Gender Masculine
Scripts עֵשָׂו(Ancient Hebrew) Ἠσαῦ(Ancient Greek)
Pronounced Pron. EE-saw(English)  [key·IPA]

Meaning & History

From the Hebrew name עֵשָׂו ('Esaw), which possibly meant "hairy". In the Old Testament Esau is the elder of the twin sons of Isaac and Rebecca. Once when he was very hungry he sold his birthright to his twin Jacob for a bowl of stew. Later Jacob disguised himself as Esau and received the elder son's blessing from the blind Isaac. Esau, also called Edom, was the ancestor of the Edomites.

Related Names

Other Languages & Cultures'Esaw(Biblical Hebrew)
User SubmissionsÉsaü, Esaú, Esaù


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classic   mature   natural   strong   rough   strange   serious  


Entry updated May 29, 2020