Xhosa Submitted Names

Xhosa names are used by the Xhosa people of South Africa.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Abongile m Xhosa
Means "thankfulness" in Xhosa.
Akahlulwa m Xhosa (Modern)
This name is derived from the song Akahlulwa lutho uuJesu. Mostly popularity in the Xhosa nation. But this name is also understood Zulu which means Jesus is undefeated.
Amandla f & m Xhosa, Zulu, African American
Means "power; strength" in Xhosa and Zulu.... [more]
Andisiwe f Xhosa
Means "extension" in Xhosa.
Aphelele m Xhosa
Meaning “they are perfect” or “they are complete” in Xhosa. Often given to the last child in Xhosa families.
Axhoba m Xhosa
The meaning of this name is, they are armed.
Ayakha m Xhosa
Means "they build" in Xhosa.
Buchule m & f Xhosa
Means "skills; cleverness" in Xhosa.
Cebisa f Xhosa, Southern African
Means "advice" in Xhosa.
Enzokuhle m & f South African, Zulu, Xhosa
Means "expected to do great things" in Zulu and Xhosa.
Esihle m & f Zulu, Xhosa, Southern African
Means "beautiful, good" in Zulu and Xhosa.
Gugu f Xhosa
Means "our pride" in Xhosa. A famous bearer is actress Gugu Mbatha-Raw.
Hlomla f Xhosa
To comment on something
Kanyisa f Xhosa
Means "giving light to the future" in Xhosa.
Khanyiso m Xhosa
Means "light" in Xhosa.
Khanyizile f Xhosa
The name means "light has come".
Lihle f Xhosa
Liyabona f Xhosa
Means "it sees" in Xhosa.
Liyema f Xhosa
Means "stability in the family" in Xhosa.
Lubabalo m Xhosa
The meaning of this name is Grace, praising God, giving thanks for what you have.
Lubanzi m South African, Xhosa
Means "upper layer, flat and clear surface" (usually directed or linked to the love parents have for the child).
Luphelo m Xhosa
Means "the end" in Xhosa.
Luphumlo m Xhosa
Means "rest" in Xhosa.
Luthando m & f Southern African, Xhosa
Means "it's love" in Xhosa.
Luya f Xhosa
Diminutive form of Luyanda.
Makaziwe f & m Xhosa
Means "let him/her be known" in Xhosa.... [more]
Mandela m & f African American, Xhosa
Transferred use of the surname Mandela given in honour of Nelson Mandela, South African revolutionary hero and statesman... [more]
Mandisa f Xhosa, African
means "sweet"
Melokuhle m & f South African, Xhosa
Meaning ''beautiful one''.
Mpilo m Xhosa, Zulu, Southern African
Means "life" in Xhosa and Zulu.
Mthobeli m Xhosa
Means "the obedient one" in Xhosa.
Mxolisi m Xhosa, Zulu
Means "Peacemaker" in Xhosa and Zulu.
Mzi m Xhosa
Diminutive of Mzingayi.
Mzingayi m Xhosa
Name of the father of Steve Biko.
Mzwandile m Xhosa
Means "the house has expanded" in Xhosa, idiomatically referring to a growing family.
Nambitha f Xhosa
To Nambitha is to savour, to take a small bite out of one's food and chew it slowly to enjoy every bit of it. A girl who is named Nambitha is encouraged to savour life.
Ngcondebuku m & f Xhosa (Modern)
Ngconde comes from the Xhosa clan names of Amakwayi. Amakwayi ,Ongconde, o Togu o Tshiwo.Buku is the surname of Michael who belong to Amakwayi o Ngcondentshaba From Kingwilliamstown, Eastern Cape,South Africa.His home village is Ndevana near Zwelitsha,Phakamisa and Ilitha Township.
Nkosi m Xhosa
Means "king; lord; ruler; god" in Xhosa.
Nkuli f Xhosa
Diminutive form of Nonkululeko.
Nokhanyo f Xhosa
Means "mother of enlightenment" in Xhosa.
Nombuyiselo f Xhosa
"She who gives back." This is the name of comedian and talk show host Trevor Noah's mother.
Nomthandazo f Xhosa
Means "a prayer" in Xhosa.
Novuyo f Xhosa
Means "ultimate joy" or "mother of joy" in Xhosa.
Ntombifikile f Xhosa
Means "a girl has arrived" in Xhosa.
Ntomboxolo f Xhosa
Means "girl of peace" in Xhosa.
Ongezwa f Xhosa
Means "one who was added" in Xhosa.
Phila f & m Southern African, Xhosa, Zulu, English
Means "live" or "get well" in Nguni languages. In English, it is derived from Greek φιλος (philos) "lover, friend".
Rolihlahla m Xhosa, African
isiXhosa for 'pulling the branch of a tree', colloquially 'troublemaker'. This was the given name of Nelson Mandela (Rolihlahla Mandela) and is now typically attributed to him as a middle name.
Sandisiwe f Xhosa
Means "we have been added to" in Xhosa.
Sfiso m Zulu, Swazi, Ndebele, Xhosa
Means "wish" in Zulu.
Silindile f & m Xhosa, Zulu
it means we are waiting for the baby's arrival and for success in the baby's life.
Simdingile m & f Xhosa, Zulu
The child was longed for
Sinazo f Xhosa
Means "we have it" in Xhosa.
Sindiswa f Southern African, Zulu, Xhosa, Swazi
Means "saved" in Zulu and Xhosa.
Sisipho f Xhosa, Zulu, Southern African
Means "gift" in Zulu and Xhosa.
Sivuyile m South African, Xhosa
Means "we are happy" in Xhosa.
Siyamthanda m Xhosa
Means "we love him" in Xhosa.
Siyavuya m & f Xhosa
Means "we are happy" in Xhosa.
Solomzi m Xhosa
Means "eye of the home" or "guardian of the home" in Xhosa.
Solonzi m Xhosa (Modern)
Means "the eye of the home" in Xhosa.
Sonwabile m Xhosa
Means "we are content" in Xhosa.
Thamsanqa m Xhosa, Zulu
Means "we have luck" in Zulu and Xhosa.
Thandolwethu f & m South African, Zulu, Xhosa
Means "our love" in Zulu and Xhosa.
Unako m & f Xhosa
Means "ability" in Xhosa.
Velile m & f Xhosa, South African
"He who popped out of nowhere" in Xhosa. In general South African: "She has arrived/ Born, Appearance, Appeared."
Vuyiseka f Xhosa
Means "the one who made us happy" in Xhosa.
Vuyisile m Xhosa
Means "bringing joy to others" in Xhosa.
Vuyo m Xhosa
Means "joy" in Xhosa.
Vuyokazi f Xhosa
Female variant of Vuyo. The prefix "kazi" could be taken to show femininity or greatness in size. In the latter case, Vuyokaz would mean "great joy" instead of just the female version of Vuyo.
Wandisile m Xhosa
Means "he has been added" in Xhosa.
Xabiso m Xhosa
Means "value" in Xhosa.
Xola m Xhosa
Means "stay in peace" in Xhosa.
Yibanathi m & f Zulu, Xhosa
Means "be with us" in Zulu and Xhosa.
Yolisa f Xhosa
Means "exciting" in Xhosa.
Yomelela m Xhosa
Measn "be strong" in Xhosa.
Yonelani f Xhosa
Means "be satisfied" in Xhosa.
Zenzele f Xhosa
Means "she will do for herself" in Xhosa.
Ziyanda f Xhosa
Means "increase within daughters" in Xhosa.
Zoleka f Xhosa
Means "humble" in Xhosa.
Zoliswa f Xhosa
Means "one who calms" in Xhosa.