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Subject: Here come the etymologies...
Author: Pavlos   (guest,
Date: April 16, 2002 at 5:02:00 AM
Reply to: Re: Very nice Pavlos... (more) by Pavlos
...of some of the above names not included in BtN:

Achillios M – Variation of Achilles
Agape F - Love
Agapios M - Love
Agapitos M - Beloved
Agathaggelos M – good (“agathos”) angel
Agathodoros M – Good gift
Agathonikos M – good victory
Aggelos M - Angel
Aglaia F – Bright/shining (from “aglaos”)
Akakios M – “non-evil” (“a – kakon”)
Alphaios M – he who “brings in, fetches” (from “alphaio”)
Anargyros, Argyris M – “without silver”, i.e. poor
Anatolios M – Male version of Anatole
Andronikos M – Male victory
Anthimos M – Flowery (from “anthos”)
Aphrodisios M – Related to Aphrodite
Apostolos, Apostolis M - Apostle
Archelaos M – Leader of the people
Archippos M – Leader of the horses
Aristarchos M - “best leader”
Asterios M – Related to stars
Athenagoras M – He who lectures (“agoreuo”) in Athens
Auxentios M – he who grows (“auxesis” – growth)
Benediktos M - Benedict
Chara F Happiness
Charalampos M – He who shines (“Lampsis”) from happiness (“chara”)
Chariklia F Happiness
Charitine F – Grace from “Chare”
Chariton M – Grace from “Chare”
Christodoulos M –slave (“doulos”) of Christ
Chrysanthe F – golden (“chryson”) flower
Chrysanthos M – golden (“chryson”) flower
Chrysostomos M – golden mouth (“stoma”)
Dareia F – from OPers. Dârayavauð 'upholder of the Good'),
Despoina F – mistress, lady queen – used in the sense of the Latin Madonna
Dorotheos M – see Dorothy
Elpida F - hope
Epifanios M – appearance, manifestation
Episteme F - Science
Erastes M - Lover
Eulampios, Lampis M – he who shines brightly
Euphrosyne, Phroso F - mirth, merriment, name of one of the graces
Eustathios, Stathis M – he who is stable – a Hellenic version of the Latin Constantine
Euthalia, Thalia F - bloom, flower
Floros M - Flowery
Galaktion M – milky-white (in ancient Greek Galaktion was a type of bread made with milk)
Glykeria F - Sweet
Gordios M – related to Gordian knot
Hermaios M Related to Hermes
Hermeios M Related to Hermes
Hermocrates M Held by Hermes
Hilarion M – Happy, in good spirits
Hyakinthos M – type of flower
Hypapante F – She who is above all (“hyper panton”)
Hypatios M - Highest (from “hypatos”, superlative if hyper)
Ierotheos M – Sacred (ieros) God (theos)
Kallinike F – Good victory
Kallistratos M – good army
Kleonikos M – glorious victory
Kleops M – glorious appearance (opsis)
Kyprianos M – of Cyprus (Kupros – originally means henna, and “kuprizo” to bloom))
Kyriake, Kiki F – of the Lord (Kyrios)
Laurentios M - Laurence
Lauros M - furious, boisterous
Meletios M Studious (metele)
Melodos M Molody-writer
Menandrios M – from menandros (awaiting a man)
Menodora F – Gift (doron) of/to the moon (“menos” means crescent moon).
Metrodora F – gift of/to the mother (meter)
Metrophanes M – Shining (“phanos”) to the mother
Myrope F - with countless(“myrios”) eyes (“ ops”)
Nektarios M – related to Nektar
Neophytos M Neophyte
Nymphodora F Gift of/to the Nymphs
Olympas M From Olympus
Onoufrios M Humphrey
Pagkratios M All (“pan”) powerful (“krato”)
Palladios M - Related to Athena (Pallas)
Panteleimon, Pantelis M – all (“pan”) merciful (“eleimon”)
Parakseue M – “preparation” – later the name of Friday
Parthenios M – Related to the Virgin (Parthena)
Patrikios M – By the right of inheritance from the father (“pater”), Patrick
Pavle F Female of Pavlos, meaning small (“pavros” )
Pege F – fountain, source of running water
Phaedros M – Male version of Phaedra
Phanourios, Fanouris M – shining, beaming, radiant (from “phanos”)
Philothee F – Loving (philo) God (theos), pious
Philotheos M – Loving (philo) God (theos), pious
Photios, Photis M – Bright (“phos” – light)
Piste F - faith
Polychronios M olden time, ancient , long-lived many (“poly”) years (“chronos”)
Polykarpos M bearing many (poly) fruitgs (karpos)
Rodion M - rose
Roufos M – he who gulps down greedily (“rofo”)
Sophronios M – prudent, sagacious
Sotiria F salvation
Sotiris M salvation, Greek version of Salvator
Stavros M Cross
Styliane, Stella F - She who carries a mast (stylis)
Stylianos, Stelios M - He who carries a mast (stylis)
Thalassios M – Of the sea (“thalassa”)
Theodosia F – given to/from God
Theodoulos M –slave of God
Theophylaktos M Protected (“phylatto”) by God
Theophania, Phane F – Shining (“phanos”) of God
Theophanis, Phanis – Shining (“phanos”) of God
Trofimos M – nursling, foster child (from trofimos --nourishing, nutritious)
Tryphaine F See Tryphena
Tryphon M – See Tryphena
Vlasios, Vlasis M – budding, from “vlastos” – bud)
Xene F – Foreigner (from xenos)

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