Ancient Aramaic Submitted Names

These names were used by Aramaic speakers of the ancient Near East.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Abba m Ancient Aramaic, Hebrew, Jewish
Derived from Aramaic אבא (’abā’) meaning "father", which is ultimately derived from Proto-Semitic ʾab meaning "father".
Abdes m Ancient Aramaic (Latinized)
The name is formed with the word Abd "servant (of)" and Es which is less clear. It may refer to Yah, the Judeo-Christian God, making the name a variant of Abdias, or to the Egyptian goddess Isis.... [more]
Abgar ܒܓܪ m Ancient Aramaic
Abgar was the name of several kings of Edessa (today: Şanlıurfa, Turkey).... [more]
Acar עָכָר m Ancient Aramaic
One who troubles.
Addai ܐܕܝ m Ancient Aramaic, Assyrian
Aramaic form of Thaddeus.
Ahiqar m Ancient Aramaic
From the Aramaic name hyqr meaning "My brother is precious". ... [more]
Aqiba עקיבא m Ancient Aramaic
Aramaic form of Jacob.
Avira m Ancient Aramaic (Rare, ?)
This name is listed in Kolatch's Complete Dictionary of English and Hebrew Names (1984), where it is given an Aramaic origin, meaning "air, atmosphere, spirit." It was the name of a Babylonian Talmudic scholar.
Babatha f Ancient Aramaic
Babatha is the name of a Jewish woman who owned land near Petra (modern Jordan) and En-Gedi (modern Israel) in the 2nd century AD. Because her personal documents were preserved, much of her personal life is known today.
Barabbas m Ancient Aramaic (Hellenized), Biblical
Hellenized form of bar-Abbâ, which means "son of Abba" in Aramaic, derived from Aramaic bar meaning "son" combined with the Aramaic given name Abba... [more]
Barsoum m Ancient Aramaic
Transferred use of the surname Barsoum. St. Barsoum El Erian was a Coptic saint in the thirteenth century.
Bat-zabbai f Ancient Aramaic
Means "daughter of Zabbai" in Aramaic. This was the native Palmyrene name of Septimia Zenobia (see Zenobia).
Boanerges m Ancient Aramaic
The name that Jesus gave to James and John in the book of Mark, meaning the "sons of thunder".
Bruria בְּרוּרְיָה f Hebrew, Ancient Aramaic (?)
Allegedly means "pure" in Aramaic. This was the name of a 2nd-century female scholar; she was the wife of Rabbi Meir, one of Rabbi Akiva's disciples. It was also borne by Israeli theoretical physicist Bruria Kaufman (1918-2010).
Eashoa m Ancient Aramaic
Ancient Aramaic form of Latin/Greek " Jesus ", Hebrew " Yeshua " & Arabic " Isa ". Presently thought as Jesus's given name in his perceived native language.
Ghiwarghis ܓܝܘܪܓܝܣ m Ancient Aramaic
Aramaic form of Georgios (see George). It is given among Eastern Christians to honouring Saint George.
Idra f Ancient Aramaic
Means "fig tree" in Aramaic.
Ieshua m Ancient Aramaic
"God is protection"
Kepha כיפא m Ancient Aramaic
From the Aramaic word כיפא kepha meaning "rock, stone" (see Cephas).
Maccabee m Ancient Aramaic (Anglicized), Mormon
The name of an ancient Jewish warrior, Judah Maccabee, meaning "the hammer". ... [more]
Marqos m Ancient Aramaic
Aramaic form of Mark.
Nisroch m Biblical Hebrew, Greek Mythology, Ancient Aramaic
Nisroch is the Assyrian god of agriculture, in whose temple king Sennacherib was worshipping when he was assassinated by his own sons in revenge for the destruction of Babylon. (2 Kings 19:37; Isa. 37:38)... [more]
Nohra m Ancient Aramaic
Means "light" in Aramaic. This was the name of a Maronite saint.
Qardagh m Ancient Aramaic
Meaning and origin unknown. He is a 4th saint venerated in Chaldean Catholic Church, Assyrian Church of the East, Syro-Malabar Church. Mar Qardagh (Mar means "lord" and it's like "holy"a honorific title) was a Sassanid prince who was martyred for converting to Christianity... [more]
Quriaqos m Ancient Aramaic
Aramaic and Assyrian form of Quiricus.
Sahdona ܣܗܕܘܢܐ m Ancient Aramaic
Means "little martyr" in Aramaic.
Samyaza m Ancient Aramaic, Biblical Greek, Jewish Legend
This is the name of a fallen angel in the Book of Enoch who is portrayed as the leader of a band of angels called the Watchers that lust after mortal women and become fallen angels.
She'ila שאילא m Ancient Aramaic
Aramaic form of Silas.
Thaddai m Ancient Aramaic
Aramaic form of Thaddeus.
Xiamara f Ancient Aramaic
Means "joyful deer" in Aramaic.
Yachouh m & f Ancient Aramaic, Arabic
Aramaic form of Jesus.
Yohanan m Ancient Aramaic
Aramaic forn of Yochanan.
Yolitha ܝܘܠܝܛܐ‎ f Ancient Aramaic
Aramaic and Assyrian form of Julitta.