Mayan Submitted Names

Mayan names are used by the Maya people of Mexico and Central America.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Alitzel f Mexican, American (Hispanic, Modern), Mayan (?)
Many websites claim that this is a Mayan name meaning "smiling girl". It might be a combination of a name beginning with Ali (such as Alicia) and Itzel.
Atziri f Yucatec Maya
Variant of Athziri or Athziri; Meaning "The most beautiful flower that lives in the water" or "Moon flower/moonflower"
Baalham m & f Mayan, Classic Mayan, Mayan Mythology
Baalham represents Jaguars.
Hitzel f Mayan
Possibly a variant of Itzel.
Itzell f & m Mayan
Variant of Itzel.
Itzelle f & m Mayan
Variant of Itzel.
Jochola m & f Mayan
Might refer to or reference a sacred flower.
Lionicio m Mayan (Rare)
descending god
Nicté f Yucatec Maya, New World Mythology, Spanish (Latin American)
Means "mayflower" in Yucatec Maya.
Nikte f Yucatec Maya
Means "flower" in Yucatec Maya, from the word nik.
Nikte-ha f Yucatec Maya
From the Mayan elements nik meaning "flower" and ha meaning "water". This also refers to a specific type of waterlily, Nymphaea.
Sak-Nikte' f Yucatec Maya, Mayan Mythology
Means "white mayflower" in Yucatec Maya. This was the name of a legendary princess, also written about in Antonio Mediz Bolio's Chichén-Itzá y la princesa Sac-Nicté.
Siyaj m Mayan
From Siyaj Kʼakʼ, a prominent warlord mentioned in the glyphs of Mayan civilisation monuments.
Tikal f Mayan
From Tikal, the ruins of an ancient city found in a rainforest in Guatemala. It may be derived from ti ak'al in the Yucatec Maya language; it is said to be a relatively modern name meaning "at the waterhole"... [more]
Xelha f Yucatec Maya
Means "a spring of water" in Yucatec Maya.
Xochi f Mayan
Diminutive of Xochitl.
Yuritzi f Mayan, Spanish (Mexican, Rare)
Yuritzi is a Mayan name used in Mexico which means "moon's lightening-bearer goddess".