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PronouncedPron.SAW-FEE French
SO-fee English
zo-FEE German

Meaning & History

French form of SOPHIA.
VariantsSophia, Sophy English Sofia, Sofie, Sophia German Sofie Dutch
Other Languages & CulturesSophia Ancient Greek Sofia, Sofiya Bulgarian Sofia Catalan Sofija, Sonja Croatian Sofie, Žofie, Soňa Czech Sofie, Sonja, Vivi Danish Sofia Estonian Sofia, Sohvi, Sonja Finnish Sopio Georgian Sofia, Sophia Greek Zsófia, Szonja, Zsófika Hungarian Soffía, Sonja Icelandic Sofia, Sonia Italian Sofija Latvian Sofija Lithuanian Sofija, Sonja Macedonian Sofia, Sonja, Vivi Norwegian Zofia, Sonia, Zosia Polish Sofia, Sonia Portuguese Sofia, Sonia Romanian Sofia, Sofiya, Sofya, Sonya Russian Sofija, Sonja Serbian Sofia, Žofia, Soňa Slovak Sonja Slovene Sofía, Sonia Spanish Sofia, Sonja, Vivi Swedish Sofia, Sofiya Ukrainian


American Horror Story characters, British royal family, City Hunter characters, Code Geass characters, Desperate Housewives characters, Dutch royal family, Fire Emblem characters, Hayao Miyazaki characters, Liechtenstein princely family, Luxembourgish grand-ducal family, Nintendo characters, Poldark characters, Radford family, Roald Dahl characters, Tales characters, The Legend of Zelda characters, The Marvelous Mrs Maisel characters, top 10 in Australia, top 10 in New Zealand, top 10 in Northern Ireland, top 10 in the Netherlands, top 10 in the UK
Entry updated July 2, 2017