Ancient Hebrew Submitted Names

These names were used by the ancient Israelites. See also about Ancient Hebrew names.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
ABRIYAH f Ancient Hebrew (Rare)
Means "one who loves God".
AHAZIAH אֲחַזְיָהוּ m Ancient Hebrew
Meaning "holds fast" or "held by God" depending on translation.
ALUE שךוק m Ancient Hebrew
Alue is the Hebrew for Adored and has been given usually to the fairest male in the family origins for this name predate the bible and has been carried by word of mouth as a pet name.
AMMAN m Ancient Hebrew
The given name of the second son of Lot, (The Veil), by his younger daughter meaning "Son of my Race" or "Son of my People. The father of the Ammanites, (AKA Ammonites). ... [more]
AMMIHUD אממיחוד m Ancient Hebrew
The father of ELISHAMA in Numbers 7.
ARBA m Ancient Hebrew (Archaic)
Means "four" in Hebrew.
ARIYAH עֲריָּה עריה f Ancient Hebrew
Feminine form of ARI (1).
AVIHUD m Ancient Hebrew
Meaning "My Father is glorious" in reference to God.
AZAREEL m Ancient Hebrew
Means "God helps" in Hebrew.
BATHSUA f Ancient Hebrew
Means "daughter of abundance".... [more]
CHUSHAN רִשְׁעָתַיִם m & f Ancient Hebrew
Meaning "Kushite."
EDIYN f Ancient Hebrew
Hebrew variant of EDEN
ELISAV m & f Ancient Hebrew
Very old and rare Hebrew form of ELIZABETH. ELISHEVA is a more modern form of the same name and usually used for females.
ELPALET m Ancient Hebrew
Means "God delivers" in Hebrew.
EMET m & f Ancient Hebrew, English
Means "truth" in Hebrew.
EPHRON m Ancient Hebrew
Means "small deer" in Hebrew.
GERAR m & f Ancient Hebrew
Also Gerara, (LXX). Name of the land in which Abimelech dwelt. Genesis 20:2.
HARIM חָרִם m Ancient Hebrew
Meaning "with pierced nose." May also mean "destroyed" or "dedicated to God" depending on your source.
HOSA m Ancient Hebrew
Meaning, "as many" or "all."
HOSHAMA m Ancient Hebrew
Meaning "God hears."
JAHDIEL m Ancient Hebrew
Means "God gladdens" in Hebrew.
JANAI m Ancient Hebrew
Meaning "God answers."
JASIEL יַעֲשִׂיאֵל m & f Biblical Hebrew, Ancient Hebrew
A biblical name meaning "whom God made" (asah to make or do + 'el God). Jaasiel was a warrior mentioned in 1 Chronicles 11:47 among the "valiant men of the armies" (1 Chronicles 11:26) under David. Also said to be a "hero of David" (Brown-Driver-Briggs)... [more]
JEHALEEL m Ancient Hebrew
Meaning "God is praised."
JEHDEIAH m Ancient Hebrew
Meaning "God gladdens."
JEHOAHAZ יְהוֹאָחָז m Ancient Hebrew
Meaning "God holds fast." Diminutive is AHAZ.
JOEZER m Ancient Hebrew
Meaning "Yahweh is help."
MAMRE מַמְרֵא m Ancient Hebrew
The name of an Amorite ally of Abraham, owner of some famous great trees at or near Hebron.
MONTIERTH הר בשן, מגדלנה f & m Ancient Hebrew
Montierth means "Great and well-rooted is the mountain which instructs the light", it also means the "light will flow from the mountain like a spring". It is a corrupted variant to refer to the mountain used by Moses in his interactions with God... [more]
NAHASH נָחָשׁ m & f Jewish, Ancient Hebrew
Means "snake" in Hebrew, from the vocabulary noun נָחָשׁ (nachash or nāḥāš).... [more]
NEHORAI נהוראי m & f Hebrew, Ancient Hebrew
From the Aramaic root nehora, meaning "light". Rabbi Nehorai was the name of one of the Tannaim.
NETANYA נְתַנְיָה f Ancient Hebrew (Anglicized, Modern)
Feminine form of NETANYAHU.
ONAN m Ancient Hebrew
Power, Strength, Hebrew origin.
QESHET קֶשֶׁת f & m Ancient Hebrew
Ancient Hebrew transcription of KESHET.
RADAH m & f Ancient Hebrew
to rule, have dominion, dominate, tread down... [more]
RAUSHANNA f Ancient Hebrew
Meaning "Splendid One."
RAZILI f Ancient Hebrew
Ancient Hebrew name meaning "the Lord's secret."
SALAMPSIO f Ancient Hebrew (Hellenized)
Hellenized form of the Hebrew name Shalom-zion "peace of ZION". The name "Shalom Zion" was used by the Judean royal family in the Roman period and is variously modified in rabbinical literature... [more]
SARA'EL שָׂרָאֵל f Ancient Hebrew (Rare)
Sara'el is a female given name meaning, "Princess of God" in Hebrew.
SHAPHAT שָׁפָט m Ancient Hebrew
Means "God judges" in Hebrew.
SHELOMITH f Ancient Hebrew, Biblical Hebrew
In the Bible she was a daughter of DIBRI of the house of Dan.
SHELUMIEL שלומיאֵל, שְׁלֻמִיאֵל m Ancient Hebrew, Hebrew (Archaic)
Numbers 1:6 mentions that Shelumiel is the son of Zurishaddai the Simeonite. It means "Peace of God" in Hebrew, derived from Hebrew word, שָׁלוֹם (shalom) "peace, welfare, wholeness" combined with the word אֵל (El), which means "God".
SHEMAI m Ancient Hebrew
Means "hear" or "listen", from the Hebrew shema. See SHEMAIAH.
SHIIA שַׁאֶהָ m Ancient Hebrew
Derivative Of JOSHUA.
TAVI טבי m & f Ancient Hebrew
Means "good" in Hebrew.
YONOTON יונתן m Ancient Hebrew
Contracted form of YEHONATAN.
ZACHRIEL m Ancient Hebrew (Rare)
The Angel of Memory in all three of the main Abrahamic faiths.
ZELAN m Ancient Hebrew
It means 'spiritually'.