Muslim Submitted Names

These names are used by Muslims.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Aakifah عَاكِفَة f Muslim
Feminine form of Akif.
Aanisah f Muslim (Rare)
Variant transcription of Anisa.
Aaniya عَانِيَة f English (Rare), Muslim
Variant of Aniya.
Adra أدرع f & m Arabic, Muslim
Meaning, "virgin."
Adyla عادلة f Muslim (Modern, Rare), Brazilian (Modern, Rare)
Variant transcription of Adila.
Aelan عِلان m Arabic, Muslim
Possibly a transcription of عِلان meaning "announcement, proclamation" in Arabic.
Afza افزا f & m Arabic, Muslim
Meaning, "augmenting, increase."
Ahlamalik m Muslim
Combination of Allah and Malik
Akeel عقيل m Muslim
Variant transcription of Aqil.
Akeela f Muslim
Variant of Aqila.
Almobassem المباسم m Arabic, Bengali (Muslim), Muslim
Means "starters" in Arabic.
Amamah f Arabic, Muslim
Amamah is a name originate from the Qua'ranic verse 33:72 referring to the trust God placed in mankind.
Amatullah أمة الله f Muslim
Feminine form of Abdullah.
Amyra f Muslim, Indian (Muslim)
Variant transcription of Arabic Amira 1.
Anjam m Muslim, Arabic
Meaning in Arabic is "star, Heavenly bodies"... [more]
Atiyya f Muslim (Rare)
Variant transcription of Atiya.
Azro m Muslim (Rare, ?)
Meaning unknown.
Badi'a f Muslim
Means "unique, admirable".
Badriyyah بدريّة f Muslim (Rare)
Apparently a strictly feminine form of Badr.
Basheera f Muslim (Rare)
Variant transcription of Bashira.
Bilquis f Muslim (Rare)
Variant transcription of Bilqis.
Dalilah f Muslim (Rare)
Variant transcription of Dalila.
Danisha f Muslim
Feminine form of Danish.
Dulquer دولكار m Arabic (Modern, Rare), Pakistani, Muslim, Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi, Telugu
It means "expressive" and "diplomatic". It is mentioned in Surat al-Kahf of the Qur'an. Its full name is Du al-Qarnayn. Also known as Alexander. So Indian Film actor Dulquer Salmaan says it means "warrior"
Erfa f Muslim (Rare)
A variant of Irfa.
Erum إرَم f Arabic, Persian, Muslim
Variant transcription of Iram
Eshal عشال f Muslim
Meaning, "flower in Heaven."
Fahar فرح فراه f Arabic, Muslim
This Muslim name means "joy and happiness".
Fahiza f Muslim
Used as an alias by Nancy Ling Perry of the Symbionese Liberation Army. Has been used by others, as well. A possible meaning is "precious grace".
Farrouk m Muslim (Rare)
Variant transcription of Farouk.
Fawziyyah فوزيّة f Muslim (Modern, Rare)
Variant transcription of Fawziyya.
Fayzullah فیض ‌الله m Muslim
Variant transcription of Faizullah.
Fazladin فَضْل الدين m Muslim
From Arabic فَضْل الدين (fadhl ud-din) meaning "Excellence of Faith".
Fiddah فضّة f Muslim (Modern, Rare)
Variant transcription of Fidda.
Ghaffar غفَّار m Arabic, Muslim
Derived from the Arabic roots root غ-ف-ر‎ (ḡ-f-r) meaning "to forgive, to excuse, to pardon". Al-Ghaffar is one of the 99 Names of Allah and means "the repeatedly forgiving; absolute forgiver; pardoner; condoner; He who is ready to pardon and forgive".
Haadi هاادي m Arabic, Muslim
Alternate spelling of Hadi.
Hammud حمود m Muslim (Rare), Arabic (Rare)
Rare variant of Hamoud.
Harran m Muslim
In Islamic tradition, this was associated with the name Aran 2, first mentioned in Genesis 11 as being the brother of Abram who became the patriarch Abraham... [more]
Hasana f Muslim (Rare)
Feminine form of Hasan.
Hashir هاشير m Arabic, Muslim
From 'Al-Haashir', meaning "the gatherer," which is one of the names for the Prophet.
Hassana حسنة f Muslim (Rare)
Feminine form of Hassan.
Hawra حَوْراء‎ f Arabic, Muslim
Means "having eyes with a marked contrast of black and white; gazelle-eyed" in Arabic. ... [more]
Imana f Muslim (Rare)
Possibly a variant of Imani or Iman.
Irfa f & m Muslim
Maybe a shortened form of Irfan.
Irha إِرْهَاء f Muslim
Variant of Irhaa
Irhaa إِرْهَاء f Muslim
From an Arabic word meaning "to make calm, to tranquilize".
Islama f Muslim (Rare)
Feminine form of Islam.
Jaamac m Somali, Muslim
Somali transcription of the Arabic word جامع (jāmaʿa) meaning "mosque". This name has the same roots ج-م-ع (j-m-ʿ) of the Islamic day of prayers, coinciding with "Friday".
Jabreel m Muslim
Islamic/Muslim... [more]
Jasli f Muslim (Rare)
Arabic the name means beautiful and strong, clever, artistic and quick witted. Independent one. Gods own
Jemila f Muslim (Rare), Judeo-Spanish, Jewish (?)
Rare variant transcription of Jamila.
Jihann الملا f Muslim (Rare)
Variant of Jihan.
Kadida f Muslim
Kadida is an Anglicized Muslim and African girl name.
Kafi f & m African, Muslim
means "sufficient" and "quiet"
Kamaliyyah كَمَالِيَّة f Arabic, Indian (Muslim), Muslim
Kanizah f Muslim
Means "Firm, young girl"
Keihana f Persian, Arabic, Urdu, Muslim
"Cosmos, world, universe" in Arabic.
Khail خائيل m Arabic, Muslim, Coptic
Diminutive of Mikha'il.
Madian مَدْيَن‎ m Muslim (Arabized, Rare)
Madian is a geographical place mentioned in the Torah and Quran. William G. Dever states that biblical Madian was in the "northwest Arabian Peninsula, on the east shore of the Gulf of Aqaba on the Red Sea", an area which he notes was "never extensively settled until the 8th–7th century B.C."
Magog m Biblical, Muslim
The name Magog is obscure, but may come from the Assyrian mat-Gugu, "Land of Gyges", i.e., Lydia. Alternatively, Gog may be derived from Magog rather than the other way round, and "Magog" may be code for Babylon.
Mahmuna ميمونة f Muslim
Means "wife of the Prophet Muhammad" or "auspicious, blessed, fortunate". This was the name of Maymunah bint al-Harith (born Barrah), a wife of Muhammad... [more]
Malkat ملكة f Northern African, Muslim
Possibly means "queen of the house", deriving from the Arabic element malaka ("queen"). Name borne by a prominent Sudanese author known for her realist novel The Wide Void.
Masara f Muslim
Possibly a variant of Maisarah.
Medeeha f Muslim (Rare)
Possibly an extremely rare variant transcription of Madiha.
Menaali f Muslim
This name is derived from the Arabic name Manal, which means “achievement” or “attainment”. It is also related to the name Minal, which means “precious stone” or “gift”... [more]
Miesha مَعيشة f Muslim
From Arabic مَعيشة (maʻīša), meaning "living, livelihood."
Minneh f Muslim
Variant of Minna.
Miras ميراس m Albanian (?), Arabic, Kazakh, Muslim, Turkish
Comes from the Turkish word 'Miras', meaning 'Legacy' or 'Inheritance'.
Mirvette ميرفت f Muslim (Rare), Arabic (Rare)
Variant of Mirvet.
Misba f & m Muslim
Variant of Misbah.
Mishall m & f Muslim (Rare)
Presumably a variant of Mishal.
Mochamet m Greek (Rare), Muslim
Greek (Islamic) form of Mohamed.
Modzna f Muslim
It is a muslim name or word that means "The greatest woman in the islam-arabic culture",... [more]
Moesa m Muslim (Dutchified)
Dutchified form of Musa.
Monaza f Muslim
Naad-e-Ali نادعلي m Pakistani, Muslim
Derived from the Arabic ناد (nād) meaning "call" and Ali 1, one of The 99 Names of Allah. Naad-e-Ali is a praise suggested by the angel Jibril to Prophet Muhammad in order to conquer a town.
Nadrah f Muslim (Rare)
Variant transcription of Nadra.
Nafisha f Muslim
Variant of Nafisa.
Nahel m Muslim
Variant of Nahil.
Nahime f Muslim
Variant of Naime, ultimately a form of Na'ima. It is also often used as a surname.
Niaj m & f Sanskrit, Muslim
Origin unknown. Possible meaning: „Knowledge, Leadership, Fairness“
Nowruz نوروز m & f Afghan, Turkmen (Rare), Muslim
Derived from Persian نوروز (nowruz) meaning "new day". This name refers to New Year in the Iranian and Zoroastrian calendar, celebrated on the spring equinox.
Nureen f Muslim (Rare)
Related to Nur, meaning "light".
Qaadir m Arabic, Muslim
Variant transcription of Qadir.
Qadira f Arabic, Muslim
Feminine form of Qadir.
Qahira f Muslim
Means "overpowering, victorious"
Quraisy m Indonesian, Muslim
Possibly derived from the Quraysh tribe. The Quraysh were a powerful merchant tribe that controlled Mecca and its Ka'aba and that according to tradition descended from Ishmael... [more]
Rafiullah m Muslim
Formed from the Arabic words رفیع (rafīʿ) "high, elevated, sublime" and الله (Allah) "god".
Rahila راحلة f Muslim
Means "traveler, departer," most likely stemming from Arabic رَحَلَ (raḥala), meaning "depart, emigrate."
Rahina f Muslim
Meaning "soft, lovely, merciful, beautiful" in English, Urdu, Hindi, and Bangla.
Raunaq m Indian, Muslim, Hindu
the name is a Hindu/Muslim name. it means "Beauty", "Grace", "Glamour" It can be used as a masculine noun. In Arabic it means (رونق) "Brilliant". Persian (راوناق) "smooth"
Razaan f Muslim
Rubbinah f Afghan, Muslim, Pashto
Variation of Rubina (Pashto, not Italian).
Rukan m & f Muslim
Muslim name meaning steady and confident.
Rukanu روكان m Muslim
Variant of Rukan.
Sabre الرباعي m African, Muslim, Northern African, Iranian, Arabic (Egyptian)
African, Islamic name for boys meaning patient, sharp and enduring.
Saby f Muslim
This name means “A lovely young lady”.
Sadiqullah m Muslim
Composed from the Arabic words صَادِق (ṣādiq) "true, truthful, veracious" and الله (Allah) "god".
Saffa f Muslim
A mountain mentioned in the Quran. Is now used as a name.
Sahira f Muslim (Rare)
Feminine form of Sahir, meaning "wakeful". Also used to mean "moon, moonlight" or "plain (as in a land without mountains or trees)".
Sammeer سمير m Muslim
Variant transcription of Samir 1.
Sammer m Muslim
Probably a variant of Samir 1. The spelling might be influenced by the German surname Sammer borne by two famous football players (Klaus and Matthias Sammer, father and son)
Saryah f English, Arabic, Muslim
Means "Princess of the Lord", or could be used as a variation of Sarah.
Selwa f Muslim
Means “solace”.
Seyana f Muslim
Feminine form of Seyan.
Shadman f & m Muslim
Means “happy”, “joyous”, or "jubilant".
Sheikh شيخ‎‎ m & f Muslim, Bengali (Muslim), Indian (Muslim)
From the Arabic title for the leader of a tribe, an elder man, or an Islamic scholar.
Sindar سندر m Muslim, Kazakh (Rare)
Meaning uncertain. It might possibly be derived from Arabic or Persian سندار (sindar), which refers to a kind of large stone.... [more]
Souleyman سليمان m Arabic (Maghrebi), Muslim (Gallicized)
Gallicized transliteration of سليمان (see Sulayman).
Suemaya سميّة f Arabic (Egyptian, Rare), Muslim (Modern, Rare)
Variant transcription of Sumayya.
Sunnah m & f Afghan, Muslim
Derived from Arabic سُنَّة‎ (sunna), meaning “habit, custom”. In Islam, sunnah are the traditions and practices of the Islamic prophet Muhammad that constitute a model for Muslims to follow.
Sura سورة‎ f Muslim, Berber
Means "highness of status, highness of rank, glory" in Arabic.
Talum تعلم m Muslim
Means "Be sympathetic".
Tayyaba طيبة f Muslim
“Pure, Chaste, Generous, Good-Natured”
Tira f Muslim (Rare), Arabic (Rare)
Feminine name related to Tirdad and Tir.
Umayma أُمَيْمة f Muslim (Rare), Medieval Arabic (Moorish)
Variant of Umama.
Umm Habiba أم حبيبة f Muslim (?)
Means "mother of Habiba" in Arabic. Notable bearer of the name is Umm Ḥabība Ramla bint Abī Sufyān, one of the wives of Muhammad.
Umm Salama أم سلمة f Muslim (?)
Means "mother of Salama" in Arabic. It is the kunya (a name derived from their first-born child) of Hind al-Makhzūmiyah.
Vajid واجد m Arabic, Muslim
Variant transcription of Wajid.
Wakqbaa واكسبا m Urdu, Muslim, Tajik, Arabic, Pakistani, Pashto
The name Wakqbaa or واكسبا in Arabic means "Wake"
Wiam ويام f & m Arabic (Maghrebi), Muslim
Means "harmony" in Arabic.
Zaaidh m Muslim, Arabic
The meaning of the name Zaaidh is "Abundance" or "Plentiful" or "Growing"
Zahraa زهراء f Arabic, Muslim
Possibly from Arabic زُهْرَة (zuhra) "brilliance, light, brightness" (see Zahra).
Zaiva f Muslim
Zaiva is Arabic/Muslim Girl name and meaning of this name is "Strong Mind".
Zaran m Persian, Muslim
Means "golden" in Persian.
Zarrin f Persian, Muslim
Feminine form of Zaran.
Zayaan f & m South African (Rare), Muslim (Rare)
Variant transcript of Zayyan.
Zayana زَيَّانَة f English (Rare), Muslim
A Quranic name meaning "adorned" or "adorner".
Zayyan زيان m & f Arabic (Rare), Nigerian (Rare), Muslim
From Arabic زَيْن (zayn) meaning "beautiful, handsome, nice" (see Zayn).
Zenni f Muslim, Judeo-Christian-Islamic Legend
Zenni is a Muslim Girl Name. Zenni name meaning is Imagen. It has multiple Islamic meaning.
Ziyada زِيَادة f Muslim
Means "increase" in Arabic.
Ziyah f English, Muslim (Rare)
Variant transcription of Ziya.
Ziyan زين m & f Muslim, English (Rare)
Variant of Zian.
Zuhan m Muslim
Meaning, "Splendour of the world."
Zyan زِيان m & f English (Rare), Muslim
Variant of Zian.