Mayan Names

Mayan names are used by the Maya people of Mexico and Central America.
Balam m Indigenous American, Mayan
Means "jaguar" in Mayan (Yucatec Maya báalam; K'iche' Maya balam).
Itzamna m Mayan Mythology, Indigenous American, Mayan
From Classic Maya itzam, an element found in the names of some Maya gods (possibly from itz "enchanted, nectar" and mam "grandfather"), combined with nah "great". Itzamna was the Maya creator god.
Itzel f Indigenous American, Mayan
Meaning uncertain, possibly from Classic Maya itz meaning "resin, nectar, dew, liquid, enchanted". Otherwise, it might be a variant of Ixchel.
Ixchel f Mayan Mythology, Indigenous American, Mayan
Possibly means "rainbow lady", from Classic Maya ix "lady" and chel "rainbow". Ixchel was a Maya goddess associated with the earth, jaguars, medicine and childbirth. She was often depicted with a snake in her hair and crossbones embroidered on her skirt.
Nicte f Indigenous American, Mayan (Hispanicized)
From Yucatec Maya nikte' meaning "flower" or specifically "plumeria flower". It is derived from Classic Maya nich "flower" and te' "tree".
Sacnicte f Indigenous American, Mayan (Hispanicized)
Means "white plumeria flower", from Yucatec Maya sak "white" and nikte' "plumeria flower".
Yatzil f Indigenous American, Mayan
Means "love, mercy, charity" in Yucatec Maya.
Yaxkin f & m Indigenous American, Mayan
From Yaxk'in, the name of the seventh month in the Maya calender, derived from Classic Maya yax "green, first" and k'in "sun, day".
Zazil f Indigenous American, Mayan
Means "clear, light, clarity" in Yucatec Maya. Zazil Há was a 16th-century Maya woman who married the Spanish shipwreck survivor Gonzalo Guerrero.