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Subject: Re: Vote on my T-Names!!!
Author: Phebe   (Authenticated as PDT)
Date: September 26, 2012 at 11:50:49 AM
Reply to: Vote on my T-Names!!! by Chaka

Hi, hope I can help you a little.
I put a star in front of the names I think would work.

* Tabatha / Tabea (tah-BE-ah) / Tabitha - I like Tabitha best, nn could be Tabea
* Tahlia / Talia / Thalia (all: tah-lee-ah) - Thalia is very cute
Tallulah / Talulla - Talulla has a beautiful meaning, not sure it would work...
Tamaya - Like the sound of this name,
Tameka / Tamika (all: tə-MEE-kə) - Meaning is just fantastic, not sure if it would work.
* Tamera (tah-MER-ah) Nice name, I prefer Tamara though.
* Tamia (tah-MEE-ah) Nice nn for Temeka/Tamika & Tamera
Tamsin - nice, not sure It would be pronounced right, you could always ask a friend to pronounce this name, and see if it works
* Tanith - Like this was the goddess of love, fertility, the moon and the stars.
* Tara (TAHR-ah) Very nice
Taryn - Very nice, but although it's a girls name, it looks a bit masculine to me
Tatum - I'm not a fan of surnames as firstnames
Tawny - No, sorry, I don't like it.
* Tea (TEH-ah) / Thea - Like it as a nn for Dorothea, I would go for Thea, not Tea
* Teresa / Theresa - Good name, prefer Theresa
Tessa - I personally would never use it an a person, I knew one terrible girl with this name, and a wonderful Rottweiler, so for me it's a dog's name (sorry)
Thais (THA-ees) - I would go for no.
* Tamina (Ta-MEE-nuh) - Like the sound of this name
* Thekla (TE-klah) - Very Pretty
Tia - Tia Maria (the liqueur)
Tibby - sounds a bit like a rich country club woman in a daytime soap
Tiffany - not a favorite of mine
* Tilda - Very nice nn for Mathilda?
* Timea - very pretty
* Tirzah - very pretty, not sure if it would be pronounced right, try it out on a friend would be my advice.
Tiziana (tee-TSYAH-nah) - I'm not sure the pronounciation would work.
Tomke / Tomma - I don't think the pronounciation would work, more nn
* Tova - such a pretty name - In the Netherlands it's a desert sauce, so I personally wouldn't be able to use it, but its so pretty.
* Tosca - cute
Trixie - sounds a bit like a middleaged woman to me, or a dog (sorry)
Tuva - Prefer Tova
* Tyra - nice name.

* Taddeo - I love the name Thaddeus, Taddeo (or Thad/Tad) would be a nice nn
* Talon - Love it, not sure I would use it.
Tammo - sounds to much like Tammy in my opinion
Tariq - Nice, not sure it would work
Taro - not to sure about the meaning, thick, big son?
* Tate - not a fan of surnames as first names, but this one is nice
Tennyson - sounds to much like a surname to me
Tero - short for Antero a finnish form of Andrew, Love the name Andrew, not to sure about Tero.
* Thaddeus - I love this name (Thad/Tad would be a nice nn)
* Theo (TAY-o) / Theodor (te-AW-dawr) - Nice, I would use Theo as a nn
* Thorben / Torben (all: TAWR-ben) - Really like this name
Thorsten (TAWR-sten) - nice, but not sure if the pronounciation would work.
* Tiernan - really nice name
Till - not sire it would work, sounds like a nn to Mathilda
* Tim - Short and simple, nn for Timothy?
Timon (tea-mon) - nice name, but used in the Lion King, not sure it would work,
* Timothy - Nice name, with Tim as nn
Tizian (tee-TSYAHN) / Tiziano (tee-TSYAH-no) - I don't think the pronounciation would work.
* Tobias (to-BEE-ahs) / Tobin - nice name, both versions
Travis - not a fan of this name
Trent / Trenton - I'm not a fan of surnames as first names
Trevor - not a fan of this name
* Tristan (trees-TAWN)- very nice name
Troy - nice but, I wouldn't use it (loved it until I was wachting History channel woth DH and a preview for 'Swamp people' showed this huge idiot named Troy, totaly ruined the name for me)
Tucker - surname
Tyler - surname and to popular
Tamino (Ta-MEE-no)- sounds cute, a little too cute, not sure this name would work on a grown man.
Tian - not a fan of this name.

Hope this helps, good luck picking a name for your little one.

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