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Subject: Re: Favorite or unusual place names for girls
Author: Bear   (Authenticated as Bear)
Date: March 26, 2013 at 12:21:51 PM
Reply to: Favorite or unusual place names for girls by Catalina
Elsinore -- wheeeee! Nn Elsie?

Sorry for any repeats (stock combos in parenthases):

Connemara (Connemara Inez)
Petra (Petra Vivien)
Bristol (Bristol Meredith)
India (India Christabel, India Mirabel)
Ife ("EE-fay," ancient Nigerian city)
Philadelphia (Philadelphia Ruth)
Avonmore (Avonmore Kate)
London (London Isabella)
Devon (Devon Elizabeth)
Olympia (Olympia Delphine)
Columbia (Columbia Joan)
Arden (Do literary forests count?)(Arden Valeria "vah-LEHR-ee-uh")
Clare (Clare Siobhan)
Erin (Erin Cathleen)
Europa (if that counts)(Europa Gervaise)

There are other place names that I can't quite see as a fn, but they work wonderfully well in combos like:

Alice Bantry
Gabriela Kinsale
Julia Braemar
Tovah Seychelles
Bronwen Hibernia
Diana Lismore
Anna Tralee

And a few male place name combos for your perusal:

Isaiah Wexford
Stephen Rosscarbery
Arthur Ennis
James Mauritius
Eli Jerusalem
Joaquin Israel (or Israel Joaquin)
Peter Cashel
James Canterbury
Caleb Jordan (or Jordan Isaiah)
James Cavan (short "a" sound, as in Gavin)
Tyrone Finlay ("-lee")
Judah Bartimeus
Rex Kilimanjaro (someone must use this one day or I will die a failure)
Forest Liam
Eamonn Jericho


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