Jewish Submitted Names

These names are used by Jews. For more specific lists, see Hebrew names and Yiddish names. See also about Jewish names.
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Gitit גיתית f Hebrew
The word Gitit has several meanings-... [more]
Gitla f Yiddish
Variation of Gitel.
Gitshe f Jewish, Yiddish
Diminutive of Gittel.
Giuteni m Judeo-Italian
Possibly a form of Ioctan (see Yoqtan) or a surname inspired on it. ... [more]
Glike f Yiddish
Variant of Glika.
Glück f Medieval Jewish, Yiddish (Archaic)
Variant of Glika. The name coincides with the German word Glück "good luck; bliss, happiness". It was recorded in medieval Frankfurt, Germany.
Gnendel גנענדל f Yiddish
Diminutive of Gneshe.
Gneshe גנעשע f Yiddish
Derived from Polish Agnieszka.
Godolias m Hebrew (Hellenized), Biblical Greek
Greek form of Gedaliah, as it first appeared in the Septuagint.
Golan גולן m Hebrew
From the name of the Golan Heights, a region (currently) in the north of Israel. Originally used as a place name in the Bible.... [more]
Golde גאָלדע f Yiddish, Judeo-French
Variant of Golda.
Goldina f Yiddish
Variant of Golda.
Goldy f Yiddish
Diminutive of Golda.
Gome גומא m & f Hebrew (Rare)
Means "papyrus" in Hebrew.
Gonen m Hebrew
Means "defender" in Hebrew.
Goni גוני m & f Hebrew
Possibly taken from the word gavan (גוון) which means "tone" or "shade (of a color)" in Hebrew.
Gotholia f Hebrew (Hellenized), Biblical Greek
Greek form of Athaliah, as it first appeared in the Septuagint.
Gotholias m Hebrew (Hellenized), Biblical Greek
Greek form of Athaliah, as it first appeared in the Septuagint.
Gothoniel m Hebrew (Hellenized), Biblical Greek
Greek form of Othniel, as it first appeared in the Septuagint.
Goyo f Judeo-Catalan (Archaic), Medieval Jewish
Derived from Catalan goig "joy".
Graziosa f Judeo-Italian, Corsican
Derived from Italian graziosa, the feminine form of the adjective grazioso, "gracious; pretty".
Grunnah f Yiddish
Derived from German grün meaning "green".
Gudela f Medieval Jewish, Yiddish (Archaic)
Variant of Guthela. It was recorded in Frankfurt, Germany in the 1300s.
Gumbrecht m German (Rare, Archaic), Jewish (Archaic)
A dithematic name formed from the Germanic name elements gunda "war" and beraht "bright".... [more]
Gur גור m Hebrew (Rare)
Means "cub" or "puppy" in Hebrew.
Gurit גורית f Hebrew
Etymology uncertain, possibly a Hebrew form of Gert.
Gute f Yiddish, Medieval Jewish
Derived from German gut "good".
Gutheil f Yiddish (Archaic), Medieval Jewish
Medieval Yiddish diminutive of Gute.
Gutle f Yiddish (Archaic)
Diminutive of Gute. A notable bearer was Gutle Schnapper Rothschild (1753-1849), the wife of Mayer Amschel Rothschild and ancestress of the Rothschild family.
Gutlin f Medieval Jewish, Yiddish (Archaic)
Diminutive of Gute and Guta, recorded in Frankfurt, Germany throughout the 14th century.
Gutta f Yiddish
Variant of Guta.
Gvira גְּבִירָה f Hebrew (Rare)
Modern Hebrew name meaning "lady, mistress" (identical to the biblical title גְּבִירָה (gebirah), which suggested female royal power, and ultimately relates to the first element in Gabriel).
Hadara הֲדָרָה f Hebrew
Variant of Hadar.
Hadarezer m Jewish
Means "Splendid aid"
Hadarya הדריה f Hebrew (Rare)
Hadass f Yiddish
Variant of Hadassah, used in the 1983 film, 'Yentl'.
Hadasse f Yiddish (?), Jewish
German variant of Hadassah.
Hai חי m Hebrew
Means "alive" or "living" in Hebrew.
Halel הַלֵל f & m Hebrew (Modern, Rare)
Variant of Hillel.
Haleli הַלְלִי f Hebrew
Literally "praise me." A variant of Hallel.
Hana'le חנהלה f Jewish (Rare)
Dimmunative form of Hana or any version of the name Hannah.
Hananeel חושיאל m Hebrew
Means "God graciously gave" in Hebrew.
Hananel m Hebrew
Hebrew. This is a traditional, though seldom-used, Jewish name. It means "God is gracious". Ultimately, it derives from the same Hebrew root as John and Anne.
Hani חני f Hebrew (Modern)
Hebrew modern diminutive of Channah or Hannah.
Hania f Judeo-Spanish
Judeo-Spanish variant of both Haniyya and Hannah.
Harela f Hebrew
Feminine form of Harel.
Haviva f Hebrew, Spanish
Spanish variant of Aviva.
Hawwah f Hebrew, Arabic
Name of Eve in Judaism and Islam.
Haya חיה f Hebrew
Alternate transcription of Chaya.
Haym m Hebrew, Yiddish
Variant of Chayyim.
Hebzeba f Hebrew (Arabized, Rare)
(my) (light) (is) (in) (her) (Hebrew) (Israel)
Hedi הדי m & f Hebrew (Modern, Rare)
Means "my echo" in Hebrew.
Hefzibah f Hebrew
Modern variant of Hephzibah
Heichal היכל f & m Hebrew (Modern, Rare)
Means "hall", "shrine" or "temple" in Hebrew, it's quite rare name in Israel.
Heimann m German (Rare), Jewish (Rare)
Variant spelling of Heymann. Known bearers of this name include the German Jewish bibliographer Hayyim "Heimann" Michael (1792-1846) and the Prussian-born Romanian Jewish linguist Heimann Hariton Tiktin (1850-1936).
Heinemann m German (Archaic), Jewish (Archaic)
Probably a variant of Heymann. A known bearer of this name was the German rabbi Heinemann Vogelstein (1841-1911).
Hen חן f & m Hebrew (Modern), Biblical Hebrew
Variant of Chen 2.
Henach m Yiddish
Yiddish form of Enoch.
Henchy f Yiddish
Diminutive of Hannah.
Hendla f Yiddish
Variant of Hendel.
Hentshe f Jewish, Yiddish
Diminutive of Henda.
Herschell m Yiddish
German Yiddish variant of Hershel.
Hersz m Yiddish, Jewish
(Polish?) Yiddish variant of Hersh.
Herszek m Yiddish (Polonized)
Polish influenced name, see Hersz.
Herszka m Yiddish (Polonized)
Polish influenced name, see Hersz.
Heruth f Hebrew
Variant of Herut.
Herz m Yiddish
This name was apparently used as a secular form of Naphtali.
Herzl הֵרצְל, הערצל m Hebrew (Rare), Yiddish (Rare)
Herzl is originally a Yiddish given name. Currently it is both given and surname for both Hebrew-speaking and Yiddish-speaking Jews. The most famous Herzl is Benyamin Ze'ev "Theodor" Herzl, a Hungarian journalist who founded Modern Zionism.
Hessa f Jewish, Yiddish
Diminutive of Hentshe.
Hessy f Yiddish
Hessy Levinsons was presented as the most beautiful Aryan baby in the journal 'Sonne ins Haus' in 1935. She and her family were able to escape to Cuba and settled in the USA after 1948.
Heyim m Hebrew
Alternative of Hayim
Heymann m German (Rare), Jewish (Rare)
German Jewish form of Chayyim (see Chayim). This name could also be the German form of Hagiman in some cases; for this, compare the medieval Dutch name Heyman.... [more]
Heynekh העניך m Yiddish
Yiddish form of Enoch.
Hezi חזי m Hebrew (Modern)
Diminutive of Yechezkel.
Hilah הילח f Hebrew
"Aura" "glow"
Hili הילי, היאלי, היא-לי f Hebrew (Modern)
Means "she is mine" in Hebrew, from the word Hi (pronuced "hee") means "she" and the name Li 2 means "my.." / "mine" , it's sometimes used as a diminutive of Hila
Hilit הִלִּית, הילית f Hebrew
Diminutive or variant of Hila.
Hillela f Hebrew
Feminine form of Hillel.
Hind הינד m Yiddish
Hinda f Yiddish, Jewish
Means "deer" in Yiddish, related to the English word "hind". A common nickname is Hindy or Hindie.
Hindy f Yiddish
Diminutive of Hinda.
Hirsch m Yiddish
German-Yiddish variant of Hersh, which was originally used to translate Tzvi.... [more]
Hiskia m Jewish (Rare, Archaic)
German transcription of Hizkiah.
Hod הוד f & m Hebrew (Modern, Rare)
Means "glory, splendor" in Hebrew, making it relative to Hadar.
Hodaia הוֹדָיָה f Hebrew
Variant of Hodaya and Hodia means "thank you God" or "glory of God" in Hebrew.
Hodaya הוֹדָיָה f Hebrew
Variant of Hodiyah. Means "splendor of Yahweh" from the Hebrew hod "glory, splendor" and ya "God".
Hodiya הוֹדִיָה f Hebrew
Variant latinisation of Hodiyah.
Hof חוף f & m Hebrew (Modern, Rare)
Means "beach, shore" in Hebrew.
Hofit חופית f Hebrew (Modern)
Feminine form of Hof.
Horsa m Judeo-Catalan (Archaic), Medieval Jewish
Of uncertain origin and meaning. Current theories include an adaption of Hebrew Hoshaya and a variant of Catalan Ursí (via the variant Ors).
Hoshen חֹשֶׁן, חושן f & m Hebrew (Modern, Rare)
Hoshen is the priestly breastplate, who was a sacred breastplate worn by the High Priest of the Israelites. 12 different precious stones were placed in it against the twelve tribes and it was placed on the chest of the High Priest... [more]
Hosie m Hebrew
Diminutive of Hosea.
Hovav חובב m Hebrew
Hebrew form of Hobab. A famous bearer is Hovi Star whos birth name was Hovav Sekukets
Hualit m Judeo-Spanish (Archaic)
Judeo-Spanish form of Arabic Walid.
Ialdabaoth m Gnosticism, Hebrew, Phoenician Mythology
The first archon of darkness. In Hebrew, cabala, and Gnostic lore, Iadalbaoth is the demiourgos, occupying a position immediately below the "unknown Father". In Phoenician Mythology, he is one of the 7 elohim, creators of the visible universe... [more]
Iannaios m Hebrew (Hellenized)
Hellenized form of Yannai.
Iarden יַרְדֵן m & f Hebrew (Rare)
Variant of Yarden.
Icek m Yiddish (Russified)
Russified Yiddish form of Isaac.
Idana עידנה f Hebrew (Modern, Rare)
Feminine form of Idan.
Idel אידל m Hebrew (Rare, Archaic)
Masculine form of the name Idaliah.
Idina f English, Hebrew
Possibly related to Adina 1. Actress Idina Menzel is a well-known bearer.
Idit עִדִּית, עידית f Hebrew
Means "ground" or "soil" in Hebrew.
Idith עידית f Hebrew
Variant transcription of Idit.
Iechonias m Hebrew (Hellenized), Biblical Greek
Greek form of Jeconiah, as it first appeared in the Septuagint.
Iemouel m Hebrew (Hellenized), Biblical Greek
Greek form of Jemuel, as it first appeared in the Septuagint.
Iezekial m Hebrew
Variant of Ezekiel.
If'at יפעת f Hebrew
Means "splendor of beauty" in Hebrew.
Igal m Hebrew, Biblical
Variant of Yigal.
Ilani אילני f & m Hebrew (Modern, Rare)
Diminutive of Ilana and Ilan.
Ilann אילן m Jewish (Rare)
Means "Tree" in Hebrew.
Ilay עילי, עילאי, איליי, אילאי m & f Hebrew
Means "high" or "supreme", from Aramaic origin.
Ilil אילאיל f Hebrew (Modern, Rare)
The Israeli poet Shaul Tchernichovsky wrote a love song where he calls his lover by the name he invented: Ilil.
Ilit f & m Hebrew (Modern)
The best
Ilor אִילוֹר f & m Hebrew (Modern, Rare)
Variant of names like Elor and Lior.... [more]
Imanuel עמנואל, עימנואל m & f Hebrew
Modern Hebrew form of Emmanuel.
Imri אמרי, אימרי m & f Hebrew
The name Imri is a biblical name, Imri was the father of Zachor who was one of the builders of the renewed wall of Jerusalem, it is mentioned in the book Nehemiah chapter 3, verse 2. ... [more]
Ionathas m Hebrew (Hellenized), Biblical Greek, Biblical Latin
Greek form of Jonathan, as it first appeared in the Septuagint. It was later also used in the Vulgate, specifically in I Maccabees.
Iosaphias m Hebrew (Hellenized), Biblical Greek
Greek form of Yosiphyah (see Josiphiah), as it first appeared in the Septuagint.
Irad m Hebrew, Biblical
In the Old Testament, Irad is the grandson of Cain.
Irith אירית, עירית f Hebrew
Variant of Irit.
Ishai m Hebrew
Variant of Yishai
Ismar m Jewish
German adaption of Itamar.
Israela ישראלה f Hebrew
Feminine form of Israel.
Issachara f Hebrew
Feminine form of Issachar.
Ita f Judeo-Spanish, Bosnian (Archaic), Jewish
Possibly a diminutive of Yehudit/Judit.
Itan איטן m & f Hebrew (Modern, Rare)
Means "phleum" in Hebrew, the phleum is a type of grain that looks like a herb or grass. In the Jerusalem Talmud in "Tractate Kala'im", it is mentioned as a grain that can be grown together with wheat without being considered as a hybrid.... [more]
Itay איתי m Hebrew (Modern)
Variant of Itai 1.
Itella f Yiddish
(Polish?) Yiddish elaboration of Itta (via its variant Ita), found in documents from the early 1800s regarding contemporary Yiddish-speakers in Poland.
Itiel איתיאל m Hebrew
Means "God with me" in Hebrew, from a combination of Itai 1 and El.
Itta f Jewish, Yiddish
Ashkenazic pet form of Yehudit. Also variant spelling of Ita.
Itzak יִצְחָק m Hebrew, English
Variant of Yitzhak, the original Hebrew form of Isaac meaning "he will laugh"
Itzik איציק m Hebrew (Modern), Yiddish
Diminutive of Itzhak.
Iuval יוּבָל m & f Hebrew (Rare)
Variant of Yuval.
Ivri עברי, עיברי m Hebrew
Masculine form of Ivriya.
Ivria עִבְרִיָּה f Hebrew (Rare)
Variant transcription of Ivriya.
Ivriya עִבְרִיָּה f & m Hebrew
An offspring of Eber, Shem's grandson; Jewish, Israelite.
Iyar אייר f & m Hebrew (Modern, Rare)
Iyar is the eighth month in the jewish calendar. The name was brought from the Babylonian exile and originates from the Akkadian word for "light". His name is in the Bible "Yerach Ziv", means "bright moon"... [more]
Izrael m Yiddish
Polish-Yiddish form of Israel.
Izraela יזראַעלאַ f Yiddish, Judeo-Spanish, Judeo-Tat, Bosnian (Archaic)
Variant of Israela.
Jabal m Hebrew
Means "a stream" in Hebrew. In the Old Testament, Jabal was the son of Lamech and Adah, and brother to Jubal... [more]
Jachent f Yiddish
Variant of Jachet. This name was recorded in France and Germany in the 13th-century.
Jachet f Yiddish
(German) Yiddish variant of Yachet.
Jacheta f Polish, Yiddish
Polonized form of Jachet, used mainly among Polish-Jews
Jaco m Judeo-Spanish
Judeo-Spanish form of Jacob.
Jah m Biblical, Hebrew
Short form of Yahweh, consists of the ending of Hallelujah.
Jahdal m Hebrew
Directed by God
Janalee f Hebrew (Rare)
Janalee as a girl name is of Hebrew origin, and the meaning of Janalee is "God is gracious".
Jannaeus m Hebrew (Latinized)
Variant spelling of Iannaeus, which is in turn a latinized form of Iannaios. This name was borne by Alexander Jannaeus, a Judean king from the 1st century BC.
Jarden m Hebrew
Means "to flow down; descend".
Jaren יארך m Hebrew, English
To sing or talk out loud
Jawhara f Judeo-Arabic, Medieval Arabic (Moorish)
Means "jewel, gem" in Arabic (see Jawahir).
Jayyida f Judeo-Arabic, Arabic
Variant transcription of Jaida.
Jayzl m & f Yiddish
Yiddish form of Joseph and Josephine.
Jaziquet m Judeo-Provençal
Judeo-Provençal variant of Isaac.
Jebadiah m English, Hebrew, Biblical
Common among the Amish. Meaning "Beloved of the lord", the biblical term is a "blessing".
Jehudà m Judeo-Catalan
Catalan form of Judah. A well-known bearer is the converso cartographer Jehudà Cresques (1360-1410).
Jehudijah יְהֻדִיָּה f Biblical, Hebrew
Means "Jewess" in Hebrew, thus making this name the feminine form of Jehudi. In the bible, this was the name of one of the wives of Mered.
Jekuthiel m Biblical, Jewish, Judeo-Anglo-Norman
Means "hope of the Lord" or "congregation of the Lord" in Hebrew.
Jemila f Muslim (Rare), Judeo-Spanish, Jewish (?)
Rare variant transcription of Jamila.
Jeminah f Hebrew
Variant of Jemima.
Jemuel יְמוּאֵל m Biblical, Hebrew
Means "day of god".... [more]
Jennel f Hebrew
Means “God is gracious.”
Jenta f Yiddish
Polish and German Yiddish variant of Yente.
Jente f Yiddish
German-Yiddish form of Yente.
Jentha f Yiddish
Variant of Jenta.
Jephunneh יְפֻנֶּה m Hebrew, Biblical
Meaning "for whom a way is prepared." The father of Caleb, and a son of Jether, an Asherite, in the Bible.
Jerachmiel m Jewish, Hebrew
From the Hebrew יְרַחְמִיאֵל (Yerachmiel) meaning "God shall have mercy".
Jerah m Biblical, Hebrew
A Biblical name meaning "moon", "month" and "sweet smelling".... [more]
Jeriel יְרִיאֵל m Biblical, Biblical Latin, Hebrew
Means "taught by God" in Hebrew (see also Jeriah). In the Bible, this was the name of a chief of Issachar.
Jeroham m & f Hebrew, Biblical Hebrew
Meaning "cherished" or "one who finds mercy."
Jerushah הָשּורְי f English, Hebrew
Variant of Jerusha.
Jeshua m Biblical, Hebrew
The name means "he will save" and is a form of the Biblical Hebrew name Yehoshua (Joshua). The Late Biblical Hebrew spellings for earlier names often contracted the theophoric element Yeho-.
Jesiah יֹאשִׁיָשׁ m Hebrew
Combination of Josiah and Jesse. Meaning "Yahweh gives."
Jesimiel יְשִׂימִאֵל m Biblical, Hebrew
Apparently means "God establishes" in Hebrew. In the bible, this was the name of a Simeonite.
Jia גיא f Hebrew
Means "ravine" or "valley" in Hebrew.
Jiske f Jewish, Yiddish
Possibly a Yiddish variant of Jiska.
Jiszka יִסְכָּה f Yiddish
Hungarian-Yiddish form of Yiskah.
Jittel f Yiddish
Possibly a variant of Gittel.
Jizchak m Yiddish
German and Polish rendering of Yitzhak.
Jochwet f Polish, Jewish, Yiddish
Polish and Yiddish form of Jochebed.
Jo’nam m Hebrew, Swedish
Possibly a form of Jonan.
Jophiel m Hebrew (Hellenized), Judeo-Christian-Islamic Legend, Theology
Derived from Hebrew yofiel, which apparently means "beauty of God" in Hebrew. According to Christian lore, Jophiel was the angel who drove Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden.
Josanna גוזאנה f Hebrew, English
Means "Jehovah increases" in Hebrew. Also used as a combination of the names Josephine and Anna or Ana.
Judea יהודה f English, Judeo-Catalan, Judeo-Anglo-Norman, Judeo-French
Derived from Yehudah. This is a biblical place name, as well as the modern-day name for the mountanous area in the southern part of the land of Israel.
Judeua f Judeo-Catalan (Archaic), Medieval Jewish
Older Judeo-Catalan form of Judea.
Judis f Yiddish
Variant of Judys.
Judys f Yiddish
(Polish?) Yiddish variant of Yehudis, found in Polish documents from the early 1800s.
Jueva f Judeo-Catalan
Younger Catalan form of Judea.
Jula f Yiddish
Variant of Jule.
Jule f Medieval Jewish, Yiddish (Archaic)
Diminutive of Judlin, recorded in Frankfurt, Germany.
Jutka m Hebrew
"he will be praised"
Kadan כדן f & m Hebrew (Modern, Rare)
Hebrew word for the grape hyacinth plant (genus Muscari); sometimes used as a name in modern times.
Kahan כּהן m Hebrew
Variant of Cohen.
Kai קאי m & f Hebrew (Modern)
Modern Hebrew acronym for "The Holiness of The Land of Israel" (Hebrew: קדושת ארץ ישראל).
Kaitz קיץ m & f Hebrew (Modern, Rare)
Means "summer" in Hebrew.
Kalanit כַּלָּנִית f Hebrew
From the Hebrew name for a type of flower, known as the anemone or windflower in English. It is ultimately related to the word כַּלָּה (kala) "bride".
Kalil כָּלִיל m Hebrew, African American
Jewish given name meaning “Perfection” in Hebrew.
Kalman m Yiddish
Yiddish form of Kalonymos or Clement.
Kalmen m Jewish, Yiddish
Variant of Kalman.
Kalonymos m Late Greek, Jewish
Means "beautiful name", derived from the Greek adjective καλός (kalos) meaning "beautiful, lovely, fair" combined with the Greek noun ὄνυμα (onyma) meaning "name".... [more]
Kalonymus קלונימוס m Late Greek (Latinized), Jewish, Judeo-Provençal (Archaic)
Errant latinization (or just a semi-latinization) of the Greek given name Kalonymos. The proper and full latinization of the name is Calonymus.
Kama קמה f Hebrew
In Hebrew, Kama is a kind of a grain that ripened before harvesting.
Kamek קאמבק m Hebrew
Kamek is a Hebrew name that means come back. It is also a Mario character named Kamek. (also called Magikoopa.
Kamouel m Hebrew (Hellenized), Biblical Greek
Greek form of Kemuel, as it first appeared in the Septuagint.
Kaniel m Hebrew
Means "the Lord supports me"
Karin קרין, קארין f Hebrew (Modern)
Popular girls name in Israel, it may be the Hebrew form of Katherine or variant of Keren.
Karmel כרמל f & m Hebrew
Original Hebrew form of Carmel.
Kasiel m Jewish
Of unknown origin and meaning.
Kathriel כַּתְרִיאל m Yiddish
Katriel כתריאל m & f Hebrew, English (Modern, Rare)
Means "the crowned Lord" (or possibly "crown of God") in Hebrew. From the Hebrew keter (כֶּתֶר) "crown" and el (אֵל) "god".
Kayla f Yiddish
Diminutive of Kelila.
Kayle f Yiddish
Variant of Keyle.
Keben m Hebrew
Meaning "Anointed by God Almighty" in Hebrew.
Kefira כפירה f Hebrew (?), English (Rare)
Claimed to be a feminine variant of Kfir, though it coincides with a Hebrew word meaning "heresy, denial of God".
Keile f Yiddish
German-Yiddish form of Kelila.
Kejla f Polish, Jewish, Yiddish, Russian, Swedish (Modern, Rare)
Polish and Lithuanian spelling of Kayla, this form was far more common among Jews in Eastern Europe before it was overrode by its anglicized form of Kayla in the 1980s... [more]
Kela f Medieval Jewish, Jewish (Archaic)
Variant of Gela, recorded in what is now Germany between the 13th and 14th centuries.
Keni קני f & m Hebrew (Modern, Rare)
Derived from Hebrew קניין (kiniyan) meaning "property", it can also means "my nest", another variant can be Keny.
Keny קני m & f Hebrew (Modern, Rare)
Possibly taken from the Hebrew word kiniyan means "property", it can also means "my nest".
Kerem כרם m & f Hebrew (Rare)
Means "vineyard" in Hebrew.
Keren-or קרן אור f Hebrew (Modern, Rare)
Combination of the names Keren and Or
Kesem קסם f & m Hebrew (Modern, Rare)
Variant of Kessem.
Kessem קסם f & m Hebrew (Modern)
Means "magic" in Hebrew.
Keter כֶּתֶר m & f Hebrew (Modern, Rare)
Means "crown" in Hebrew.
Ketzel f Yiddish, English
Means "kitten" in Yiddish. It is typically used as a nickname.
Keyla f Yiddish
Diminutive of Kelila.
Keyle f Yiddish
Derived from the Yiddish word for "merry".
Khana כאַנאַ f Yiddish
Yiddish form of Hannah.
Khane f Yiddish
Yiddish form of Hannah. This is an earlier form of Hene, Henye and Hende, which are backformations from Hendl (see Hendel), itself a diminutive of Khane (now, of Hene).
Khaske f Yiddish
Yiddish diminutive of Hannah.
Khaskl m Yiddish
Variant of Chatzkel or Haskel, Yiddish forms of the Hebrew name Yechezkel (see Ezekiel).
Khatskel m Yiddish
Variant of Khaskl.
Kim קים f & m Hebrew (Modern, Rare)
From Aramaic origin, derived from the Hebrew word קיים (kayam) which means "exists".
Kimor קים אור / קים-אור / קימאור f Hebrew (Modern, Rare)
Combination of the name Kim and the name Or, a famous bearer is the actress, model and designer Kim Or Azulay (born 2002)
Kinar כינר m & f Hebrew (Modern)
It may come from the Hebrew word כינור (kinor) means "violin" in Hebrew.