Gender Feminine & Masculine
Usage English, Irish
Pronounced Pron. KRIS-tee(English)  [key·IPA]

Meaning & History

Diminutive of Christine, Christina, Christopher and other names beginning with Christ. In Ireland this name is typically masculine, though elsewhere in the English-speaking world it is more often feminine (especially the United States and Canada).

Related Names

Masculine FormChristian(English)
Other Languages & CulturesKristina, Kristofor, Kristo(Albanian) Kristapor(Armenian) Kistiñe(Basque) Hristina, Hristofor, Hristo, Kristina(Bulgarian) Cristina(Catalan) Kristina, Kristofor, Krsto, Tina(Croatian) Kristýna, Kryštof, Kristina(Czech) Christina, Christine, Kristina, Kristine, Kristoffer, Chris, Christa, Christel, Christoffer, Ina, Kirsten, Kirstine, Kris, Stina, Stine, Tina, Tine(Danish) Christina, Christine, Chris, Christel, Christoffel, Ina, Ine, Kristel, Stien, Tina, Tineke(Dutch) Kristiina, Kristina, Kersti, Krista, Kristel, Kristi, Kristin, Risto, Tiina(Estonian) Kristina(Faroese) Kristiina, Iina, Kiia, Kirsi, Kirsti, Krista, Risto, Stiina, Tiina(Finnish) Christiane, Christine, Christophe, Christel, Christèle, Christelle, Christianne, Chrystelle(French) Kristine(Georgian) Christiane, Christin, Christina, Christine, Christoph, Kristiane, Kristina, Chris, Christa, Christel, Ina, Kerstin, Kiki, Krista, Kristin, Kristine, Tina(German) Christina, Christoforos(Greek) Kilikina(Hawaiian) Kristóf, Krisztina, Krisztofer(Hungarian) Kristín, Kristjana, Kristófer(Icelandic) Cristiana, Cristina, Cristoforo, Tina(Italian) Christophoros(Late Greek) Christiana, Christophorus(Late Roman) Kristaps, Kristiāna, Kristīna, Kristīne, Ina, Krista(Latvian) Kristina, Kristupas(Lithuanian) Hristina, Hristofor, Hristo, Risto, Tina(Macedonian) Christina, Christine, Kristina, Kristine, Kristoffer, Christel, Christin, Christoffer, Ina, Ine, Kine, Kirsten, Kjersti, Kjerstin, Kristin, Stina, Stine, Tina, Tine(Norwegian) Krystyna, Krzysztof, Krysia, Krystiana, Krzyś, Krzysiek(Polish) Cristiana, Cristina, Cristóvão(Portuguese) Cristiana, Cristina(Romanian) Kristina, Khristofor(Russian) Kirsteen, Kirstin, Kirstie, Kirsty(Scottish) Cairistìona, Ciorstaidh(Scottish Gaelic) Hristina, Kristina, Hristofor, Risto(Serbian) Kristína, Krištof(Slovak) Kristina, Krištof, Ina, Inja, Tina, Tinkara(Slovene) Kito(Sorbian) Cristina, Cristóbal, Cristopher(Spanish) Christina, Christine, Kristina, Kristine, Kristoffer, Christel, Christin, Christoffer, Ina, Kersti, Kerstin, Kia, Kjerstin, Kristin, Kristofer, Stina, Tina(Swedish) Khrystyna(Ukrainian) Cristyn(Welsh)


People think this name is

youthful   informal   natural   wholesome   refined   simple  


Entry updated January 21, 2022