Louisiana Creole Submitted Names

Louisiana Creole names are used in the southern United States by the Louisiana Creole people.
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Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
ARMANTINEfFrench (Rare), French (Cajun, Rare), Louisiana Creole (Rare, Archaic)
Rare variant of French Armandine historically found in the Poitou-Charentes region.
AZALÉEfFrench, American, Louisiana Creole, French (Quebec)
French form of AZALEA. See also AZÉLIE; as a French given name, the form Azélie appears to be more common (in French-Canadian, Louisiana Creole French regions).... [more]
CARMELITEfLouisiana Creole
Most likely a diminuitive of Carmel, possibly influenced by Spanish Carmelita.
CASTILLEf & mFrench (Rare), Louisiana Creole, English
Transferred use of the surname Castille.
COLASTIEfLouisiana Creole
Possibly a feminine form of Colas.
COMEAUXmLouisiana Creole, French (Acadian)
Transferred use of the surname Comeaux.
CORAIDEfLouisiana Creole
19th-century elaboration of Cora with the then-popular feminine name suffix -ide.
CYRIAQUEm & fFrench, Louisiana Creole
French form of Cyriacus or sometimes Cyriaca, depending on the sex of the bearer.
DAGOBERTmAncient Germanic, Dutch, German, History, Louisiana Creole
Means "bright day", derived from the Germanic element daga "day" combined with Old High German beraht "bright." Dagobert I was a 7th-century Merovingian king of Austrasia, the Franks, Neustria and Burgundy.
DEBRUNmLouisiana Creole
Meaning, "of brown."
DORALISEfFrench (Cajun), American (South), Louisiana Creole, French (Acadian)
Possibly a variant of Doralice, or an 18th- and 19th-century elaboration of Dora using the then-popular name suffix lise.
DORSILLEfLouisiana Creole
Possibly a Creole variant of French Drusille.
DUPLESSISmLouisiana Creole
Transferred use of the surname Duplessis.
ECLAIREfLouisiana Creole (Rare), Filipino (Rare)
Either an elaboration of Claire or a borrowing of French éclairé "illuminated".
EDESIEfLouisiana Creole
Possibly a form of Edessa.
ÉMELISEfLouisiana Creole
18th and 19th-century elaboration of Émelia and Émelie with the then-popular feminine name suffix -lise.
EMETILDAfLouisiana Creole
Creole variant of Matilda. Compare Acadian Métilde.
ÉPIPHANIEfFrench, Louisiana Creole
Variation of Epiphany or French feminine form of Epiphanios. It coincides with French épiphanie meaning "realisation, epiphany" and the French form of the Western Christian holiday known as Epiphany in Anglophone countries.
ETIENNAfLouisiana Creole (Rare, ?)
Possibly an Louisiana Creole feminine form of the French masculine Étienne.
EUDOLIEfLouisiana Creole
Likely a Creole variant of Odelia or a feminine form of Eudes via its older form Eudo and the feminine variant Eudeline.
EZORAfLouisiana Creole
Possibly a variant of Isora.
FANCHONfFrench, Louisiana Creole
Diminutive of Françoise. Borne by two mistresses of Louis, the Great Dauphin: Françoise 'Fanchon' Pitel (1662–1721), actress; and Françoise 'Fanchon' Moreau (1668-after 1743), operatic soprano... [more]
FLORESTINEfFrench (Rare), Louisiana Creole
French feminine form of Florestan. This was borne by Princess Florestine of Monaco (1833-1897), daughter of the Monegasque prince Florestan I.
FLORIDAfItalian, English, Louisiana Creole
When referring to the naming of the state, the meaning is "Flowery (Easter)" (to distinguish it from Christmastide which was also called Pascua), in honor of its discovery by the Spanish during the Easter season... [more]
FORETmLouisiana Creole
Transferred use of the surname Foret.
GAUDETmLouisiana Creole
French, from the Germanic personal name Waldo (from waldan ‘to govern’).
GUIDRYmFrench (Cajun), Louisiana Creole
Transferred use of the surname Guidry. From a personal name based on the Germanic root waido ‘hunt’. The name is particularly associated with Cajuns in Louisiana, USA, who seem all to be descended from Claude Guédry dit Grivois, who arrived in Acadia before 1671.... [more]
GUILLIOTmLouisiana Creole
Transferred use of the surname Guilliot.
IDÉAfLouisiana Creole
Likely an elaboration of French Ide and Ida.
IZORAfEnglish, Louisiana Creole
Possibly a variant form of Isora.
LEBRUNmLouisiana Creole
Meaning, "the brown."
LESTANmFrench (Rare, Archaic), Louisiana Creole (Rare)
Shortened form of a Norman personal name, either Leodstan or Leofstan. The involved name elements are LEOD "people", LEOF "love", and STAN "stone".
LÉZINmFrench (Archaic), French (Cajun), American (South), Louisiana Creole, History
This name was/is usually given in honor of Saint Lézin, a 6th-century bishop of Angers, France.... [more]
LODOÏSKAfTheatre, French (Rare), Louisiana Creole
Lodoïska is a French opéra comique (1791) by Luigi Cherubini. It was inspired by an episode from Jean-Baptiste Louvet de Couvrai’s novel Les amours du chevalier de Faublas and is considered one of the first Romantic operas.
LOUISIANAfLouisiana Creole (Rare), English (Rare)
Derived from the name of the state which was based on the French masculine name Louis.
MARCÉLITEfLouisiana Creole
Likely a diminutive of Marcelle and/or a Creole variant of Marcellette.
MÉLITTEfLouisiana Creole
Most likely a Creole form of Melitta, this was also used as a diminutive and pet form of Émelia, Émelise and similar names.
MOLAISONmLouisiana Creole
Transferred use of the surname Molaison.
NASTASIEfFrench (Archaic), Louisiana Creole (Archaic), Literature
Vernacular truncated form of Anastasie (compare Nastasia) found in the Poitou-Charentes region of France, this name also made its way to Louisiana. ... [more]
OZILEfLouisiana Creole
Creole variant of Ozille and possibly related to Ozella.
OZITTEfLouisiana Creole
Most likely a Creole form of Osithe.
PHYLICIAfLouisiana Creole, African American
Blend of Phyllis and Felicia. Famous bearer is Phylicia Rashad, actress.
RIVETmLouisiana Creole
Transferred use of the surname Rivet.
ROBICHAUXmLouisiana Creole
Transferred use of the surname Robichaux, which in itself is an altered spelling of Robichon or Roubichou, pet forms of Robert.
ROSAMIEfEnglish (Rare), Filipino, Louisiana Creole (Rare, Archaic), French (Acadian, Rare, Archaic)
Perhaps a diminutive of Rosamund (compare Annemie, Rosemay), though it is claimed to be a combination of Rose with French amie "friend".
SAMANIEf & mLouisiana Creole (Rare)
Most likely a transferred use of the surname Samanie which seems to originate in Houma, Louisiana.
SANITÉfHaitian Creole, Louisiana Creole
Means "health, sanity" in French, ultimately from Latin sanus (via sanitas). This was the nickname of the Haitian revolutionary Suzanne Bélair (1781-1805). It was also borne by the first Voodoo Queen in New Orleans, Sanité Dédé, who was born a slave in Haiti.
SEPTIMEm & fLouisiana Creole, French (Archaic)
French form of SEPTIMUS and SEPTIMIUS, as well as the French feminine form of SEPTIMA.... [more]
SHAILENEfEnglish, Louisiana Creole
Combination of SHAY and the popular suffix lene (see LENE)... [more]
SILÉSIEfLouisiana Creole
Most likely a variant of Célésie. ... [more]
SYMONEfAfrican American, Louisiana Creole
Variant of Simone. A famous bearer is actress Raven-Symone.
THÉOGÈNEmFrench (Archaic), Louisiana Creole
French form of the Greek name Θεαγένης (Theagenes) which means "birth of god", derived from θεος (theos) "god" and γένης (genos) "birth, origin".
THEOSIAfLouisiana Creole
Most likely a contracted form of Theodosia.
THEOTISmFrench (Cajun), Louisiana Creole, American (South)
Apparently created as a strictly masculine form of Théotiste.
THÉOTISTEfLouisiana Creole, French (Rare, Archaic)
While apparently originally a unisex name, Théotiste seems to have been used predominantly on females since at least the early 1800s.... [more]
THIBODEAUXmLouisiana Creole
Transferred use of the surname Thibodeaux.
ZÉOLIDEfFrench (Acadian), Louisiana Creole
Likely an 18th and 19th-century elaboration of the (very) rare feminine name Zéolie with the then-popular feminine name suffix -ide.