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ScriptsΔαρεια Ancient Greek
PronouncedPron.DAR-ya ItalianRomanian
DA-rya Polish
DAHR-ee-ə English
DAR-ee-ə English

Meaning & History

Feminine form of DARIUS. Saint Daria was a 3rd-century Greek woman who was martyred with her husband Chrysanthus under the Roman emperor Numerian. It has never been a particularly common English given name.
VariantsDarija Croatian Dareia Late Greek
Masculine FormsDario Italian Dariusz Polish Darius Romanian Darius English Darijo, Dario Croatian
Other Languages & CulturesDarya Belarusian Darja, Darina Czech Tarja Finnish Darya Russian Darija Serbian Darija, Darja, Darinka Slovene Dariya, Daryna, Odarka Ukrainian
User SubmissionsDária, Daría, Daria


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