Nyoro Submitted Names

Nyoro names are used by the Nyoro people of western Uganda.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Akiiki f Luo, Nyoro, Tooro
A variant of Akiki, Meaning ‘friend’ in Luo, Nyoro and Tooro.
Amanyire f & m Eastern African, Nyoro, Tooro, Nkore, Kiga
Means "God knows" in Nyoro, Tooro, Nkore, and Kiga.
Andereya m & f Nyoro, Ganda, Kiga, Tooro
Nyoro, Ganda, Tooro and Kiga variant of Andrew and Andrea 2.
Kayaga m & f Nyoro
Means “The windy month” in Bunyoro.
Machanda m & f Nyoro
Machanda is the Bunyoro month where sesame seeds are planted and sown.
Nyamayarwo m & f Nyoro
This name means ‘meat for Death’, indicating the worst of luck.
Rukidi m Nyoro, Tooro
From kidi, meaning ‘stone’.
Yokana m Nyoro
Bunyoro variant of Johannes.
Yosia m Nyoro, Ganda
Nyoro and Ganda form of Josiah.