Obscure Submitted Names

These names are very rare and cannot be said to "belong" to any one culture. They are put here because they cannot be categorized anywhere else.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Aaleiya f Obscure
Variant of Aaliyah.
Abaigael f Obscure
Variant of Abigail.
Abalina f Obscure
Possibly a variant of Abilene.
Abarrane f Obscure (Rare)
Meaning unknown, though it may be a feminine form of Abraham.
Abelline f Obscure
Variant of Abeline.
Aberycusgentylis m Obscure
Aberycusgentylis Balthropp, baptized 25 January 1648 in Iver, Buckinghamshire, England, was named in honour of the Italian-born Oxford professor and jurist Alberico Gentili (1552-1608) via the Latinized form of his name: Albericus Gentilis.
Ablyn f Obscure
An invented name, comprised of Ab (such as in Abigail) and Lyn.
Abrigale f Obscure
Variant of Abigail.
Achena f Obscure
This has been explained as a Greek name meaning "Achaean, of Achaea" (also compare Achaeus)... [more]
Adaluna f Obscure, Spanish (Latin American, Modern, Rare, ?)
Combination of Ada 1 and Luna. This was also the Roman name of the River Lune in Cumbria and Lancashire, England.
Adamline f Obscure
Feminization of Adam.
Addabelle f Obscure
Variant of Adabel.
Addallee f Obscure
Variant of Adalee.
Adelén f Obscure
Accented form of Adelen, borne by Spanish-Norwegian singer Adelén (b. 1996).
Adelhejd f Obscure
'Danishized' form of Adelheid.
Adriell m Obscure
Variant of Adriel.
Adtzer m Obscure
Variant of Adser.
Agathia f Obscure
Variant of Agatha.
Aglaie f Obscure
Variant of Aglaia.
Ahleesha f Obscure
Variant of Alicia.
Aieisha f Obscure
Variant of Aisha.
Aimerik m Obscure
Variant of Aimeric.
Ajatsa f Obscure
Possibly a form of Aisha.
Ajouah f Obscure
Meaning and origin unknown.
Ajvi f Obscure
Variant of Aivi.
Akadsa f Obscure (Modern, Rare)
Meaning unknown.
Alauda f Obscure
Derived from Latin alauda meaning "lark".
Albantine f Obscure
Feminine form of Alban.
Alecyn f Obscure
Variant of Alison.
Aleighah f Obscure
Variant of Aaliyah.
Alfride f Obscure
Variant of Alfrida.
Alfriede f Obscure
Variant of Alfride.
Algiane f Obscure
Feminine form of Algis, itself the French form of Adalgis.
Alivyah f Obscure
Variant of Olivia.
Allicenne f Obscure
Variant of Alison.
Alliciyia f Obscure
Variant of Alicia.
Almonzo m Obscure
Variant of Almanzo.
Alohnzo m Obscure
Variant of Alonso.
Alphabeta f Obscure
Alphabeta Swithinbank (-1849) died in Hunslet, Yorkshire.... [more]
Altonious m Obscure
Most likely a variant of Altonio.
Alydea f Obscure
Invented name, maybe based on Alyssa or Alethea
Alyxa f Obscure
Variant of Alexa.
Amariza f Obscure
Variant of Amarisa
Amayomi f Obscure
Meaning unknown. A mother im Brazil named Daniele Pereira Brandão Xavier registered her daughter with this name, and become viral in early 2023. This was the first time a person was given that name in Brazil... [more]
Amazonie f Obscure
From the French name of the Amazon River (see the place name Amazon). This name was used by French actor Vincent Cassel for his daughter born 2019 in Brazil.
Amberella f Obscure
Elaboration of Amber with the suffix -ella
Ambrietta f Obscure
Elaboration of Ambre with the suffix -etta
Anasazi f Obscure, Spanish (Mexican, Modern, Rare)
From the name of an ancient Native American people who lived in Utah and Colorado.
Andreios m Obscure (?)
Possibly derived from Greek ἀνδρεῖος (andreios) "manly, strong, brave".
Annabetha f Obscure
Elaboration of Annabeth.
Annemary f Obscure
Combination of Anne 1 and Mary.
Annlyn f Obscure
Combination of Ann and Lyn.
Annmary f Obscure
Combination of Ann and Mary.
Annyssa f Obscure
Variant of Anissa
Anodyne f Obscure (?)
From Latin "anōdynos", meaning “stilling or relieving pain”, from Ancient Greek "ἀνώδυνος", meaning “free from pain”), from "ἀν-", meaning “without” plus "ὀδύνη", meaning “pain”.
Anorrah f Obscure
Variant of Annora.
Antoinella f Obscure
Variant of Antonella and feminine form of Antoine.
Antonya f Obscure
Variant of Antonia.
Anwyll m Obscure (Modern, Rare)
From the Welsh word annwyl, which means "dear" or "darling".
Aouie m & f Obscure
Likely derived from the five vowels of the English language.
Arceus m Obscure
From the Pokémon character Arceus, whose name comes from the combination of the Greek word αρχή (arkhé), "origin", and the Latin word deus (god). In the game lore, Arceus is the original Pokémon who created the universe... [more]
Arelai f Obscure (Rare)
Meaning unknown.
Arellie f Obscure
Variant of Arely.
Aristia f Obscure
Feminine form of Aristides or delivered from Arista
Arkadina f Obscure
Derived from a Russian surname, the feminine form of the surname Arkadin, which is probably derived from the given name Arkadiy... [more]
Arriane f Obscure
Variant of Ariane.
Arrington m & f Obscure
Transferred use of the surname Arrington. The USA Social Security Administration has recorded 17 boys and 15 girls with the name Arringtion in 2001.
Ashleyanna f Obscure
Combination of Ashley and Anna.
Ashlond f Obscure
Variant of Ashland.
Ashtynne f & m Obscure
Variant of Ashtyn.
Ashurina f Obscure
Feminine form of Ashur.
Astrella f Obscure
From Greek ἀστήρ (aster) meaning "star". This name was used by Scottish singer Donovan for his daughter born 1971.
Astrith f Obscure (?)
This is borne by Astrith Baltsan (1956-), an Israeli concert pianist; it is uncertain if her name has the same etymological origins as Ástríðr.
Atari m & f Obscure (Modern)
From the Japanese word 当たり (atari) meaning "a hit, a good move" (specially in the game of Go). Atari is the name of an American videogame company that released the video game console Atari 2600 in the year 1977... [more]
Athiena f Obscure
Variant of Athena.
Aubrelle f Obscure
Not available.
Audio m Obscure
From the Latin audiō 'hear, listen'.
Audralina f Obscure
Elaboration of Audra 2 using popular suffix -lina.
Audreina f Obscure
Variant of Audrina.
Audriella f Obscure
Combination of Audrey and the suffix -ella.
Audrietta f Obscure
Elaboration of Audrey with the suffix -etta
Auraelia f Obscure
Variant of Aurelia.
Auroralyn f Obscure
Combination of Aurora and Lyn.
Avaliese f Obscure
Elaboration of Ava 1 using the suffix -liese.
Avellina f Obscure
Feminine form of Avellino. It could also be used as a variant of Avelina.
Avena f Obscure
Elaborated form of Ava 1, possibly influenced by the Spanish word avena ("oats").
Avynn f Obscure
Variant of Aven.
Awsten m Obscure
Variant of Austin.
Axxel m Obscure
Variant of Axel. Per the SSA, Axxel was given to 16 boys in 2017.
Ayrien m & f Obscure (?)
Of uncertain etymology.
Azaela f Obscure
Feminine form of Azael.
Azaella f Obscure
Feminine form of Azael.
Azaleo m Obscure
Masculine form of Azalea.
Azurina f Obscure
Elaboration of Azura with the suffix -ina
Ballerina f Obscure (Modern)
American actor Jeremy Sisto has a daughter named Charlie-Ballerina, born June 5, 2009.
Banana f Obscure
Taken directly from the fruit.
Baylye f Obscure
Variant of Bailey.
Beatica f Obscure
Possibly an elaboration of Beata.
Beatres f Obscure
Variant of Beatrice.
Beccalyn f Obscure
Combination of Becca and Lyn.
Beckian f Obscure
First name of poetess Beckian Fritz Goldberg. Possibly a combination of Becki and Ann.
Beliana f Obscure
Could be a combination of Bella and Ana.
Bellabeth f Obscure
Combination of Bella and Beth.
Benry m Obscure (Modern, Rare)
Variant/combination of Ben 1 and Henry.
Berylla f Obscure
Variant of Beryl.
Bibiena f Obscure
Form of Vivian borne by French swimmer Bienna Pélégry (1899-1989).
Bichier f Obscure (?)
Meaning unknown. It is possibly used in honor of the French saint, St Joan Elizabeth Bichier des Âges, who is commonly referred as Elizabeth Bichier.
Bienna f Obscure
In the case of French swimmer Bienna Pélégry (1899-1989), it is a short form of one of her names, Bibiena.
Billiejoe f Obscure
Rare variant of Billiejo.
Bobbilee f Obscure
Combination of Bobbi and Lee.
Bobbisue f Obscure
Combination of Bobbi and Sue.
Bobijo f Obscure
Variant of Bobbijo.
Bobilee f Obscure
Variant of Bobbilee.
Bonnibel f Obscure
Apparently a combination of Bonnie and the popular name suffix -bel.
Bradleigh m & f Obscure
Variant and feminine form of Bradley.
Brees m Obscure
Transferred use of the surname Brees. A notable bearer of the surname is quarterback Drew Brees
Bretman m Obscure
In the case of Filipino-American beauty influencer and social media personality Bretman Rock (1998-) he was named after wrestlers Bret Hart and The Rock.
Brittanyann f Obscure
Combination of Brittany and Ann.
Broselianda f Obscure
This was borne by Cuban actress Broselianda Hernández Boudet (1964-2020), who was the daughter of Cuban dramatist and critic Rosa Ileana Boudet (1947-). It was perhaps inspired by the mythological place name Brocéliande.
Burnu f Obscure, Popular Culture
Possibly an elaboration of English burn. This was the stage name of American actress Burnu Acquanetta (1921-2004; real name Mildred Davenport), sometimes known simply as Acquanetta, who claimed it was an Arapaho name meaning "burning fire".
Busy f Obscure
Diminutive of Elizabeth influenced by the spelling of the English word busy. A known bearer is American actress Busy Phillips (1975-).
Caileah f Obscure
Variant of Kaylee.
Cambelle f Obscure
Either a variant of Campbell or a combination of Cam 2 and Belle... [more]
Cambriella f Obscure
Combination of Cambrie and Ella 1. Cambriella was given to 5 girls in 2018.
Canisia f Obscure
Feminine form of Canisius, occasionally adopted as a monastic name. In the case of Canisia Lubrin (1984-), a Saint Lucian-born Canadian poet, it is more likely a variant of Canisha (see Kanisha, Kenisha).
Caspienne f Obscure
Feminine form of Caspian.
Cassinia f Obscure
The name of a family of daisy flowers.
Catori f Obscure, English (American, Modern, Rare)
Possibly an invented name, a combination of Catherine and Victoria. Also compare Latori and Natori.... [more]
Celindia f Obscure
Elaboration on Celinda.
Cemyien m Obscure
Meaning unknown.
Chalcedony f Obscure (Modern)
A rare purple semi-precious stone.
Chandace f Obscure
Variant of Candace.
Charlica f Obscure
Feminine form of Charles.
Chathay f Obscure
Likely an invented name.
Chegianna f Obscure
Possibly a combination of Che and Gianna. This name is borne by a daughter of American poet and musician Gil Scott-Heron (1949-2011).
Chenekwahow m Obscure
Of unknown origin and meaning.... [more]
Chezarina f Obscure
A variant of Cesarina.
Chinarra f Obscure
Variant of Chinara.
Clarencine f Obscure
Feminine form of Clarence.