Algonquin Submitted Names

Algonquin names are used by the Algonquin people of Ontario and Quebec in Canada.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Abooksigun m Algonquin
Means "wildcat" in Algonquin.
Abukcheech m Algonquin
Means "mouse" in Algonquin.
Achachak m Siksika, Algonquin
Means "spirit" in Siksika.
Ahanu m Algonquin
Means "he laughs" in Algonquin.
Amonute f Algonquin, Powhatan
Of unknown meaning. This was one of Pocahontas's 'secret' names.
Chepi f & m Algonquin, New World Mythology
Many baby name sites and books list this name as meaning "fairy" in Algonquin but that is incorrect. It more accurately means "ghost", and it was another name for Hobomock, the manito ('spirit') of death-- a destructive, often evil being... [more]
Chicago f & m Algonquin
Possibly means "onion" or "garlic" in the Miami-Illinois language. From the Algonquin shigàgowinj 'onion' or wàbi-shigàgowinj 'garlic'. The name of the city of Chicago, the capital of Illinois, was likely given because garlic supposedly grew in abundance in the area.
Hurit m & f Siksika, Algonquin
Means "good, fine, beautiful, handsome" in Unami, an extinct Algonquian language formerly spoken by Lenape people. This is not used as a name by the Lenape.
Keme m Algonquin
Means "secret" in Algonquin, derived from the Algonquin kiim.
Mahigan m Algonquin (Rare)
Derived from Algonquin mahigan "wolf".
Makkapitew m Algonquin
Means "he has large teeth" in Algonquin, from Algonquin mamàngàbide "to have large teeth".
Matoaka f Algonquin
Of unknown meaning. This was one of Pocahontas's 'secret' names. At the time Pocahontas was born, it was common for Powhatan Native Americans to be given several personal names, to have more than one name at the same time, to have secret names that only a select few knew, and to change their names on important occasions... [more]
Miskweminanocsqua f Algonquin
Means "Raspberry Star Woman" in the Eastern Algonquin language of Mohegan-Pequot. A famous bearer is Miss Native American USA 2017-2018, Autumn Rose Miskweminanocsqua Williams.
Opechancanough m Algonquin
Means "he whose soul is white" in Powhatan. A noted bearer was a tribal chief of the Powhatan Confederacy of what is now Virginia in the United States, and its leader from sometime after 1618 until his death in 1646... [more]
Powhatan m Algonquin
The name of the Native American confederation of tribes in Virginia, which English colonists mistook for the name of Chief Wahunsenacawh, the paramount chief of Tsenacommacah, an alliance of Algonquian-speaking Virginia Indians in the Tidewater region of Virginia at the time English settlers landed at Jamestown in 1607... [more]
Samoset m Algonquin (Anglicized)
Means "He who walks over much" in Algonquin. This was the name of an Abenaki chief. He was the first Native American to make contact with the Pilgrims at Plymouth, Massachusetts and introduced them to Tisquantum (Squanto).
Takhi f Algonquin
Means "cold" in Algonquin.
Vætildr f Ancient Scandinavian, Algonquin, Beothuk
Probably an Old Norse form of an unknown Algonquin or Beothuk name, though the second element coincides with Old Norse hildr "battle". (The Beothuk people, now extinct, were a Native American tribe who originally inhabited Newfoundland, Canada.) This was the name of an Aboriginal woman briefly mentioned in the Viking saga 'Saga of Erik the Red'.
Vassagijik m Algonquin
The name for "Greasy Mouth" an eccentric and erratic culture hero and might be derived from the Algonquin Wesucechak.
Wapun f Siksika, Algonquin
Means "dawn" in Siksika.
Watseka f Algonquin
Means "pretty girl" in Potawatomi, from the Potawatomi winsakeekyahgo "pretty girl".
Wawetseka f Algonquin, Siksika
Means "pretty woman" in Siksika.