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Given Name JERRY
GENDER: Masculine & Feminine
USAGE: English
PRONOUNCED: JER-ee   [details]
Meaning & History
Diminutive of JEREMY, JEROME, GERALD, GERALDINE, and other names beginning with the same sound.
Parks and Recreation characters, Rick and Morty characters
Related Names
MASCULINE FORMS: Gerald, Jerald, Jerold, Jerrold
OTHER LANGUAGES/CULTURES: Gerold (Ancient Germanic), Hieronymos, Hieronymus (Ancient Greek), Jeremiah, Jeremy (Biblical), Ieremias (Biblical Greek), Yirmiyahu (Biblical Hebrew), Hieremias (Biblical Latin), Jeronim, Jerko (Croatian), Gerolt, Hieronymus, Jeroen (Dutch), Jeremias, Jorma, Jarkko, Jarmo, Jere, Roni (Finnish), Gérald, Géraldine, Géraud, Jérémie, Jérôme (French), Gerald, Gerold, Hieronymus, Jeremias, Gerhold (German), Geronimo (History), Gearalt, Gearóid (Irish), Gerolamo, Giraldo, Girolamo (Italian), Ieronimus (Late Roman), Geraldo, Jeremias, Jerónimo (Portuguese), Jerônimo (Portuguese (Brazilian)), Geraldo, Jeremías, Jerónimo, Gerónimo (Spanish), Gerallt (Welsh)
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