Luo Submitted Names

Luo names are used by the Luo people of Kenya.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Aboyo f Luo
Means "one who saunters" in Luo.
Abungu f Luo
Means "of the forest" in Luo.
Abuto f Luo
Means "I have hidden" in Luo.
Adede f Luo
Means "grasshopper" in Luo.
Adongo m & f Luo
Means "second of the twins" in Luo.
Aduor f Eastern African, Luo
Means "born at dawn" in Luo.
Agwang f Luo
Means "wolf" in Luo.
Ajuoga f Luo
Means "doctor" in Luo.
Akech f Luo
"birthed during a famine"
Akello f Luo
Means "born after twins" in Luo.
Aketch f Luo
Means "born during a famine" in Luo.
Akiiki f Luo, Nyoro, Tooro
A variant of Akiki, Meaning ‘friend’ in Luo, Nyoro and Tooro.
Akomo f Luo
"someone delivered during planting or prosperous times of the year"
Akoth f Luo
Feminine of Okoth, meaning born while it was raining
Aluoch f Luo
Means "born on overcast morning" in Luo.
Angweng f Luo
"birthed during the season of white ants (termites, i.e. rainy season)"
Anindo f Luo
means that the mother slept a lot during pregnancy
Anyang f Luo
Means "crocodile" in Luo.
Anyango f Luo
Meaning born in the mid morning
Aoro f Luo
"born during a very dry season"
Apiyo f Luo
"firstborn of twins"
Athiambo f Luo
"born late in the evening". Thought to be an intelligent person.
Auma f Luo
"someone delivered with the face down or through the caesarean process"
Awino f Luo
Means "born with the cord around" in Luo.
Awiti f Luo
"someone birthed after a misfortune, such as a difficult birth process"
Awuor f Luo
Means "the greedy one" in Luo.... [more]
Boro m & f Luo (Archaic)
One of the progenies of the Alego clans
Ebong m Luo
Uganda/Luo... [more]
Fwaya m Luo
Originated amongst the LUO tribe in Kenya, East Africa. It is said to mean "Not serious" or "Taking things for Granted". It is also used by the Luhyas in Western province Kenya. But is common in the Nyaurang' Clan of Ugenya in Siaya County... [more]
Gombe m & f Luo (Archaic)
One of the progenies of the Ugenya clans.
Gor m & f Luo (Archaic)
traditional Luo name. origin: ancient Luo warrior
Gweth m & f Luo (Modern)
Hawi f & m Luo
"good luck"
Jaramogi m Luo
"very courageous"
Mich m & f Luo (Modern)
Mor m & f Luo (Modern)
Obera m Luo
Oburu m Luo
"born during a funeral"
Ochola m Luo
"birthed after the death of the father"
Odongo m Luo
"second born of twins"
Oduor m Luo
Means "born in the middle of the night" in Luo.
Ojwang m Luo
"survived despite being neglected"
Okech m Luo
"birthed during a famine"
Okello m Luo
"born after twins or third born of triplets"
Okeyo m Luo
"birthed during harvesting time"
Okoth m Luo
Means "born during the rainy sea" in Luo.
Oluoch m Luo
Oluoch came from the word luoch that means mist. If the the baby boy is born during the cold weather with mist he is called Oluoch. That means Oluoch is mist.
Ondiek m Luo
Name given to a male who survives childhood after successive deaths of infants to the parents. This name suggests strength and determination to survive. Ondiek is also the Hyena in the Luo language... [more]
Onyango m Luo
"born in the morning before noon"
Opiyo m Luo
"firstborn of twins"
Otiya m Luo
Means "named after either of his grandparents" in Luo.
Owiti m Luo
"born after a misfortune like a difficult birthing process"
Owuor m Luo
"born at mid-morning"
Raila m Luo
Means "nettle sting" in Luo.
Sulwe m & f Luo (Modern)
"shining star"
Teko m & f Luo (Modern)
Wadiya m & f Luo (Archaic)
Found mainly in the Suba regions. Name believed to have Bantu origins.