Given Name MALCOLM

GENDER: Masculine
PRONOUNCED: MAL-kəm  [details]

Meaning & History

From Scottish Máel Coluim which means "disciple of Saint COLUMBA". This was the name of four kings of Scotland starting in the 10th century, including Malcolm III, who became king after killing Macbeth, the usurper who had murdered his father. The character Malcolm in Shakespeare's tragedy 'Macbeth' (1606) is based on him. Another famous bearer was Malcolm X (1925-1965), an American civil rights leader.
VARIANTS: Máel Coluim (Scottish), Malcom (English)
FEMININE FORM: Malina (Scottish)


A Song of Ice and Fire characters, Australian prime ministers, black history, civil rights, D H Lawrence characters, Firefly characters, Poldark characters, Star Trek characters, Stephen King characters, Survivor greats, Will and Grace characters
Entry updated October 11, 2012