Medieval Catalan Submitted Names

These names were used by medieval Catalan peoples.
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Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
ADALETA f Medieval Italian, Medieval Catalan
Adaleta di Siena was the wife of Farinata degli Uberti (leader of the Ghibelline faction in Florence). ... [more]
ANGLESA f Medieval Basque, Medieval Catalan
Medieval Basque name of uncertain origin and meaning that was first recorded in Pamplona in 1227 as well as in 12th-century Catalonia.... [more]
ARNAL m Medieval Catalan
Medieval variant of ARNAU.
ARTAL m Medieval Catalan, Catalan (Rare), Aragonese
Catalan and Aragonese cognate of ARTALD.
AULARIA f Medieval Catalan
Medieval Catalan cognate of AULAIRE, recorded in 15th-century Valencia.
AUREMBIAIX f Medieval Catalan
The name of a countess of Urgell in the 12th/13th century.
BONAJUNCTA f Medieval Catalan, Medieval Jewish
Christian and Jewish cognate of BONA-AUNIS.
CASTELLANA f Medieval Italian, Medieval Spanish, Medieval Catalan
Directly taken from Latin castellana "a (female) castellan; a damsel" as well as "of or pertaining to a castle".
CLARAMUNDA f Medieval Catalan
Variant of ESCLARAMUNDA, influenced by CLARA.
DAMIATA f Medieval Catalan
Recorded in 15th century Valencia.
ELISENDA f Catalan, Medieval Catalan
Catalan form of the Visigothic name Alahsind, composed of the Germanic elements alah "temple" and sinþs "path". ... [more]
ERMESSEN f Medieval Catalan
Likely a cognate of ERMESENDA.
ESCLARAMUNDA f Medieval Catalan
Variant of ESCLARMONDE influenced by CLARA and possibly Catalan esclarir "to clarify, to elucidate".
GILA f Medieval Catalan
Feminine form of GILO.
GILO m Medieval French, Medieval Italian, Medieval Spanish, Medieval Catalan
Short form of various names beginning with Proto-Germanic *gailaz "merry, excited; beautiful; lush, lustful".
GUIALMA f Medieval Catalan
Catalan cognate of WILLELMA.
GUILELMA f Medieval Catalan
Feminine form of GUILELM.
JAUMETA f Medieval Catalan
Feminine form of JAUMET.
JERÒNIMA f Medieval Catalan
Catalan feminine form of JEROME.
MANDINA f Medieval Catalan
The meaning of this name is obscured, hypotheses include a derivation from Germanic *mendan "to rejoice" or a derivation from AMANDA.
MONSERRADA f Medieval Catalan, Sardinian (Archaic)
Medieval Catalan and late medieval Sardinian form of MONSERRAT.
NOFFRE m Medieval Catalan
Truncated form of Onoffre.
NOFRA f Medieval Catalan, Medieval Italian
Likely intended as a feminine form of Catalan NOFFRE and Italian Nofri.
OFRECINA f Medieval Catalan, Filipino (Archaic)
Probably a Medieval Catalan form of EUPHROSINA.
PERONA f Medieval Catalan
Medieval Catalan feminine diminutive of PERE.
SANÇ m Medieval Catalan, Medieval Occitan
Catalan and Occitan form of SANS.
URGELLESA f Medieval Catalan, Medieval
Catalan urgellesa "woman from Urgell".
YSABET f Medieval Catalan
Variant of ISABET, recorded in 15th-century Valencia.
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