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Meaning & History

Old Norse name derived from the elements áss "god" and björn "bear". It is therefore a cognate of OSBORN.
DiminutivesBjarni Ancient Scandinavian Bjarni Icelandic
Other Languages & CulturesOsbeorn Anglo-Saxon Asbjørn, Esben, Bjarne, Ebbe, Espen Danish Osborn, Oz, Ozzie, Ozzy English Bjarni Faroese Asbjørn, Espen, Bjarne, Ebbe, Esben Norwegian Asbjörn, Esbjörn, Bjarne, Ebbe Swedish
Same SpellingAsbjörn, Asbjørn
User SubmissionÁsbjørn

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animals, bears, Elder Scrolls characters, fauna, nature
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