known as Leobardo in Spanish) was a spiritual student of Saint Gregory of Tours. Known bearers of this name include Mexican footballer Leobardo López García (1983-), Mexican filmmaker Leobardo López Aretche (1942-1970), Colombian painter and sculptor Leobardo Pérez Jiménez (1945-) and Leobardo Vázquez Atzin (ca... [more]
Leodegaria f Ancient Germanic, Spanish (Mexican, Rare), Spanish (Philippines, Rare)
Feminine form of Leodegarius. This was borne by a sister of the 4th-century saint Urban of Langres.
Leono m Popular Culture, Spanish (Mexican)
From the Spanish form of the name Lion-O from the American cartoon series "ThunderCats".... [more]
Lindoro m Theatre, Spanish (Mexican)
Variant of Lindor. Lindoro is a character in the opera L'italiana in Algeri (The Italian Girl in Algiers in English; 1813) by Gioachino Rossini and Angelo Anelli.
Lluvia f Spanish (Modern), Spanish (Mexican), American (Hispanic)
From Spanish lluvia meaning "rain."
Lucecita f Spanish (Mexican)
Diminutive form of Luz.
Ludoviquito m Spanish (Mexican), Popular Culture
Diminutive of Ludovico. In popular culture, this is the name of one of the main characters of the popular Mexican sitcom La familia P. Luche (2002-2012).
Luminosa f Italian (Rare), Spanish (Mexican, Rare), Portuguese (Brazilian, Rare)
Derived from the Latin adjective luminosus meaning "full of light, luminous". This was the name of a 5th-century saint from Pavia in Lombardy, Italy. This was also borne by a 6th-century Byzantine woman, the wife of the tribune Zemarchus... [more]
Lupina f Spanish (Mexican)
In most cases, a diminutive of Guadalupe. ... [more]
Lydianna f English (Rare), Spanish (Mexican, Rare)
Elaborated form of Lydia, or variant of Lydianne. It may have been inspired by the word Lydian (compare Lydian) or the similar name Dianna.
Malinali f Spanish (Mexican)
Possibly derived from Malinalxochitl.
Manelich m Theatre, Spanish (Mexican, Rare)
Catalan diminutive of Manel 1. This was used by Àngel Guimerà for a character in his Catalan-language play Terra baixa (1896)... [more]
Manelick m Spanish (Mexican, Rare)
Variant of Manelich. Known bearers include Manelick "Mane" de la Parra Borja (1982-), a Mexican singer, and his father, Mexican writer and editor Manelick de la Parra Vargas.
Marbella f English (Rare), Spanish (Mexican, Rare)
Contracted form of Mariabella. 'A 20th-century invention rarely used.'
Marichelo f Spanish (Mexican)
Diminutive of María Consuelo. Also see Chelo. This is borne by Marichelo Puente (1978-), a Mexican television personality and sister of the singer Anahí.
Marichuy f Spanish (Mexican)
Diminutive of María de Jesús. Also compare Chuy. This is borne by Mexican human rights activist María de Jesús "Marichuy" Patricio Martínez (1963-).
Masiosare m Spanish (Mexican)
From the phrase Mas si osare un extraño enemigo "But if I dare a foreign enemy" from the Mexican national anthem.
Mayahuel f Aztec and Toltec Mythology, Spanish (Mexican, Rare), American (Hispanic, Rare)
Possibly means "that which surrounds the maguey plant" in Nahuatl, from ‘metl meaning "maguey (species Agave americana)" and yahualli "round". In Aztec religion this was the name of a goddess who personified the maguey plant.
Mayauel f American (Hispanic, Rare), Spanish (Mexican, Rare)
Variant of Mayahuel. This is borne by a (male) glass artist from California, United States: Mayauel Ward (1956-).
Mirelly f Spanish (Mexican)
A famous bearer is Mexican actress Mirelly Taylor.
Nailea f Spanish (Mexican)
Mexican variant of Nalea.
Narcedalia f Spanish (Mexican, Modern, Rare)
Allegeldly a combination of Narcissa and the Dahlia. A famous bearer of the name is Mexican politician Narcedalia Ramirez.... [more]
Ofelio m Portuguese (African), Spanish (Mexican)
Likely a masculine form of Ofelia.
Pigmenia f Spanish (Mexican, Rare)
Feminine form of Pigmenius. In the Spanish-speaking world (especially in Mexico), this name is also encountered as a short form or variant of Epigmenia.
Pigmenio m Italian (Archaic), Spanish (Mexican, Rare)
Italian and Spanish form of Pigmenius. In the Spanish-speaking world (especially in Mexico), this name is also encountered as a short form or variant of Epigmenio.
Pingui f & m Spanish (Mexican, Latinized, Rare)
This name comes from mexico as a meaning of good luck neither isn't feminine nor masculine
Pioquinto m Spanish (Mexican, Rare)
A name given in honor of Pope Pius V, a saint of the Catholic Church.
Pomposa f Spanish (Mexican, Rare)
Derived from the Late Latin adjective pomposus meaning "stately, dignified, pompous". Saint Pomposa was a 9th-century martyr, a nun who was beheaded by Moors in Córdoba, Spain.
Primavera f Italian (Rare), Medieval Italian, Spanish (Mexican, Rare), Spanish (Caribbean, Rare)
Derived from Vulgar Latin prīmavēra "spring". The descendant word primavera is used in Asturian, Catalan, Galician, Italian, Portuguese (and Old Portuguese), Sicilian, and Spanish.
Quetzal f & m Spanish (Mexican, Rare), American (Hispanic, Rare), American (Rare)
After a central American bird (Pharomachrus mocino), from Nahuatl quetzalli, "large brilliant tail feather". Can also be a short form of Quetzalcoatl
Quetzala f Spanish (Mexican, Rare)
From Quetzala, the name of a river in Mexico. Quetzala is likely derived from Nahuatl quetzalli, "quetzal feather". The word quetzalli also denotes something precious. The quetzal held great cultural and religious significance to the Aztecs, and other indigenous peoples of Central America... [more]
Refugio m & f Spanish (Mexican)
Means "refuge, shelter" in Spanish. As a feminine name, it is often part of the compound name María del Refugio, from the Spanish title of the Virgin Mary Nuestra Señora del Refugio (de los Pecadores) meaning "Our Lady, Refuge (of Sinners)".
Rodelinda f Theatre, History, Spanish (Mexican)
Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian and English form of Rodelind. Rodelinda (6th-century), was a Lombard queen by marriage to king Audoin, and mother of king Alboin... [more]
Rual m English (American, Rare), Spanish (Mexican, Rare), Portuguese (Brazilian, Rare), South African (Rare)
Possibly a variant of Reuel (anglophone world) and Raul (Latin America).... [more]
Rubisel m Spanish (Mexican)
Hispanic name that, like Elián, is originally a combination of the parents' names. In this case, it is Rubén combined with probably Gisela.
Sanjuan m Spanish (Mexican), American (Hispanic)
Combination of Spanish San, meaning "saint" and the name Juan 1.
Sanjuana f American (Hispanic), Spanish (Mexican)
From Spanish San Juan meaning "Saint John", taken from the title of the Virgin Mary Nuestra Señora de San Juan de los Lagos, which refers to a statue that is venerated in Mexico and the United States (particularly Texas)... [more]
Sarahi f Spanish (Mexican, Rare)
Most likely a variant of Sarai.
Senorina f History (Ecclesiastical), Spanish (Mexican, Rare)
Of uncertain meaning, perhaps from Proto-Celtic *senos meaning "old". This was the name of a 10th-century Galician saint.
Sopapilla f Spanish (Mexican)
From the name of the fried pastry and a type of quick bread served in several regions with Spanish heritage in the Americas.
Susita f Spanish (Mexican)
Allegedly a short form of Susanita.
Tiaré f Spanish (Mexican)
Spanish (Mexican) form of Tiare.
Valienta f Spanish (Mexican, Rare, Archaic), English (American, Rare, Archaic)
Presumably from the Spanish word valiente meaning "brave, valiant", ultimately from Latin valere "to be strong" (compare Valerius; or perhaps from the Spanish surname Valiente which was originally a nickname based on the Spanish word)... [more]
Verenice f Spanish (Mexican)
Apparently a Spanish variant of Berenice.
Wendolin f Spanish (Mexican)
Spanish adoption of Gwendolen.
Yamell f Spanish (Mexican)
Its came from Persia but got changed to fit spanish
Yarrio m Spanish (Mexican, Rare)
Transferred use of the surname Yarrio.
Yasel m & f Spanish (Mexican)
Yasel was the name of a mexican warrior that helped lead the spanish people
Yatziri f Spanish (Mexican)
Some sources mention this being Mayan in origin, however no evidence can be found supporting this, nor of the supposed meaning of 'maiden of the moon'. It's possible it's derived from an authentic yet obscure indigenous name, or it's a modern invention inspired by the likes of Yaretzi and Yaritza.
Yelitza f Spanish (Mexican), South American
Possibly inspired by the Nahuatl word yelitzli meaning "being, essence." It has been in use in Mexico since at least the turn of the 20th-century.
Yuritzi f Mayan, Spanish (Mexican, Rare)
Yuritzi is a Mayan name used in Mexico which means "moon's lightening-bearer goddess".
Yurixi f Spanish (Mexican, Rare)
Possibly a variant of Yuritzi. A known bearer is Mexican politician Ana Yurixi Leyva Piñón (1973-).
Zeferina f Spanish (Mexican), Portuguese
Spanish and Portuguese form of Zephyrine.