Manchu Submitted Names

Manchu names are used by the Manchu people of northern China.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Abahai ᠠᠪᡴᠠᡳ f & m Manchu
A short Manchu form of Tiancong, meaning “Heavenly Ruler”. Best known as one of the Manchu titles of Hong Taiji.
Abai m & f Manchu
Aixinga ᠠᡳᠰᡳᠩᡤᠠ m Manchu, Chinese
The name of a famous Manchu military general belonging to the Šumuru clan of nobility.
Alin m Siberian, Chinese, Manchu
Means "mountain" in Manchu.
Alingga ᠠᠯᡳᠩᡤᠠ m Manchu, Chinese
Dorgon ᡩᠣᡵᡤᠣᠨ m Manchu
Ebilun ᡝᠪᡳᠯᡠᠨ m Manchu, Chinese
Eidu ᡝᡳᡩᡠ m Manchu
Meaning unknown.
Eje m Manchu
Means "bull" in Manchu.
Elden ᡝᠯᡩᡝᠨ m Manchu
Means "light, ray" in Manchu.
Erdeni ᡝᡵᡩᡝᠨᡳ m Manchu
From the Middle Mongolian ᡝᡵᡩᡝᠨᡳ (erdeni) meaning "precious, gem, jewel".
Fodo m & f Manchu
Means "willow" in Manchu.
Hojo f Manchu
Manchu form of Mei 1.
Hooge ᡥᠣᠣᡤᡝ m Manchu
Best known as the given name of one of General Hong Taiji’s sons.
Ilha f Manchu
Means "flower" in Manchu.
Jakdan ᠵᠠᡴᡩᠠᠨ m Manchu
Means "pine" in Manchu.
Laimbu ᠯᠠᡳᠮᠪᡠ m Manchu
Derived from the Manchu ᠯᠠᡳᠮᠪᡠ (laimbu) that can be translated with the Chinese character 賴 (lài) meaning "to depend on" combined with 慕 () meaning "to admire, to adore" and 布 (bu) meaning "cloth; textiles" but also "to announce; to proclaim".... [more]
Manggūltai ᠮᠠᠩᡤᡡᠯᡨᠠᡳ m Manchu
Muke m & f Manchu
Manchu form of Shui.
Niowanggiyan m Manchu
Means "green" in Manchu.
Oboi ᠣᠪᠣᡳ m Manchu, Chinese
Sahaliyan ᠰᠠᡥᠠᠯᡳᠶᠠᠨ m Manchu
Means "black" in Manchu.
Sain ᠰᠠᡳᠨ f Manchu
Means "good, auspicious" in Manchu.
Sholontu ᡧᠣᠯᠣᠨᡨᡠ m Manchu
Means "horned dragon" in Manchu.
Šolontu ᡧᠣᠯᠣᠨᡨᡠ m Manchu
Manchu masculine name maning "horned dragon".
Tayiji ᡨᠠᡳᠵᡳ, ᠲᠠᠶᠢᠵᠢ m Mongolian, Manchu
Derived from Hong Tai Zi, meaning “Crown Prince”. It is usually a very honorific title, not a name.
Tulišen ᡨ᠌ᡠᠯᡳᡧᡝᠨ m Manchu
Tulishen ᡨ᠌ᡠᠯᡳᡧᡝᠨ m Manchu
Tulixen ᡨ᠌ᡠᠯᡳᡧᡝᠨ m Manchu
Yelu m Manchu
Means "boar" in Manchu.