Subject: Re: Help with twin girls names, please!
Author: Epona   (guest)
Date: March 2, 2002 at 1:01:06 PM
Reply to: Help with twin girls names, please! by Laurie
I'm not so crazy about the same-letter thing myself, but if you insist:
Adena and Alessandra
Elizabeth and Eve
Rhiannon and Rose
Catherine and Cassandra
Julia and Jillian
Daria and Dana
I myself would go for a theme:
Shakespearean: Ophelia, Juliet, Miranda, Cordelia, Beatrice, Portia, Helena, Katherine(Katharina), Olivia
Flowers: Rose, Ivy, Violet(Viola), Lily(Lillian, Lillith), Daisy....
Biblical: Leah, Rachel, Sarah, Rebecca, Adah, Ruth, Naomi, Zillah
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