Siksika Submitted Names

Siksika (or Blackfoot) names are used by the Blackfoot people of Alberta and Montana.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Aawohkitopi m Siksika
Means "rode the enemy's horse" in Siksika.
Achachak m Siksika, Algonquin
Means "spirit" in Siksika.
Akomimm f & m Siksika
Means love in Sisiká (Blackfeet) language.
Alsoomse f Siksika
Means "independent" in Siksika.
Apani f Siksika
From the Blackfoot word apaniiwa "butterfly", with the animate noun suffix -wa omitted.
Apikuni m Siksika
Means "spotted robe" in Blackfeet. This name was given to the American fur trader and historian James Willard Schultz (1859-1947), who lived among the Pikuni tribe of Blackfeet Indians from 1880-82.
Apisi m Siksika
Means "coyote, wolf" in Blackfoot.
Aponi f Siksika
Variant of Apani.
Aranck m Siksika
Means "stars" in Siksika.
Áwákaasomaahkaa m Siksika
Means "running antelope" in Siksika.
Chogan m Siksika
Means "blackbird" in Siksika.
Hurit m & f Siksika, Algonquin
Means "good, fine, beautiful, handsome" in Unami, an extinct Algonquian language formerly spoken by Lenape people. This is not used as a name by the Lenape.
Huritt m Siksika
means "handsome" in Niitsitapi
Iinisskimmaakii f Siksika
Means "buffalo stone woman" in Siksika.
Iitsstsinnimaakii f Siksika
Means "captures down woman" in Siksika.
Ipiso-waahsa f Siksika
Means "Morning Star" in Siksika.
Ítoomaawayaakii f Siksika
Means "first strike woman" in Siksika.
Káínaikoan m Siksika
From the Siksika káínaa meaning "blood" and the suffix –ikoan meaning "male person".
Kaistosinikyi f Siksika
Means "kill for nothing" in the Kainai (Blood) dialect of Blackfoot.
Kanti f Siksika, Algonquin
Means "sings" in Siksika and Algonquin.
Ksiksínopa m Siksika
Derived from Siksika ksikk meaning "white" and possibly o(n)nopa, a theoretical root word for "quiver" or "arrows".
Ksísskstakiaakii f Siksika
Means "beaver woman" in Siksika.
Makoyepuk m Siksika
Means "wolf child" in the Kainai (Blood) dialect of Blackfoot, from Blackfoot mahkúyiwa "wolf" and poka "child".
Makoyi-koh-kin m Siksika
Means "wolf thin legs" in Siksika.
Matsináámayaakíí f Siksika
Means "fine gun woman" in Siksika.
Matsipi’kssííaakii f Siksika
Means "beautiful bird woman" in Siksika.
Mon-e-ba-guh-now m Siksika
Means "young man chief" in Siksika.
Niisóótskina m Siksika
Means "four horns" in Siksika.
Óóhkotok f Siksika
Means large stone, rock in Siksika.
Oota Dabun f Siksika
Means "day star" in Siksika.
Otahkoika m Siksika
Means "yellow feet" in Siksika.
Otssímmokoyistamik m Siksika
Means "green grass bull" in Siksika.
Paahtsiinaama'ahkawa m Siksika
Means "takes the wrong weapon or coup" in Siksika.
Paksskii f Siksika
Means "broad face" in Siksika.
Sahsinaimska f & m Siksika
Means "sarcee medicine pipe" in Siksika.
Saoyi'kitstaki f & m Siksika
Means "offerings in the water" in Siksika.
Sépistòkòs m Siksika
Derived from sipisttoo meaning "owl" and okós meaning "child" in the Kainaa dialect of Siksika.
Síkimiohkitopii m Siksika
Means "one who rides a black horse" in Siksika.
Sinopa f Siksika
Means, "kit fox."
Sipiskomaapi m Siksika
Means "night boy" in Siksika.
Stsimaki f Siksika
Kainai name meaning "reluctant to be woman".
Sucki m Siksika
Means "black" in Siksika.
Wapun f Siksika, Algonquin
Means "dawn" in Siksika.
Wawetseka f Algonquin, Siksika
Means "pretty woman" in Siksika.