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Meaning & History

Short form of ADELBERT. As an American name it was first used in the New York area by people of Dutch ancestry.
Feminine FormAlberta
Other Languages & CulturesAdalbert, Albert, Albertus, Adalberht Ancient Germanic Æðelberht, Æþelbeorht Anglo-Saxon Albert Catalan Albert Danish Adelbert, Albert, Albertus, Abe, Bert, Brecht, Elbert Dutch Alpertti, Altti, Pertti Finnish Albert, Aubert French Abbe, Abe Frisian Alberte Galician Adalbert, Adelbert, Albert, Albrecht, Bert German Albert Hungarian Albert Icelandic Adalberto, Alberto, Berto Italian Albaer, Baer Limburgish Albertas Lithuanian Albert Norwegian Adalbert, Albert Polish Adalberto, Alberto Portuguese Albert Romanian Albert Russian Adalberto, Alberto, Berto Spanish Albert Swedish

Sources & References

  • Cleveland Kent Evans, The Great Big Book of Baby Names (2006)


currently out of the US top 1000, Pokemon characters, Stephen King characters
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