Given Name STEVE

GENDER: Masculine
USAGE: English

Meaning & History

Short form of STEVEN. A notable bearer was American technology entrepreneur Steve Jobs (1955-2011).
VARIANTS: Ste, Steph, Stevie
OTHER LANGUAGES/CULTURES: Stephanos (Ancient Greek), Stepan (Armenian), Estebe, Eztebe (Basque), Stephen (Biblical), Stephanos (Biblical Greek), Stephanus (Biblical Latin), Stefan (Bulgarian), Esteve (Catalan), Stjepan, Štefan, Stevan, Stevo, Stipan, Stipe, Stipo (Croatian), Štěpán (Czech), Stefan, Steffen (Danish), Stefan, Steffen, Stephan, Stef, Stefanus, Steven (Dutch), Tapani, Tahvo, Teppo (Finnish), Étienne, Stéphane (French), Estevo (Galician), Stepane (Georgian), Stefan, Stephan (German), Stefanos, Stephanos (Greek), István, Pista, Pisti (Hungarian), Stefán (Icelandic), Stiofán (Irish), Stefano (Italian), Stefans (Latvian), Steponas (Lithuanian), Steffen (Low German), Stefan (Macedonian), Tipene (Maori), Estienne (Medieval French), Stefan, Steffen (Norwegian), Estève (Occitan), Stefan, Szczepan, Stefek (Polish), Estevão (Portuguese), Ștefan, Fane (Romanian), Stepan (Russian), Steafan, Steaphan, Steenie (Scottish), Stefan, Stevan, Stevo, Stjepan (Serbian), Štefan (Slovak), Štefan (Slovene), Esteban, Estavan (Spanish), Staffan, Stefan (Swedish), Steffan (Welsh)


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Entry updated October 20, 2016