Rwandan Submitted Names

Rwandan names are used in Rwanda by speakers of Kinyarwanda.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Ganza m Rwandan
Meaning "reign" in Kinyarwanda.
Hakizimana m Rwandan, Rundi, African Mythology (Modern)
A name which means "God saves everything," imana being the name of the original Rwandan/Burundian deity and now the modern word for God in all monotheistic usages within Rwanda and Burundi.
Imanzi m Rwandan
From the Kinyarwanda word "umumanzi", meaning "righteousness".
Ntare m Rwandan
Meaning "lion" in Kinyarwanda and Kirundi. Famous people with that name includes five kings of the Kingdom of Burundi: Ntare I Rushatsi Cambarantama, Ntare II Kibogora, Ntare III Kivimira Semuganzashamba, Ntare IV Rutaganzwa Rugamba and Ntare V Ndizeye and american actor Ntare Mwine.
Ntwali m Rwandan
Means "hero" in Kinyarwanda. People with this name includes rapper Ntwali and the football midfielder Evode Ntwali.
Shumbusho f & m Rwandan, African
God's consolation. Used both as a family name or a first name.