Kikuyu Submitted Names

Kikuyu names are used by the Kikuyu people of Kenya.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Angari f Eastern African, Kikuyu
Variant of Wangari. Also a surname.
Gakuhĩ f Kikuyu
Means "the short one" in Kikuyu.
Gathua m Kikuyu
Means "the limping one" in Kikuyu.
Jakubu m Kikuyu
Kikuyu form of James.
Kigotho m Kikuyu
Kukuyu name meaning Father of many children
Kiura m Kikuyu
Means "frog" in Kikuyu.
Múkabi m Kikuyu
In Kikuyu maasai intermarriage this name was given to a boy born of that relationship in that referred to the maasai as ukabi
Muringa f Kikuyu
Means "a wire" in Kikuyu.
Muruthi m Kikuyu
Means "lion" in Kikuyu.
Mwara f Kikuyu
Means "the clever one" in Kikuyu.
Mwaura m Kikuyu
To kú aúra means to remove or relieve one of a heavy load.Mostly when a visitor came with a kiondo/load and a person took it off his/her back the remover was the mwauri
Ngigi m Kikuyu
Means one born in the season of the locust or one of the locust ageset.In some communities for the last 'i' they put an 'e' but that does not change the meaning nor the pronounciation
Njau m Kikuyu
Meaning "young bull".
Njoki f Kikuyu
Means "the one who resurrected" in Kikuyu.
Njoroge m Kikuyu
Means "genet" in Kikugu.
Nyagũra f Kikuyu
Means "the one who buys" in Kikuyu.
Nyakeru f Kikuyu (Rare)
Yours means someone in the ancestry or kin of those who had lighter complexion "nyamweru" was your first or in some cases little one from the wilderness for the wilderness is known as "werú"
Nyambugi f Kikuyu
Means "the one with bells as anklets" in Kikuyu.
Nyaruai f Kikuyu (Rare)
More curious to know what ruai means with that you can get to know the name for it means one who comes from 'the ruai'
Nyawĩra f Kikuyu
Means "the hardworking one" in Kikuyu.
Nyokabi f Kikuyu (Archaic)
Kikuyus call the maasai "ukabi" this was for girls born from this intermarriage meaning she who came from maasai land
Wacuka f Kikuyu
Means "cotton fabric one" in Kikuyu.
Waitherero f Kikuyu
Means "of down river" in Kikuyu.
Wangũ f Kikuyu
Means "of firewood" in Kikuyu.
Wangũi f Kikuyu, African Mythology
Variant of Wangũ. A famous bearer of the name was one of the daughters of Kikuyu and Mumbi, the first man and woman in Kikuyu Mythology.
Wanja f Kikuyu
Means "the one from outside" in Kikuyu.
Wanjĩra f Kikuyu
Means "of the road" in Kikuyu.
Wanjiru f Kikuyu
Njiru means black thus meaning one that comes from black or dark matter mainly in reference to skin colouration
Warigia f Kikuyu
Means "the last one" in Kikuyu.
Warũgũrũ f Kikuyu
Means "the one from the west" in Kikuyu.
Wawira f Kikuyu
Means "the worker" in Kikuyu.