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Subject: Names from a book
Author: Caprice   (Authenticated as Caprice)
Date: March 26, 2013 at 4:35:02 AM
From a book with poems and stories by teens with different etnic heritage, all living in Sweden.

Özgür (see Ozgur) (Kurdish)
Ivan (Capeverdian)
Hannan (see Hanan) (Moroccan)
Daniel (Swedish)
Kristina (Arab-Assyrian)
Natasha (Finnish-Yugoslavian)
Björn (Swedish)
Ann-Christin (Libanese, but her parents gave her a Swedish name)
Aysegül (see Ayse and Gul) (Turkish)
Javiera (Chilean)
Erik (Swedish)
Biljana (Macedonian)
Mirna (Libanese)
Jonny (Chinese)
Lisa (Swedish-Spanish)
Ousman (see Osman) (Gambian)
Veronika (Croatian-Greek-Italian)
Christoffer (Czech)
Sonja (Roma)
Lidia (Eritrean)
Daniel (Norwegian-Yugoslavian)
Iskander (see Iskender) (Assyrian)
Linda (Swedish)
Andreas (Swedish)
Katrin (Swedish)
Monika (Polish)
Adelia (Capeverdean)
Zehra (Kosovan)
Maria (Swedish)
Anastasia (Greek)
Gabriel (Uruguayan)

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