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Subject: Re: Vote on my T-Names!!!
Author: Violet   (Authenticated as dlilly)
Date: September 26, 2012 at 7:54:32 PM
Reply to: Vote on my T-Names!!! by Chaka
Tabatha / Tabea (tah-BE-ah) / Tabitha- I think Tabitha is the most usable, then Tabatha, then Tabea. I really like Tabitha, personally.
Tahlia / Talia / Thalia (all: tah-lee-ah)- For that pronunciation, only Talia would be semi-usable (though some people would say "TAL-ee-uh.") I think Tahlia and Thalia are too easily mispronounced because they could be said several ways.
Tallulah / Talulla- Tallulah is more usable, either way it would be uncommon and probably seen as strange, but not necessarily seen as foreign.
Tamaya- Usable.
Tameka / Tamika (all: tə-MEE-kə)- Usable.
Tamera (tah-MER-ah)- Would be said "TAM-er-ah" here. Usable with that pronunciation.
Tamia (tah-MEE-ah)- Probably said "TAM-ee-ah" by some. Usable.
Tamsin- Usable. Might get people spelling it Tasmin, though.
Tanith- Usable and uncommon. Straightforward spelling and pronunciation.
Tara (TAHR-ah)- Usable, but many would say "TAIR-ah."
Taryn- Usable, kind of trendy-looking.
Tatum- Usable, but I see this as a boys name.
Tawny- Usable, kind of childish though. It's an actual word.
Tea (TEH-ah) / Thea- Both usable. I love Thea.
Teresa / Theresa- Both usable. I especially like Theresa.
Tessa- Usable. Cute.
Thais (THA-ees)- Not very usable. People would have a hard time pronouncing it.
Tamina (Ta-MEE-nuh)- Usable.
Thekla (TE-klah)- Not very usable, for the same reason as Thais.
Tia- Usable. Simple.
Tibby- Usable, but I'd say only as a nickname.
Tiffany- Usable, slightly dated to the 80s.
Tilda- Usable, but I'd prefer it as a nickname for Matilda.
Timea- Semi-usable. Definitely unusual.
Tirzah- Semi-usable. Pretty easy to say.
Tiziana (tee-TSYAH-nah)- Not very usable. I have a feeling people would trip over it.
Tomke / Tomma- Not very usable, because they will seem odd to people here.
Tova- Usable.
Tosca- Semi-usable. Has a strong association with the opera.
Trixie- Usable, but I would keep this as a nickname for Beatrix.
Tuva- Semi-usable. Strange.
Tyra- Semi-usable. Tyra Banks is a strong association.

Taddeo- Semi-usable.
Talon- Usable, trendy.
Tammo- Semi-usable. Definitely seen as unusual.
Tariq- Semi-usable.
Taro- Semi-usable.
Tate- Usable, very boy next door.
Tennyson- Usable, but also has a strong association and seems more like a last name.
Tero- Semi-usable.
Thaddeus- Usable. I love this name.
Theo (TAY-o) / Theodor (te-AW-dawr)- Theo is usable if said "THEE-o." Theodor would be pronounced like Theodore here, so "THEE-o-dor."
Thorben / Torben (all: TAWR-ben)- Most likely would be said "THOR-bin" and "TOR-bin" here. So not all that usable.
Thorsten (TAWR-sten)- Same as above- this would be "THORS-ten."
Tiernan- Usable.
Till- Usable, but strange.
Tim- Usable. Simple.
Timon (tea-mon)- Semi-usable, but be prepared for The Lion King references.
Timothy- Usable- more usable than Tim, which seems like a nickname for Timothy.
Tizian (tee-TSYAHN) / Tiziano (tee-TSYAH-no)- Not very usable. People would have a hard time saying them.
Tobias (to-BEE-ahs) / Tobin- It would be "to-BY-as" here. If said like that, usable, as well as Tobin.
Travis- Usable.
Trent / Trenton- Usable, but Trenton has an association with the city.
Trevor- Usable.
Tristan (trees-TAWN)- Said "TRIS-tan" here, as it's spelled. Nice name.
Troy- Usable.
Tucker- Usable.
Tyler- Usable. Still very popular, though.
Tamino (Ta-MEE-no)- Semi-usable.
Tian- Usable. I knew one growing up.

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