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Meaning & History

From the Greek name ‘Ιερωνυμος (Hieronymos) meaning "sacred name", derived from ‘ιερος (hieros) "sacred" and ονομα (onoma) "name". Saint Jerome was responsible for the creation of the Vulgate, the Latin translation of the Bible, in the 5th century. He is regarded as a Doctor of the Church. The name was used in his honour in the Middle Ages, especially in Italy and France, and has been used in England since the 12th century.
Other Languages & CulturesHieronymos, Hieronymus Ancient Greek Jeronim, Jere, Jerko Croatian Hieronymus, Jeroen Dutch Roni Finnish Jérôme French Hieronymus German Geronimo History Gerolamo, Girolamo Italian Ieronimus Late Roman Jerónimo Portuguese Jerônimo Portuguese (Brazilian) Jerónimo, Gerónimo Spanish
Same SpellingJérôme

Sources & References

  • Elizabeth Gidley Withycombe, The Oxford Dictionary of English Christian Names (1945)


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