Mayan Names

Mayan names are used by the Maya people of Mexico and Central America.
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BALAMmNative American, Mayan
Means "jaguar" in Mayan.
ITZELfNative American, Mayan
Meaning uncertain, possibly from Mayan itz meaning "dew, nectar, fluid". Otherwise, it might be a variant of IXCHEL.
IXCHELfMayan Mythology, Native American, Mayan
Means "rainbow lady" in Mayan. Ixchel was the Maya goddess of the earth, the moon, and medicine. She was often depicted with a snake in her hair and crossbones embroidered on her skirt.
NICTEfNative American, Mayan
Means "flower" in Mayan.
SACNICTEfNative American, Mayan
Means "white flower" in Mayan.
YAXKINmNative American, Mayan
Means "sun" in Mayan.
YUNUENm & fNative American, Mayan
Possibly means "half moon" in Mayan. This is the name of an island on Lake Pátzcuaro in Mexico.