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Bato 1
Gender Masculine

Meaning & History

Bato the Daesitiate (also known as Bato of the Daesitiates) was a chieftain of the Daesitiates, an Illyrian tribe which fought against the Roman Empire between 6 and 9 AD in a conflict known as Bellum Batonianum.
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Bato 2

Bato 3
Gender Masculine

Meaning & History

From Cebuano bato meaning "a rock, pebble, stone or boulder; a gemstone".
Added 11/19/2020 by Lumi
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Bato 4
Gender Masculine
Scripts ბათო(Georgian)

Meaning & History

Short form of Bartlome (rare), Batlome (rare), Batur (archaic) and Batura (rare).

This name can also be the Georgian form of the Mongolian name Batu, for the Mongol leader Batu Khan (13th century) is known as Bato-Qaeni in Georgian.
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Bato 5
not set
Gender Masculine
Usage Buryat
Scripts Бата(Buryat Cyrillic) Бато(Russian)

Meaning & History

Derived from Mongolian бат (batu) meaning "strong, firm".
Added 11/23/2023 by anonymous