Tupi Submitted Names

Tupi names are used by the Tupi people of Brazil.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Anahí f Guarani, Tupi, Spanish (Latin American)
Meaning uncertain. In Tupi-Guarani legend this is the name of a princess killed by Spanish conquistadors, who was turned into a flower--usually identified with the flower of the Ceibo tree (Erythrina crista-galli)... [more]
Angra f Tupi
The name given to the goddess of fire in Tupi-Guarani mythology.
Araci f Portuguese (Brazilian), Tupi
Means "dawn, morning" in Tupi, though in some instances, it may be a contracted form of Araceli.
Bartira f Tupi
Derived from Tupi bo tiira "flower". Bartira was the name of the daughter of the chief Tibiriça, an indigenous leader of great importance for the formation of the city of São Paulo. Bartira was married to the Portuguese explorer João Ramalho and after her marriage she was baptized as Isabel Dias.
Bishnud m Tupi
A popular name among Tupi communities in Formosa (Argentina), this name may also be a Guarani mythological god.
Caçapava f Tupi
Derived from Tupi ka'a asapaba meaning "stroll through the forest".
Caique m Tupi (Latinized, Modern, Archaic)
Caique seems to be an indigenous word, more specifically the extinct Tupi language, which means "aquatic bird." Other translations seem to refer to "he who glides on the waters".... [more]
Cambuci f Tupi, Guarani
Derived from Tupi-Guarani cambucy meaning "pot; vase".
Camocim f Tupi, Guarani
Means "pot; vase" in Tupi and Guarani.
Ceci f Tupi
The meaning is debatable. It could mean "my mother" or "mother who cries" in Tupi.
Goiás m Tupi
Derived from Tupi gua iá "same origin".
Iandara f Tupi, Brazilian
Midday. Name of the singer, Iandara Brobecker. She is Swiss and Brazilian.
Inaiê f Tupi
Means "solitary hawk" in Tupi.
Ipê f Tupi
Derived from Tupi ï'pe "shell (of a seed)". This is the Portuguese name for several bignoniaceae trees known for the beauty of their flowers. Moreover, the ipê was elected as the Brazilian national tree.
Iraci f Tupi, Portuguese (Brazilian)
Derived from Tupi yira sü meaning "mother of honey".
Irani f Tupi, Portuguese (Brazilian)
Possibly means "enraged bee" in Tupi.
Irasema f Tupi, Portuguese (Brazilian), Spanish (Mexican)
Means "lips of honey" in Tupi, from the Tupi words ira, "honey" and sema, "lips, mouth".
Irecê f Tupi
Means "Water Surface"
Iuna f Tupi
"Iuna" is a term derived from the Tupi-Guarani language, meaning "black river", by combining the words' 'y' (water, river) and "un" (black).
Jandaia f Tupi
Means "parrot" in Tupi.
Jasy f Tupi (Rare), Guarani, New World Mythology
A Tupi name derived from îá "moon" and sy "mother". Its Guarani cognate jasy means "moon".... [more]
Juci f Tupi
Means "moon" in Tupi.
Juruna m & f Tupi, Lingua Geral
Means "black mouth" in Lingua Geral and it's an exonym used for the Yudjá people. The name is given after Mário Juruna (1942-2002), the first national-level federal representative in Brazil that belonged to an indigenous people.
Kauan m Guarani, Tupi
Means "hawk" in Tupi-Guarani.
Kauane f Guarani, Tupi, Brazilian
Feminine form of Kauã and Kauan.
Kauê m Tupi, Portuguese (Brazilian, Modern, Rare)
The meaning: A Tupi ''greeting'', but also understood as "kind man" or "intelligent".... [more]
Kawahib m Tupi
A popular name in Argentina and in Eastern Paraguay among Guarani people, also the name of a dialect of the language.
Maanape m & f Tupi, Brazilian, Portuguese (Brazilian)
The name of Macunaíma’s older brother.
Macunaíma m Tupi, Portuguese (Brazilian), Brazilian
The name of the Macunaíma novel’s eponymous hero.
Mara f Tupi, Portuguese (Brazilian)
Derived from Tupi marã "war".
Maya f Tupi, Portuguese (Brazilian)
Derived from Tupi maya "mother".
Mayra f Tupi, Portuguese
Derived from Tupi mair "foreigner" and by extension, "French", referring to French settlements in Brazil.
Mera f Tupi
Derived from Tupi mãra meaning "war".
Ñamandu m Tupi
Meaning "God" in Tupí, this name is popular in North-Eastern Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil.
Nheengatu m Tupi
Popular name in ancient Guarani nations, it is now the name of a dialect of Guarani, and popular name for males of Tupi descent in Brazil, Colombia, Paraguay, Bolivia, Argentina and common among males of Tupi descent in Uruguay.
Piatã m New World Mythology, Tupi
Means "strong" in Tupi.
Potira f New World Mythology, Tupi
Means "flower" in Tupi.
Pytuna m & f Tupi, Guarani
Means "night" in Tupi-Guarani.
Rudá m New World Mythology, Portuguese (Brazilian), Tupi
He is the god of love in the mythology of the Tupí and Guaraní peoples of South America.
Tabaré m South American, Guarani (Hispanicized, ?), Tupi (Hispanicized, ?)
Chiefly Uruguayan name, allegedly of Guarani or Tupi origin and meaning "village man" or "one who lives far from town". The Uruguayan poet Juan Zorrilla de San Martín used it for the title hero of his epic poem Tabaré (1888), which depicts the tragic love between Tabaré, an indigenous Charrúa man, and Blanca, the sister of a Spanish conquistador.
Tainá f Tupi, Guarani
From Tupi-Guarani tainá meaning "the star".
Tainã-Kan m & f New World Mythology, Tupi, Guarani
Means "great star" in Tupi-Guaraní.... [more]
Tainara f Tupi, Portuguese (Brazilian)
The name comes from the Tupí language, spoken by the native indigenous peoples of Brazil. It means "star" or "full of light", "illuminated".
Thaynni f Brazilian, Tupi, Guarani
Diminuitive of Thayna.
Tupã m Tupi
Known as the supreme god in Guarani mythology.
Uaná f Tupi
Means "firefly" in Tupi.
Ubiratã m Tupi
Means "strong spear" in Tupi, from übü'ra á'tã.
Yakecan m Tupi (Rare)
Means "the sound of the sky" in Tupi.
Yamandú m Tupi, Guarani
Means "the precursor of the waters (of the world)" in Tupi-Guaraní.
Yopanã m & f Popular Culture, Tupi
The Name of Juba’s friend in Bicho Do Mato, a Brazilian Telenovela.