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Gender Masculine
Usage History
Pronounced Pron. jə-RAWN-ə-mo(English)
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Meaning & History

From Gerónimo, a Spanish form of JEROME. This is the better-known name of the Apache leader Goyathlay (1829-1909). It was given to him by the Mexicans, his enemies.
Other Languages & CulturesHieronymos, Hieronymus(Ancient Greek) Jere, Jerko, Jeronim(Croatian) Hieronymus, Jeroen(Dutch) Jerome, Jerry(English) Roni(Finnish) Jérôme(French) Hieronymus(German) Gerolamo, Girolamo(Italian) Ieronimus(Late Roman) Jerónimo(Portuguese) Jerônimo(Portuguese (Brazilian)) Gerónimo, Jerónimo(Spanish)
Same SpellingGerónimo


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