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Subject: Re: Please Help Me Name This Character
Author: Lily   (Authenticated as Destry)
Date: March 27, 2013 at 6:13:00 PM
Reply to: Please Help Me Name This Character by Serafina Starstrider
The first one I thought of was Áine (Aine). It is Irish (the character is part Irish), it means 'radiance' (the red hair reminds me of that), her mom is into history (Aine was queen of the fairies in Irish mythology). The only problem is that it doesn't really come with a nickname. I guess Ainie would work (pronounced AWN-nee) as Aine is pronounce AWN-ya. Or maybe even Annie would work.

You could also change the spelling to Anya and use Annie as a nickname. That would be Russian, not Irish, but you could work it into the story somehow that her parents wanted to use Aine but chose to change the spelling to make it easier for her.

I think Seraphine would be a good name for her as well. It reminds me of fire (= color red) and she could go by Seri. I don't like Sera as much because it sounds like the popular Sarah, but Seri is cute.

If you want something a bit more rough or tomboy-ish you could go with Rowan and her nickname could be Ro.

Other names that make me think of red hair:


Sophronia would be kind of cool actually. She could go by Roni, Sophie, Ronia, Sophrie...

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