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Given Name DARIA
GENDER: Feminine
OTHER SCRIPTS: Δαρεια (Ancient Greek)
PRONOUNCED: DAHR-yah (Italian, Polish, Romanian), DAHR-ee-ə (English), DER-ee-ə (English), DAR-ee-ə (English)   [key]
Meaning & History
Feminine form of DARIUS. Saint Daria was a 3rd-century Greek woman who was martyred with her husband Chrysanthus under the Roman emperor Numerian. It has never been a particularly common English given name.
Related Names
VARIANTS: Darija (Croatian), Dareia (Late Greek)
OTHER LANGUAGES: Darya (Belarusian), Darja, Darina (Czech), Tarja (Finnish), Darya (Russian), Darija (Serbian), Darija, Darja, Darinka (Slovene), Dariya, Daryna, Odarka (Ukrainian)
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