Wampanoag Submitted Names

Wampanoag names are used by the Wampanoag people of Massachusetts.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Akkompoin m Wampanoag
A brother of Massasoit.
Aquinnah f Wampanoag
From Wampanoag Âhqunah meaning "the end of the island". This is also the name of a town on the island of Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts. American actor Michael J. Fox gave this name to his daughter Aquinnah Kathleen born in 1995.
Chepi f & m Algonquin, New World Mythology, Wampanoag, Narragansett
Means "ghost" in Wampanoag and Narragansett. It was another name for Hobomock.
Corbitant m Wampanoag
Name of a leader under Massasoit from the Pocasset tribe who may have attempted to influence the people in a revolt against the English settlers.
Habbamock m Wampanoag
Borne by a Wampanoag Native American who served as a guide, interpreter, and aide to the Pilgrims of Plymouth, Massachusetts. The name may have been a pseudonym, as it means "mischievous".
Hobomock m & f Algonquin, Wampanoag, Narragansett, New World Mythology
In Algonquin legends (mainly Wampanoag and Narragansett) Hobomock is the manito the spirit of death: a destructive, often evil, being. He is subject of many Wampanoag 'bogeyman' stories, warning children away from dangerous or naughty behavior... [more]
Iyannough m Wampanoag
Means "Captain" or "One who intimidates" in Wampanoag. It is the name of the chief sachem of the Mattakeeset tribe who helped the Pilgrims find a lost boy, John Billington.
Massasoit m Wampanoag
Meaning, "Great Sachem."
Metacomet m Wampanoag
A Wampanoag and the second son of the sachem Massasoit.
Montowampate m Wampanoag
Also known as Sagamore James was a Pawtucket leader who was the Sachem of Saugus when English began to settle in the area.
Namumpum f Wampanoag
A Pocasset Wampanoag Native American Chief.
Nanepashemet m Wampanoag
Means "the moon god" in Wampanoag.
Ohquamehud m Wampanoag
Name of a Nauset sachem who was one of nine sachems to sign a peace treaty with the English Settlers to Plymouth, Massachusetts.
Oiguina f Wampanoag
Name borne by a possible daughter of Quadequina, brother of Massasoit.
Ousamequin m Wampanoag
Sachem, or leader, of the Wampanoag, and "Massasoit" of the Wampanoag Confederacy.
Pamantaquash m Wampanoag
Name of the "pond sachem" of Assawamsett.
Quadequina m Wampanoag
Brother of Massasoit who may have introduced popcorn to the Pilgrims.
Sassamon m Wampanoag
Name of a "praying Indian" whose assassination ultimately led to King Philip's War.
Sokanon f Wampanoag (?)
Meant "it pours, it rains" in Wampanoag or Massachusetts (an extinct member of the Algonquian language family).
Soquontamouk m Wampanoag
Name of a son of the "black sachem" Tuspaquin.
Squanto m Wampanoag
Squanto is a native name especially known for the Native American tribe who helped in the Mayflower.
Sunconewhew m Wampanoag
A form of Sonkanuchoo and the name of the third son of Massasoit.
Tatoson m Wampanoag
Possibly means "he passes by" or "is removed". Name of a Wampanoag chief during King Philip's War.
Tisquantum m Wampanoag
Means "divine rage" in Wampanoag.... [more]
Tuspaquin m Wampanoag
Name of the "Black Sachem", a Wampanoag war captain who was feared by the English.
Weetamoo f Wampanoag
Allegedly means "sweet heart" in the Native American Wampanoag language.... [more]
Wenepoykin m Wampanoag
Name of sachem Wenepoykin, also known as Winnepurkett, Sagamore George, George Rumney Marsh, and George No Nose.
Wenunchus f Wampanoag
Pocasset Wampanoag Native American Chief.
Wootonekanuske f Wampanoag
Meaning unknown. This is the name of Pocasset Wampanoag Native American Chief Weetamoo's younger sister.