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In "The Guardian" by Nicholas Sparks a police officer or sheriff has a young daughter named Campbell.
-- NurseMom75  1/5/2006
I remember an etymologist telling me that Campbell had both the meaning listed here and the meaning: "from a beautiful field."
-- Campbell_H  4/8/2006
I am reading a book called My Sister's Keeper and the little girl's lawyer in the story is Campbell Alexandra. Personally I think that they should just keep Campbell as the surname, not a name.
-- GuessModel  4/10/2006
The lawyer of Kate Fitzgerald in "My Sister's Keeper" by Jodi Picoult, was named Campbell Alexander, not Alexandra.
-- crazykls  12/9/2007
I see this name used a lot for girls, I see it more as a boy's name. Not one of my favorite names though. I always think of Campbell Soup.
-- Anonymous User  6/28/2006
This needs to be kept as a boy's name.
-- Anonymous User  6/28/2006
There is a female reporter on NBC named Campbell Brown.
-- Today1  8/17/2006
I really love Campbell for a girl!
-- KrisMichelle  1/14/2007
Famous bearer: Mike Campbell.
-- 7up  2/8/2007
The meaning "crooked mouth" to me connates a person with a good sense of humour.
-- KOT  2/13/2007
Honestly, this is not right as a first name, it should be a surname. But I only know one Campbell, and it's a "he". I'm personally terrorifed of Campbell as a girl's name. In my opinon, it shouldn't even be an boy's first name. Although, it is unique, I'll give it that.
-- spaz123  4/15/2007
Campbells Soup! I don't eat it, but I know it well from all the "Chicken Noodle, Possibilites" commercials.
-- Brianna Angela  5/27/2007
Well the name Campbell is one of the most organic names ever to be created. It's very exquiste and social. I think it is a excellent name for a person.
-- honourable  7/17/2007
Besides the whole soup connotation, the Campbells have a bad reputation amongst the Highland clans (I'm saying this as a Davidson). In particular, they're infamous for the slaughter of 78 unarmed MacDonalds after enjoying their hospitality for over a week. Even though no Campbells were involved other than the one that led the attack (Robert Campbell of Glenlyon), it was enough to badly stain the name Campbells' name.

Also, name a kid this and he risks getting nicknamed "Campy." Ouch.
-- Anonymous User  12/9/2007
This doesn't even sound like a first name boy or girl. It makes me think of soup.
-- number1212  5/1/2008
Makes me think of Rhinestone Cowboys and drunken country singers barrelling down the road.
-- welovejamesarness  5/24/2008
I don't really understand why people would want to name their daughters Campbell. It has an odd meaning and it's a surname. If Campbell was the grandmother's maiden name or something of that sort, that would be understandable. But otherwise, I don't find it to be particularly attractive. If you like the nickname "Cam," there are other names to along with that name, like "Camilla", "Camille," or "Camellia."
-- wordybookworm  6/29/2008
A famous bearer is Bruce Campbell, actor and star of the cult classic "Evil Dead."
-- Athena91  8/11/2008
This name is dumb. Makes me think of the soup.
-- bananarama  8/29/2008
All I think of when I hear this name is soup.
-- -Julia-  8/18/2009
This sounds horrible as a first name on either sex, but particularly on a girl. This should stay a surname only. The meaning "crooked mouth" is also rather unflattering.
-- Anyechka  8/24/2009
I have to admit that I like this name for both genders, with the nickname Cam for a boy and Belle for a girl. The meaning isn't exactly flattering, but most people don't seem to know what their names mean anyway, so that doesn't bother me. I don't live in the States, so it obviously didn't make me think of Campbell's soup.
-- McHobbit  10/28/2009
Makes me think of soup. I don't like it.
-- Chrila96  10/3/2010
Wait, people use this on girls?! It's not even listed as feminine, doesn't that tell you something? Thank god it's not very popular. But seriously, what's next? Naming your daughters Joseph or George?
-- Anonymous User  2/28/2013
Everyone says this "name" reminds them of soup. But I think of the Scottish clan. (They were the Macdonald clans rivals) but I won't judge it based on that. I think it should be a surname only and I don't understand why you would name your kid this. It's spelled like "Camp Bell" and sounds like "Camble". Maybe it's that 'last names as first names are cool' thing. I don't know. Just my opinion.
-- Katie37  8/20/2014
Donald Campbell (1925-1967), British speed enthusiast. He broke both the land and water speed records in Australia in 1964, which is when the name Campbell first charts in Australia. It has only ever charted for boys here.
-- AustraLiana  9/4/2014
Campbell Newman (b. 1963), current premier of Queensland in Australia. Quite controversial.
-- AustraLiana  9/4/2014
Too much of a surname and reminds me of the soup company /:
-- ThatMazerunnerfan  9/6/2014

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