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Subject: New SO-approved names
Author: Petra   (Authenticated as curiouslystrong)
Date: March 25, 2013 at 9:14:55 PM
I've probably mentioned this before, but talking names with my boyfriend is like beating my head against a wall, usually. Tonight, though, he was actually semi-communicative, and I've added some names to our list! Opinions and/or recommendations would be awesome to hear. :)

Daria (this is new for me, as well; we both said, "I could dig it," so on the list it goes :) )
Ramona (I'm not sure if I'm 100% sold on this, though I'm not opposed; I'd never really thought of it before and asked him his opinion of it on a whim. I was completely surprised when he said he liked it, actually)

Damon (except we have a friend named Damon, so it's probably unusable)

+ names to come back to later, see how he feels about them: Nina, Daphne, Margo / Margot, Arthur

(Names already on our list are: Athena, Nona, Laurel, Fiona, Nadia, Moira / Malcolm, Cormac, Roman, Quentin)

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