Assyrian Submitted Names

Assyrian names are used by the Assyrian and Chaldean people who originate in Iraq, Syria, and Turkey.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Addai ܐܕܝ m Ancient Aramaic, Assyrian
Aramaic form of Thaddeus.
Amirta ܐܡܝ݂ܪܬܐ f Assyrian
Means "princess" in Assyrian.
Amirto ܐܰܡܺܝܪܬܳܐ f Assyrian
Means "princess" in Assyrian.
Ator f Assyrian
Ayana ܐܵܝܵܢܵܐ f Assyrian
Ayana means "helper" in Aramaic; it was also the name of the temple ruled by the Assyrian sky god Anu.
Batishwa f Assyrian
Assyrian form of Bathsheba.
Betheil m & f Assyrian
An Assyrian given name meaning “beta d alaha’ or “house of God” in English, it is an Aramaic form of the name Bethel.
Bilgamish m Assyrian (Rare)
Modern Assyrian form of Gilgamesh.
Bredil f Assyrian
in ancient assyrian mythilogy this was the name of daughter of god of gods "il". Assyrian may refer to: Anything from Assyria, an ancient empire in Mesopotamia.
Brula f Assyrian
Means "pearl" in Assyrian.
Daweska m Assyrian, Jewish
Diminutive of Dawis.
Dawis m Assyrian, Jewish
Lishana Deni form of David.
Diklat f & m Assyrian
Assyrian translation for "Tigris river" which flows through Iraq.
Dwura f Assyrian
Assyrian form of Deborah. It also means "bee" in Assyrian.
Febo m Assyrian
From Lebanese Mountain tribal areas
Ganni m Assyrian (Rare)
Name honors Chaldean martyr, Father Ragheed Ganni from Iraq. Soon to be a Catholic saint.... [more]
Gewargis ܓܝܘܪܓܝܣ m Assyrian
Syriac form of George.
Hedo f & m Assyrian
Means "adornment" in Assyrian.
Il-shvai ܐܠܝܫܒܥ, ܐܠܝܫܒܚ f Assyrian
Aramaic form of Elizabeth.
Imama f Assyrian
From the Aramaic איממא (imama), meaning "daytime".
Istir f Quechua, Assyrian
Quechua and Assyrian form of Esther.
Kasrin ܟܐܣܪܝܢ f Assyrian
Syriac form of Catherine.
Khawa f Assyrian
Assyrian form of Eve.
Khoshaba m Assyrian
Means "Sunday" in Assyrian.
Malko m Assyrian
Means "king" in Assyrian.
Narsai ܢܪܣܝ m Assyrian
Assyrian or Syriac form of Narseh. This name was borne by a notable Syriac poet-theologian from the 5th century AD.
Ninwa f Assyrian
From the modern Assyrian form of the name of the ancient Assyrian capital city of Nineveh.
Nohara ܢܘܗܪܐ f Assyrian
Means "illumination, enlightenment" in Syriac.
Nona ܢܥܢܐ m & f Assyrian
Nona (Syriac: ܢܥܢܐ) is an Assyrian unisex first & last name meaning "dove". The name derives from the Hebrew and Aramaic word "Yona", also meaning "dove".
Qeshta f Assyrian
From the Aramaic word for rainbow, it is used as a female name among the Assyrian diaspora
Qōsṭrōs ܩܘܣܛܪܘܣ m Assyrian
Classical Syriac alternative form of Castor, via the Greek form Κάστωρ (Kástōr). It is also an alternative vocabulary word for "beaver", the more usual word being ܩܣܛܘܪ or ܩܐܣܛܘܪ‎ (both transliterated as qasṭor; cf... [more]
Rameel m Assyrian
The name Rameel means 'Mercy Of God' or in The Ancient Assyrian it means 'God is in a high place'. This name tends to be used by Assyrians and is a Christian Catholic name.
Shalita ܫܲܠܝܼܛܬܵܐ f Assyrian
Means "princess"
Shamiram f Assyrian, Armenian
Assyrian and Armenian form of Semiramis.
Shayna f Assyrian
The Assyrian word for peace, it has been used as a female among the Assyrian diaspora
Shayno m Assyrian
From the Assyrian word for peace, it is occasionally used as a given name among the Assyrian Diaspora
Shirat f Assyrian, Arabic
Means "Song" in Assyrian
Touma m Arabic, Assyrian
Arabic and Assyrian form of Thomas. In the Arab world it is primarily used by Christians.
Ukba m Assyrian
Aramaic form of Jacob.
Yohanan ܝܘܚܢܢ m Ancient Aramaic, Assyrian, Indian (Christian), Malayalam
Syriac, Aramaic and Malayalam form of John.
Yohannan ܝܘܚܢܢ m Assyrian, Indian (Christian)
Syriac form of John. This was the name of several patriarchs of the Church of the East.
Yonan ܝܘܚܢܢ m Assyrian, Indian (Christian), Malayalam
Syriac form of John, used by Malayalam-speaking Saint Thomas Christians in the Indian state of Kerala.
Yosip m Assyrian
Eastern Aramaic and Assyrian Christian form of Joseph.