Obscure Submitted Names

These names are very rare and cannot be said to "belong" to any one culture. They are put here because they cannot be categorized anywhere else.
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Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
ABARRANE f Obscure (Rare)
Meaning unknown, though it may be a feminine form of ABRAHAM.
Aberycusgentylis Balthropp, baptized 25 January 1648 in Iver, Buckinghamshire, England, was named in honour of the Italian-born Oxford professor and jurist ALBERICO Gentili (1552-1608) via the Latinized form of his name: Albericus Gentilis.
AGLAIE f Obscure
Variant of AGLAIA.
AJOUAH f Obscure
Meaning and origin unknown.
AKADSA f Obscure (Modern, Rare)
Meaning unknown.
ALGIANE f Obscure
Feminine form of Algis, itself the French form of ADALGIS.
ALOHNZO m Obscure
Variant of ALONSO.
Alphabeta Swithinbank (-1849) died in Hunslet, Yorkshire.... [more]
ANACHARSIS m Obscure, Ancient Greek
Meaning uncertain. The first element of this name may possibly have been derived from Greek ανα (ana) "up", but I haven't been able to find any possibilities for the second element. This was the name of an ancient Greek philosopher from the 6th century BC.... [more]
ARELAI f Obscure (Rare)
Meaning unknown.
ARELLIE f Obscure
Variant of ARELY.
ASHLOND f Obscure
Variant of ASHLAND.
ASHTYNNE f & m Obscure
Variant of ASHTYN.
AUBRELLE f Obscure
Not available.
BERYLLA f Obscure
Variant of BERYL.
A variant of CESARINA.
CHINARRA f Obscure
Variant of CHINARA.
CORAIDA f Obscure
Variant of CORAIMA influenced by ZORAIDA.
Originally created in 1646, which was a time of political history for England and likely created to mock Puritanical eccentricity.
DAZZLINE f Obscure
Dazzline means luminous.This name is a variant of Dazzling in English speaking countries.
EGYPTIA f Obscure (Rare)
Elaboration of EGYPT.
ELOWYNN f Obscure
Variant of ELOWEN.
ELSINORA f Obscure
Possibly a variant of ELSINORE or combination of ELSIE and NORA.
Blend of EVONNE and TIANA.
FACEBOOK f Obscure
Inspired by the impact social media played in the #Jan25 revolution in Cairo's Tahrir Square, an Egyptian man reportedly named his firstborn daughter "Facebook."
GIRLINDA f Obscure
Latinized form of GERLINDE.
GIUNËUR m Obscure (Modern, Rare)
According to the creator and only bearer of this name, it means "son of his father" in Wolof.
GWENYNEN f Obscure
Directly taken from Welsh gwenynen "bee", this name was adopted by Augusta Hall, Baroness Llanover, a Welsh heiress, best known as a patron of the Welsh arts, as her bardic name (Gwenynen Gwent "the bee of Gwent").
HIRELIS f Obscure (Rare)
Of unknown origin and meaning.
IBETH f Obscure
Variant of YVETTE.
IVORLYN f Obscure
Combination of IVOR and LYN or a variant of IVORYLYN.
IVORYLYN f Obscure
Combination of IVORY and LYN.
Combination of JAZMYN and NEVEAH.
JOHNQUIL m Obscure
Masculine form of JONQUIL influenced by JOHN.
LEIGHANABELL f Romani, Obscure
Combination of LEIGH and ANABELL.
LHILYDD f Obscure
Maybe a variant of LILITH.
Probably a combination of LUZ and CRISTINA.
LYMOINE m Obscure
Variant of LEMOINE.
Mardiningsih "Mardi" Arquette (1939-1997), aka Brenda Denaut, was the mother of actors Patricia, Alexis, Rosanna, David and Richmond Arquette.
MARŸKE f Obscure
Variant of MARYKE.... [more]
MATYELOK f Obscure
This name is borne by actress Matyelok Gibbs.
MILITZA f Obscure
Variant of MILITSA. This was the name Duchess Jutta of Mecklenburg-Strelitz took after her marriage to the heir apparent of Montenegro Prince Danilo and her conversion to Orthodoxy.
MIRADORA f Obscure (Rare)
Combination of Mira and DORA.
MISSATHA f Obscure
Perhaps a combination of the honorific term miss and the name ATHA. A typhoon in 1950 was named Missatha.
NOWABO m Obscure (Rare)
The nickname of the German politician Norbert Walter-Borjahns is formed of the first two letters of his given name and his lastnames.
ODETHA f Obscure
Variant of ODETTA.
ODÉTTE f Obscure
Variant of ODETTE.
ODETTHE f Obscure
Variant of ODETTE.
In the case of Olgivanna Lloyd Wright it is an Anglicized portmanteau of her Montenegrin birth name Olga Ivanovna.
OSSIA f Obscure
Feminine form of OSSIAN. A typhoon in 1950 was named Ossia.
PEACHTREANNA f African American (Rare), Obscure
Blend of the phrase "peach tree" and ANNA.
POSSI f Obscure (Rare)
Extremely rare variant of POSY/POSIE or transferred use of surname POSSI
Anna Quirentia Nilsson, better known as Anna Q. Nilsson, was a well-known Swedish-born silent movie actress. She was given her middle name because she was born on March 30, the feast day of QUIRINUS of Neuss.
RITANA f Obscure
Probably an elaboration of RITA.
ROZALINE f Obscure (Rare)
Variant of ROSALINE (See also ROZALINA). An underrated musical artist bears this name.
SANGRED f Obscure
Variant of SANGRID.
SANGRI f Obscure
Variant of SANGRID.
SEARGEOH m Obscure
Respelling of SERGIO. A famous bearer is Seargeoh Stallone.
SELLVI f Obscure
Variant of SÄLLVI.
SIVBRIT f Obscure
Variant of SIVBRITT.
SKUYLER m Obscure
Variant of SKYLER influenced by SCHUYLER.
SOLMAJ f Obscure
Very rare combination of Swedish sol "sun" and Maja.
Combination of Stella and Nora.
STRÅLA f Obscure
Based on the Swedish word stråle "ray, beam".
SVANE f Obscure
Variant of SVANA.
TELA f Obscure
Short form of OTTELIA.
TYWANIQUEKYA f African American, Obscure
Extremely rare feminized elaboration of the place name TAIWAN.
Combination of ULLA and GRETA.
ULLAMAI f Obscure
Variant of ULLAMAJ.
ULLAMAJ f Obscure
Combination of ULLA and MAJ.
ULLAMAJA f Obscure
Variant of ULLAMAJ.
ULLAMAY f Obscure
Variant of ULLAMAJ.
ULLEVIE f Obscure
Variant of ULLEVI.
Elaboration of WINTER.
YSORIA f Medieval English (Rare), Obscure
Obscure medieval English name of uncertain etymology, though it may be related to the Latin name ISAURA, which originated as an ethnic byname and derives from the place name Isauria.
YWEDELLE f Obscure
Variant of UDELE.
ZAYRON m Obscure
Likely an invented name.
ZEZOZOSE m Obscure
Likely an invented name. This is the name of Charles Manson's son.
ZHADE f Obscure
Variant of JADE.
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