Gender Feminine & Masculine
Scripts כַּרְמֶל(Hebrew)
Pronounced Pron. /ˈkɑɹ.məl/(English) /ˈkæɹ.məl/(English)  [key·simplify]

Meaning & History

From the title of the Virgin Mary Our Lady of Mount Carmel. כַּרְמֶל (Karmel) (meaning "garden" in Hebrew) is a mountain in Israel mentioned in the Old Testament. It was the site of several early Christian monasteries. As an English given name, it has mainly been used by Catholics. As a Jewish name it is unisex.

Related Names

Other Languages & CulturesCarme(Catalan) Karmela, Karmen(Croatian) Karmen(Estonian) Carmen(French) Carme, Carmela(Galician) Carmen(German) Carmela, Carmelo, Carmen, Carmina, Carmine(Italian) Carmo, Carminho(Portuguese) Carmen(Romanian) Karmen(Slovene) Carmela, Carmelo, Carmelita, Carmen, Carmina(Spanish)


People think this name is

classic   upper class   natural   wholesome   refined   strange  


Entry updated April 23, 2024