Names Related to Gérald

Names that are related to GÉRALD:
GARRET   m   English
GARRETT   m   English
GEARALT   m   Irish
GEARÓID   m   Irish
GÉRALD   m   French
GERALD   m   English, German
GÉRALDINE   f   French
GERALDINE   f   English
GERALDO   m   Spanish, Portuguese
GERALLT   m   Welsh
GÉRAUD   m   French
GERHOLD   m   German (Archaic)
GEROLD   m   German, Ancient Germanic
GEROLT   m   Dutch
GERRY   m & f   English, Dutch
GIRALDO   m   Italian
JARRETT   m   English
JERALD   m   English
JERI   f   English
JEROLD   m   English
JERRI   f   English
JERRIE   f   English
JERROLD   m   English
JERRY   m & f   English