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Subject: classic vs. trendy
Author: Laura   (guest)
Date: March 25, 2013 at 8:34:26 PM
So I feel like I go back and forth between my tastes in names. One thing I like about being named Laura is that it is a more classic name that won't ever really sound trendy. As a kid I hated having this name because it sounded boring and has no fun nick names. As an adult, I appreciate it a lot more. Because of that I feel like I'm drawn to similar names like Samuel, Charles, Thomas, James, Anna, Lucy etc. Yet, I'm also drawn to names that are more trendy, like Mackenzie, Gavin, Marley, Holden, Teagan, Sawyer etc.
I guess I'm wondering how other people fall? Do you lean more towards classic or trendy? Or are you more split like me? What are your favorites from each? Is it too weird to mix these? Like would siblings named Thomas and Mackenzie, Sawyer and Samuel, Marley and Anna etc. sound really strange? I guess not now that I see them written out. Do you think your own name influences your preference?
Just thought it's an interesting topic to think about...let me know. :-)

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